1242 Killing an Immortal Lord! (4)

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Han Muye didn’t have the greed to refine this world in such a short time.

Even though it hadn’t been too long since the fall of the Immortal Lord’s world, no one would give him enough time.

The external battle couldn’t support him in refining this world.


“Found it!”

With a low shout, a second Essence Soul sword flew out from behind Han Muye.

Trap Sword!

The trapping sword transformed into endless sword beams, forming a greatly simplified Heavenly Cycle Array, instantly locking this world.

With a sword strike, the entire world roared, and then began to collapse.

Han Muye shattered the spirit of this world with a single slash!

With the fall of the world’s spirit, it shattered into countless divinities, and without support, the world headed towards destruction.

Han Muye spun his sword, enveloping the world for thousands of miles, and devoured it directly.

The remaining space was about to shatter, appearing in the void.

“Senior Sword Spirit, can you summon the God-Slaying Battle Puppets? Let’s do something big.”

Han Muye turned around, his eyes flashing with madness.

Something big?

Sword Spirit trembled all over, looking at the collapsing world, and his expression began to change.

“You mean—”

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“How about we sacrifice this world to the God-slaying Battle Puppets?”


The expression of Spirit Sword Golden Immortal changed. Han Muye had known the secret of the God Slaying Battle Puppet from the beginning!

He did not know that these secrets were memories he had seen when he grabbed his true body.

The God Slaying Puppet was connected to the power of the God Realm behind it. It was the arrangement of Immortal Lord Cang Yun.

Behind this was a force related to the Immortal Lord.

The power of the God-slaying Battle Puppet came through sacrifices.

After all the divinities are sacrificed, they exchange for the power of the God-Slaying Battle Puppet and connect with the force in the divine realm to obtain various treasures in exchange.

This was just a transaction.

The Battle Puppet, who played the most crucial role, was not under anyone’s control.

He would only accept sacrifices.

This was because when Immortal Lord Cang Yun died, he had already changed the control of the God-Slaying Battle Puppet.

He would not accept anyone’s manipulation. He would only accept transactions and equal treatment.

The only person who could communicate with him was Spirit Sword Golden Immortal.

“Alright,” Spirit Sword Golden Immortal muttered as golden light emitted from his body.


The world collapsed.

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In the void of space, a resplendent world fell.

Perhaps, millions of years later, this world would become a new world.

This was how the Heavenly Cycle World was formed.


Figures dashed forward.

Those were Immortal Lord powerhouses.

Whether it was the divine realm powerhouses blocked in front or Immortal Lord Zi Yu and Immortal Lord Hu Yuan, they all rushed towards the fragmented space.

Every piece of rubble came from the Divine Realm and was refined from treasures.

The Grotto-heaven World of an Immortal Lord had collapsed here. This had only happened three times since the establishment of the Immortal Burial City.

Those three times could be said to be world-destroying battles.

Those three times created world-shocking experts.

This was the fourth time!


Above the Immortal Burial City, all the Battle Puppets suddenly condensed.

The Water Goblin, who was floating above the city, moved and transformed into a huge general in black armor.

The war general reached out with both hands and grabbed the shattered world.


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The entire world was enveloped by a grayish-black halo before turning into nothingness.

The Water Goblin grinned and waved his hand gently. “Get lost. Don’t disturb me from sleeping.”

With this wave, in the distant void, a golden-armored god was smashed out and flew out uncontrollably.

“Great Demon Venerable Qi Tian…”

His voice was filled with fear as it reverberated in the void.

“Qi Tian? Hehe…” The Water Goblin whispered and his figure slowly dissipated.

At the last moment, he turned around and glanced at Han Muye.

“Kid, I need to slowly digest this world power, so I won’t give it away.

“Your merits don’t count.”

Merit points didn’t count.

Han Muye’s mouth twitched.

Not to mention the merit of killing an Immortal Lord, even that world had unimaginable merit.

But now, it didn’t count.

He was carrying countless investments. After all, he was a chosen worker.

“I rarely owe favors to others.

“This time, I’ll take the initiative to owe you a favor.”

Beside him, Spirit Sword Golden Immortal whispered softly.

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With a move, the spiritual sword Golden Immortal landed beside Han Muye and said in a low voice, “Don’t leave any traces of what can’t be revealed.”

Han Muye nodded.

He also wanted the killing sword. He had already put away the methods of the Immortal Supremacy Heavenly Cycle Array.

In fact, it had already been placed in a place that outsiders would never expect.

“Back to the city—”

Han Muye shouted, and the battle formation below, which was still fighting, accepted the order and turned around to walk into the city.

The shattered God Clan army was completely unable to resist, and many of them had fallen in just a moment.

If not for the many Dark Demon Beasts and Immortal Slaying Envoys surrounding them, the sword formation could have killed the entire army.

Without the Immortal Lord presiding, the God Clan was nothing special.

The army turned around. Whether it was the Dark Demon Beasts or the Immortal Slaying Envoys, they could not stop them at all.

With the formation disc protecting them, immortal lights flashed and sword beams scattered. Everyone swaggered back to the city.

Before Han Muye returned to the city, he reached out and grabbed a puff of jade bones and two shattered weapons.

The others also picked up the jade bones and weapons.

Until Han Muye and the others disappeared from the city wall, there was no sound from the entire city wall.

Immortal Lord Zi Yu and the others also landed on the city wall and flew away.

Outside the city, only the scattered battle formations of the God Clan were slowly gathering, but they didn’t dare to form a formation to attack again.

As for the Dark Demon Beasts and the Immortal Slaying Envoys, they did not even dare to approach the city wall.