1241 Killing an Immortal Lord! (3)

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This strike did not have the ability to kill an Immortal Lord.

However, this sword could block this Immortal Lord for a brief moment.

A brief moment was enough!


As long as it was a brief moment, the first Immortal Lord named Fu Ji would undoubtedly be killed by the combined force of two crossbow arrows.

The sudden change in this moment left the leader on the city wall dumbfounded.

Who would have thought that Yunlan Sword Immortal’s appetite would be so big?

He actually wanted to kill an Immortal Lord Divine General!

Most importantly, judging from the current situation, he might actually succeed!

On the city wall, Immortal Lord Hu Yuan suddenly moved. He grinned and said softly, “Good.”

Then, he soared into the sky and pounced into the void.


In front of him, a powerful member of the God Clan in a light green robe had a grim expression. He clashed with Immortal Lord Hu Yuan’s iron fist with a double-headed short trident.

Of the three Immortal Lords, one was blocked by Immortal Lord Hu Yuan, and one was blocked by Spirit Sword Golden Immortal with a single sword.

The Immortal Lord who was the first to attack was completely suppressed by the two waves of arrows. He could only wait for death.

“Slay the gods.”

Han Muye stood where he was and spoke slowly.
His voice was resolute.

This resolute voice seemed to infect everyone.

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In an instant, countless people on the city wall shouted, “Kill the gods—”

Battle intent soared into the sky, and the Water Goblin’s body on the pinnacle of the Immortal Burial City appeared again.

This time, it was even more solid than the day before.


Han Muye soared into the sky, reached out, and grasped the long sword transformed by Spirit Sword Golden Immortal.

With the sword in hand, his eyes gleamed with a brilliant fighting spirit.

Facing an Immortal Lord!

Behind him, the five sword cultivators flew over without hesitation.

At this moment, six Heaven Immortal sword cultivators actually faced the Immortal Lord expert head-on with surging battle intent.

This world had truly gone mad!


This time, he almost infused all his sword intent cultivation into the long sword.

This time, he almost infused all his sword intent cultivation into the long sword.

In his mind, scenes appeared one after another.

In these scenes, there were battles of swordsmen, as well as clashes with the God Clan.

Immortal Lord Luo Yun.

Immortal Lord of the God Clan.

Heaven Ascension Immortal Sovereign!

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The Heaven Ascension Immortal Sovereign looked at Han Muye and nodded with a smile.

Han Muye let out a long laugh and pointed the sword in his hand forward, taking a step forward.

“Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords.”

This was the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords derived from Mo Yuan, but it was not the same as the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords back then.

This sword technique contained the sword techniques of the God Clan, the sword techniques of the Immortal World, and the sword techniques of the mortal world.

This sword contained the carefreeness of the mortal world, the immortal Dao, and the dignity of a god.

This sword gathered Han Muye’s own insights into the sword, a sword technique he had never used before and wanted to show to the Heaven Ascension Immortal Sovereign.

This sword even contained a trace of the Heavenly Cycle Array from eaven Ascension Immortal Sovereign!

In that case, no one would be able to discover it if it was just a tiny bit.


The sword light slashed down, and the expression of the God Clan cultivator holding the spear opposite him changed drastically.

The space around him shattered.

The spear in his hand shattered.

In the next moment, his body shattered.

He wanted to leave.

His divinity dragged his broken body and wanted to fly away, but he lost his way in the shattered void and had no idea where to go.

Han Muye’s sword light swept across, wrapping around the divinity and the broken spear and retracting it.

He turned around and looked at the void in front of him.

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An Immortal Lord of the God Clan had died!

An Immortal Lord of the God Clan was killed in front of everyone outside Immortal Burial City!

It turned out that from the beginning to the end, Yunlan Sword Immortal had called for Spirit Sword Golden Immortal to slay the Gods. This was what he meant…

He personally attacked and used the power of Spirit Sword Golden Immortal, to personally kill a God Clan Immortal Lord.

On top of the city wall, it was silent.

Even Immortal Lord Zi Yu, who had been pressing his hand on the sword, was a little confused.

He could not imagine how this could have happened.

An Immortal Lord had died outside the city just like that.

It was so clear that it felt unreal.


The Immortal Lords who were suppressed by the crossbow bolts could no longer withstand it and their bodies shattered.

Behind him, the world he attracted began to collapse and fall.

The Grotto-heaven World of a god expert!

Han Muye’s eyes lit up and he flew up.

He didn’t have his own Grotto-heaven World yet!

If this Grotto-heaven that existed in the Great Heavenly Cycle World could be refined, it would be a huge help.

“This kid is really f*cking awesome,” Immortal Lord Zi Yu muttered and shook his head gently.

In the next moment, his figure appeared in front of Han Muye, and he thrust out with a sword, blocking a powerful God Clan expert who had quietly appeared.

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Han Muye seemed to have sensed it early on, and he dashed into the Grotto-heaven World.

The moment he entered the Grotto-heaven, his entire body’s power seemed to be restricted.

Spirit Sword Golden Immortal’s figure moved and transformed into the appearance of an old man in a black robe.

Glancing at Han Muye, Spirit Sword Golden Immortal’s eyes revealed a hint of profundity. “Has Cang Yun chosen you?”

Han Muye nodded and rushed forward.

If it were someone else, they would want to plunder the benefits in this world at this moment.

But what Han Muye had to do now was a crazy act.

Refining a realm!

Around him, a greenish-black sword appeared.

The Slaughter Sword!

This sword condensed the aura of slaughter and merged with Han Muye’s spiritual energy cultivation, appearing completely in the Immortal Realm for the first time.

No, this place wasn’t the Immortal Realm; it was a God Clan Immortal Lord’s Grotto-heaven.

This space should belong to the Divine Realm.


The aura of slaughter on the Slaughter Sword quickly pervaded the entire world, turning it into a dark black.

As the aura of slaughter permeated, the entire world seemed to go mad.

“This method…” The Spirit Sword Golden Immortal’s expression was complicated as he muttered softly, “The Immortal Venerable once said that pure power has no good or evil.”

“It’s true, good and evil in the world are determined by the strong,” Han Muye replied.

The aura of slaughter permeated, and the entire world turned gray-black. However, it was impossible to refine this world.