1243 Killing an Immortal Lord! (5)

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The God-Slaying Battle Puppets scattered on the city wall glowed with immortal light, and their combat strength seemed to have increased.

“Yunlan Sword Immortal, Invincible Han, this is true invincibility…”

After a long time, someone murmured from the city walls.


No one spoke again.

Only silence remained.

This was true invincibility!

Leaving the city to hunt down Immortal Lords!

Who would dare to be so reckless?

Most importantly, in today’s battle, two Immortal Lords of the God Clan had died, and an Immortal Lord’s Grotto-heaven World had been devoured.

Such battle achievements had never been seen in the Immortal Burial City in a million years!

Although this battle seemed short, it had consumed most of the day.

For those sword cultivators who followed Han Muye, it was a battle that transformed them completely.

When they returned, their auras were completely different.

Using the power of the battle formation, they had killed one God Clan Immortal Lord with two waves of crossbow bolts.
With such a result in front of them, who would be afraid?

How could someone who had personally killed an Immortal Lord be afraid?

“I’ll go exchange for merit points first.”

Han Muye raised his hand and waved, leading everyone to the hall in the city again.

This time, as he passed through, countless divine senses descended.

“These are the sword cultivators from the Mystic Spirit Sword Sect who came to assist. They’re really impressive…”

“Killing gods and Immortal Lords, are young people today all this formidable?”

“I’m old. I want to return to the Immortal World to retire.”

Yesterday, a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal exchanged for 5,000 merit points. Today, he directly killed an Immortal Lord of the God Clan, and his merit points instantly increased to 80,000.

Unfortunately, he had to share half of it with the Spirit Sword Golden Immortal.

This was because that strike relied on the power of the Spirit Sword Golden Immortal.

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Without the power of the Spirit Sword Golden Immortal’s true body, Han Muye could not have killed the God Clan Immortal Lord at all.

Just like that, he gathered 43,000 merits and 48,000 merit points.

This was because he had also contributed to killing another Immortal Lord.

The merits of killing another Immortal Lord were more than 1,200 points, and each person still had nearly 70 merit points.

The achievements of killing the other Immortal Lord were shared by 1,200 people, and each of them gained nearly 70 merits.

“Let’s make a deal, we should use half of it to settle the accounts.”

Zhao Chen shouted from the side.

Settle the accounts.

Today’s battle was all thanks to the Heaven-Breaking Crossbow.

Those 2,400 crossbow bolts, when converted, were worth a fortune.

Looking at it this way, these elite disciples of the Sword Sect had actually only gained merits, and they couldn’t keep much for themselves.

But everything was worth it!

Killing an Immortal Lord personally, such a harvest was beyond the measure of any treasure.

Han Muye had accumulated more than 40,000 merit points and was ranked first in 100,000 years.

Invincible Han’s name was ranked at the top in the entire Immortal Burial City.

“Invincible Han is indeed invincible…” The immortal cultivators in the city whispered as they looked at the change in ranking on their merit tokens.

“This fellow was already so crazy when he just arrived. Immortal Burial City, is it really going to become God Burial City?” Someone chuckled, looking at the depressed void in front of them.

Most of the merit points were exchanged for treasures from the Divine Realm and handed to Zhao Chen.

Han Muye also exchanged half of his merit points.

However, he also exchanged for an Immortal Treasure Sword that required 1,000 merit points.

He saw a sword worth 100,000 merit points, a supreme treasure.

With the Immortal Treasure Sword in hand and sword intent injected, Han Muye’s expression changed.

It was indeed an item from the God Realm.

This treasure, which had never been used by its owner, came from a relatively powerful faction in the God Realm. It mainly focused on refining weapons.

It seemed that this was the power of secretly supporting the Immortal Venerable.

When all the treasures gathered, Zhao Chen’s face was filled with smiles.

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“Sigh, I told you to keep a low profile. Look, there’s really no way to keep a low profile…”

His words made everyone laugh.

The teleportation array flickered with immortal light. This time, it was countless times more magnificent than yesterday.

“That Heaven-Breaking Crossbow is not bad. Tell them to prepare a few thousand more, as well as crossbow bolts.”

“There are still several treasures that are useless. I remember that they said they were even more ruthless than the Heaven-Breaking Crossbow, but I don’t know if it’s true.”

“Brother, when can we try something else?”

When he walked out of the hall, Zhao Chen’s eyes lit up.

Who would have thought that just by casually circulating it now, it would be worth hundreds of billions of Immortal Ascension spiritual rocks?

If he was still hiding in Yunlan City, how could he control such a huge wealth?

