“What’s going on? Is there a war ahead?”

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Chu Nan looked at the wasteland in front of him in surprise. When he said this, there was even a huge ball of light that was clearly produced by an intense explosion. He felt that it was extremely strange.

The chaos of the Sapphire Star Field was indeed worthy of its reputation. He had only been on Planet Leppler for a few days, but the number of old thermal gunpowder weapons he had seen far exceeded what he had seen through the history museum and some online information.

He had even personally witnessed many times being attacked by these old weapons. It was really an eye-opener.

“It’s not strange. There are at least a few thousand factions of all sizes on Planet Leppler. It’s normal for them to fight each other.” Beside her, Angie Prairie had a calm expression. Clearly, she was already used to such a scene. “The reason why Master and I came to this planet previously was because Master wanted me to increase my understanding of the Flame of Life by helping those who were injured in the war. I’ve seen this situation many times.”

Chu Nan looked at Angie Prairie even more strangely.

What kind of strange life had this girl lived with Supremacy Oville since she was young? She was even used to fighting wars. She had probably long been numb to seeing dead people, right?

No wonder she was much more ruthless and professional than Chu Nan when dealing with the Sand Eagle group. Clearly, this was not the first time she had done this.

However, even though she had grown up in such an environment, she could still develop her current carefree personality and not become gloomy and terrifying. It was really rare.

This was not the time to consider this. Chu Nan glanced ahead and determined the direction and distance of those people from their voices. He stepped on the ground and the fuel locomotive immediately accelerated in that direction.

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Angie Prairie was a little strange about Chu Nan’s reaction.

“What? Are you prepared to interfere? Since these guys will fight like this, they must be small armed organizations in this wasteland. Anyone who dies is not worthy of sympathy.”

“Of course, it’s none of my business if they die, but if they’re all dead, we won’t be able to find anyone to ask for directions.”

Chu Nan replied and stepped on it at the limit. The already old fuel locomotive roared in pain and drove at full speed. It galloped wildly in the wasteland at a speed that exceeded 100 kilometers per hour, strengthening the smoke and dust that was already high enough. Coupled with the burning engine, the momentum was extremely terrifying.

Probably misunderstanding their actions, when the fuel locomotive approached the two sides who were fighting, two rockets actually flew out from the camps of both sides at the same time and headed straight for the locomotive.

“You drive.”

Chu Nan instructed Angie Prairie and threw down the steering wheel. He opened the door of the driver’s seat and flew out. He faced two rockets and shattered them in the air with a punch.

Due to his previous experience dealing with that bullsh*t prince’s surprise attack, when Chu Nan intercepted these two rockets, he deliberately used spatial energy to form the power of the earth element and restrict the explosion power of the two rockets to an extremely small area.

In the end, after the two rockets were shattered by him, there was only a muffled fart-like sound before it was completely silent.

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Chu Nan’s figure flashed and he landed in the middle of the battle.


Although he only landed alone, he was like a meteor falling from the sky, smashing a huge pit in the ground of the wasteland, and the entire ground shook.

Seeing his might, everyone on both sides of the battle was stunned. For a moment, all the sounds of the battle stopped, and no one dared to make any sound. Even the sound of breathing slowed down greatly. The wasteland that had been intense and noisy because of the exchange of fire between the two sides instantly became extremely quiet.

Seeing both sides’ reactions, Chu Nan nodded in satisfaction.

“Very good. Everyone, stop. I have…”


As soon as he spoke, an intense explosion suddenly sounded behind him and interrupted Chu Nan.

“Damn, who is it? You still dare to continue firing?”

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Chu Nan turned around in anger but immediately became stunned.

In the direction of the explosion, they saw a large cargo fuel locomotive ruthlessly collide with a huge rock in the wilderness behind it. At this moment, the entire vehicle was enveloped in flames.

Clearly, this was because the intense impact just now had caused the fuel tank to explode. At the same time, it had implicated the spare fuel tank loaded in the trunk of the car. The result was that the entire vehicle was swallowed by the explosion and flames.

Chu Nan blankly looked at the large fuel train that was still exploding and helplessly slapped his forehead.

“Damn, I really can’t trust a female driver…”

He sighed and shook his head. He flew towards the locomotive and landed outside the flames. He asked loudly, “Hey, Angie Prairie, do you need help?”

“No… there’s no need…”

Angie Prairie’s slightly miserable voice sounded from the flames. Then, with a loud bang, a huge hole appeared in the driver’s seat that had been deformed by the intense impact and explosion. A figure soared into the sky from the flames and landed in front of Chu Nan.

It was Angie Prairie.

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With her fifth-stage Internal Breath and powerful body that was infinitely close to breaking through, Chu Nan was naturally not worried that she would be injured by such a low-level explosion. However, he was very strange.

“Hey, with your reaction, even if you can’t even drive such a simple vehicle, you can at least react before the impact and explosion and run out in advance, right?”

Chu Nan looked at Angie Prairie from head to toe and discovered that she was indeed not injured. However, more than ten holes of various sizes had been burned into her clothes. A few strands of her hair had also been burned and were in a mess. She looked extremely miserable.

“I thought I could correct it in time.” Angie Prairie waved her hand in embarrassment and explained, “Who knew that this lousy vehicle was really too difficult to control? It’s not flexible at all.”

“Alright, this is only an old large truck, not a high-level sports car. You’re talking about control?” Chu Nan rolled his eyes, “Now, it’s fine if the vehicle is destroyed, but all the resources on it have been blown up. It’ll be a problem for us to live in the wasteland in the future.”

“How can that be? I’ve slept in the wild with Master countless times since I was young and have a lot of experience in this aspect. If you follow me, I guarantee that you won’t starve to death.” Angie Prairie patted her chest confidently and pointed behind Chu Nan, “Moreover, we can borrow some from these people first.”

“Borrow? That’s a good term…”

Chu Nan smiled and walked towards the two groups of people who were completely stunned by Angie Prairie.