Mechanized Storm

Chapter 251: I am ba k

Solomon led the Udiel squad and also subdued two Razor Giant Insects. Captain Solomon himself is a mental dominator, manifested as multi-line control. One prerequisite for multi-line control is a strong mental intensity. In addition, Udiel's financial ability is also remarkable. They can buy the best Giant Insects for training.

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"Captain Li Hao is really fierce. I never thought he would take action in front of so many people. It's even more surprising that the military didn't intervene," Milton couldn't help but exclaim.

"He's truly a man of few words but ruthless actions. I dare say that no one expected him to suddenly make a move. Pang Peila is truly useless. He didn't even put up a fight. Curtis has always considered himself the second after Chao Qinglong. This time, he really lost face."

"That Curtis is cunning and ruthless. He won't make a move unless he has absolute certainty and full benefits. But Tianjing Machine Martial Arts Academy should be careful."

"Have you guys noticed? Many people are on Li Ge's side," Seth, who is already a senior, said with a teasing smile. "It feels more lively this year."

"Seth, you better not call him that in front of outsiders," Solomon said. "For this mid-season tournament, it's best to observe more and speak less. It might lead to big trouble."

Seth hesitated for a moment and muttered to himself, wondering if he was being too exaggerated. "Yes, Captain. Chao Qinglong has become much more steady this year, unlike before when he was full of vigor. He's showing the demeanor of Maxis when he won the championship back then."

As a senior who has experienced four S tournaments, Solomon also respects this senior. In fact, this is the intuitive feeling of everyone.

"Objectively, I think Chao Qinglong is stronger, but he was too frustrated back then. Emotionally, I hope Li Ge can find his place again," Solomon said. "I have a strong feeling that there might be a miracle."

As they looked at their captain's enthusiastic eyes, the other four exchanged glances. They knew that besides being fond of mechas, their captain also had a great love for art. People who love art tend to be more subjective and exaggerated in their emotions.

In fact, there was a lot of discussion between the first and second tiers, all revolving around Li Hao. However, those who knew were mostly ambiguous, while those who didn't know questioned Li Hao's actions. Regardless of which side, Tianjing Machine Martial Arts Academy couldn't continue to stay low-key in the training that followed.

The spaceship traveled through the beautiful and prosperous starry sky. The space city chain established by humans on Earth, Moon, Mars, and Tai resembled a gem necklace on the neck of the solar system, embellishing the space. Offee and the others admired this beautiful scenery and looked forward to the challenges at their destination.

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At this time, on Mars, the mid-season tournament was also starting.

In the strictly hierarchical Mars, there would be no noise in the venue. The Three Wolves team arrived, still the strongest force on Mars. Of course, Lone Wolf Luo Meiluo had to bear considerable pressure and doubt after losing to Puppet in the amateur competition.

There were even rumors that he would be excluded from the Three Wolves. Some newcomers were also eyeing the opportunity.

Now it depends on the attitude of the Wolf King Bastar and the Wolf Slayer Duanyu. If the two of them exert pressure together, the situation on Mars will change.

As the teams continued to arrive, the Wolf Slayer Duanyu arrived first. The others made way for him, automatically leaving the front position spacious.

The Wolf Slayer didn't go to the front, but stopped and waited for something.

Not long after, the Wolf King Bastar also arrived. The two of them glanced at each other and didn't immediately go to the front row.

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The atmosphere suddenly became tense. Mars is very sensitive to hierarchy. The Wolf King and the Wolf Slayer seemed to be confronting Luo Meiluo. With one eye missing and such a humiliating defeat, it was certain that there would be changes in the lineup. Mars gives the highest respect to the strong, but at the same time, it also has the highest demands on them.

This time, to intercept the NUP's three consecutive championships, Mars must bring out its strongest lineup. Their goal is only the championship. Someone like Luo Meiluo, who has shown flaws, is not worthy of being one of the Mars Three Kings.