The operation of this kind of wealth was truly a sense of accomplishment.

They returned to the camp, ignoring the discussions that were everywhere in the entire Immortal Burial City.

At this moment, in the trading hall of the Mystic Spirit Sword Sect, immortal light rose again.

“Eh, what does this mean?”

The cultivators stationed outside the teleportation array looked at each other in confusion.

Yesterday, this array had just lit up, and countless treasures had been transported over.

All the shopkeepers were running around, exchanging those treasures for wealth.

At this moment, there were actually not many people in the hall who could speak.

After all, he had only teleported so many treasures. It was normal for him not to teleport for a year.

No one would have thought that something would come from the array today.

“Quick, rule the Elder.”

“Send a message to the head shopkeeper. The teleportation array is moving again.”

“Where’s Elder Xu? Is Elder Xu not around?”

The hall was in a state of panic.

Looking at the jade slip and a few storage bags that appeared in the light array, no one dared to reach out for them.

“What sort of things?”

A voice sounded and an old man in the Daoist robe of an Elder of the Mystic Spirit Sword Sect flew down. His eyes turned cold when he saw the storage bag and jade slip in the light array.

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Of course, he knew why this array was built.

As an Elder of the Sword Sect, he was also paying attention to this array.

The Elders of the Mystic Spirit Sword Sect had also discussed the teleportation yesterday.

Even the sect master said that Yunlan had given the Sword Sect a good start.

However, he did not expect that there would be another teleportation here today.

He raised his hand and held the jade slip.


With a shake of his hand, the jade slip fell to the ground.

An Immortal Lord expert could not hold the small jade slip.

At the side, a Daoist in a green robe’s expression changed. He reached out to pick up the jade slip and handed it to the Sword Sect Elder with both hands.

As he handed it over, he secretly probed with his divine sense with a smile. “Elder Qi Ning, this jade slip, I, f*ck…”

Elder Qi Ning grinned and grabbed the jade slip, displaying the words on it.

“Yunlan Sword Immortal, Invincible Han, led 1,205 fellow disciples of the Sword Sect out of the city, killed two Immortal Lords of the God Clan, and returned with a Grotto-heaven.”

“Exchanging merit points for treasures.”

“I hope that fellow Daoists can gather powerful defensive weapons. I hope that they can help Yunlan Sword Immortal make another great contribution.”

They talked about battle achievements, handed over treasures, and asked for favors.

The contents of the jade slip were straightforward.

But there were two Immortal Lords!

Those were two living Immortal Lords. Were they really gone?

Elder Qi Ning took out the storage bags and shook them into the hall according to the rules.

Divine light flashed across the hall, almost filling it with various treasures.

“It’s amazing…”

Countless talismans danced in the air.

The shopkeepers who had just left quickly returned.

Several Elders of the Sword Sect also flew over.

There had never been a time when countless cultivators worried about having too many treasures.

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The Sword Clan had never had so many dazzling divine lights like today.

“Ahem, I’m used to living a tough life. This… I’m not used to it for a while,” Elder Qi Ning muttered and looked at the few Sword Sect elders who flew over.

Everyone laughed out loud.

“I remember that our Sword Sect has several powerful weapons, right?” an Elder suddenly spoke up.

“Elder Chen, are you talking about the Myriad Sky Splitting Sword?

“That thing is indeed powerful, but it consumes…” The person speaking didn’t finish his sentence before turning his head to look at the pile of treasures.


Consumption meant that it was expensive, right?

Expensive was good!

The shopkeepers around were all smiling.

“Hurry up, hurry up. Let everyone find some really powerful treasures. We have to support Yunlan.”

“Invincible Han’s name is going to resound throughout the Immortal Burial City. We can’t hold him back.”

“Well, I remember that the Heavenly Radiance Sect has Heaven-Shattering Divine Lightning, right? Buy it. That thing is something that even an Immortal Venerable doesn’t want to see.”

Han Muye and the others didn’t know how enthusiastic the Immortal Realm was in gathering treasures for them.

After returning to the tent, he began to enter seclusion again.

First, he sorted out the scenes he had seen in the original body of the Spirit Sword Golden Immortal, then refined the new immortal sword.

The quality of this sword was not bad. In the future, it could be used as a treasure that he had always been using. When it was refined with the Green Destiny Sword later on, it would also improve its quality.

After integrating all the treasures and sword memories, Han Muye finally breathed a sigh of relief and closed his eyes with a serious expression.

Streams of divine soul power surged from his body.

In the boundless Divine Realm, a dark gray fog suddenly dispersed.

The Slaughter Sword!

“This is the Divine Realm.”