After waiting for more than ten minutes, everyone was very patient. The hall was filled with only the sound of breathing. Luo Meiluo arrived with his Wolf Martial Arts team. Seeing this situation, the faces of the Wolf Martial Arts team changed. They had thought about it, but they didn't expect to face the challenge from the Wolf King and the Wolf Slayer at the beginning of the mid-season tournament.

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The atmosphere became frozen.

Luo Meiluo looked at Bastar and Duanyu and nodded slowly.

Bastar and Duanyu also nodded, making way for Luo Meiluo to lead his team forward.

In an instant, the entire venue was stunned. What does this mean?

Finally, the sound of discussions couldn't be suppressed anymore, but no one paid attention. Those who understood naturally understood, and those who didn't understand had no one to explain. That person has made a comeback, and someone has to measure him first. Whoever makes the first move will definitely suffer. If Luo Meiluo doesn't go up, Bastar and Duanyu will go up. But since Luo Meiluo went up, Bastar and Duanyu have to show him this respect.

Similarly, this battle also allowed Luo Meiluo to gain experience that others couldn't see. Only by personally fighting can one know the current level of that man. If this year's NUP is the goal of all teams, then that person is the target of all the strong. Besides, who said this is all Luo Meiluo has? He has only reached the Burning Will stage.

The Moon, at its peak, walks at the forefront of the solar system. Now that it has developed, it has already taken the lead in all aspects. The three consecutive championships are the Moon's inevitable pursuit. It's time to fully demonstrate comprehensive combat power.In the spacious and bright arched hall, a hundred high-level teams had already arrived. On the moon, the mid-season training, also known as the mini S competition, or even jokingly referred to as the moon's mid-season competition, was actually more challenging than the S competition. For the moon, this was not only a preparation for the S competition, but also a time to test the overall level of the federation. All major military academies had to bring out their best combat power to test their progress over the year.

Most of the teams had already arrived, and all the members were sitting neatly. Unlike the strict and oppressive atmosphere on Mars, the moon represented the highest order and discipline, which was ingrained in their bones.

The new Big Dipper had already arrived. The Big Dipper led by Li Xiangshan was bound to undergo significant changes this year. This was Li Xiangshan's last S competition. In fact, if it weren't for his battle with Puppet, he would have left honorably. But this battle indeed added a stain to his nearly perfect career. If it weren't for Tita and Lone Wolf Luo Meiluo's subsequent defeats, which gave a sense of two negatives making a positive, he might not have been able to keep his position in the Big Dipper.

This year's NUP was full of confidence, not only because of the maturity of the king, Fan Liweit, but also because of the return of the war god, Maxis. The moon people with double insurance did not allow any accidents.

However, the appearance of Puppet did indeed annoy the moon people.

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The entrance of Fan Liweit and Maxis received applause from the entire audience because they brought two championships to the NUP, forming the cornerstone of the three consecutive championships and the undefeated myth.

Fan Liweit and Maxis sat in the front row, and now those who had arrived were the super luxurious lineup for the moon's preparation for the S competition.

When the time came, the venue gradually quieted down. In the past, the military department would at least send a major general, and this year, even a lieutenant general was possible.

After a while, a very young man walked onto the stage. He slowly stood in front of the stage.

The expressions of Fan Liweit and others immediately changed.

The young man slowly swept his gaze over the audience, and a slight smile appeared on his almost flawless handsome face. "Some of you know me, some of you don't. Let me introduce myself. I am Hillian Morafis, and I am back."

The earth's spaceship landed at a base on Mars, which seemed to be a cooperative base of USE in ROM.

All the team members walked out one after another. After a day and night of travel, some people felt nothing, just a trip. Some teams were already incomplete. This trip eliminated another team. Once two members of a team were injured, they would be eliminated.

Most people showed a trace of fatigue, including the Tianjing Mech team. Some team leaders were useless, causing everyone to fight with all their might, which was quite exhausting.

The remaining forty-five teams gathered in the square, surrounded by soldiers with live ammunition. A colonel walked to the center.

"My name is Samara, and I will be responsible for your tests at the Mars base." Samara didn't beat around the bush, opened the Sky Message, and with a swipe of his hand, a huge screen appeared. Even those who were out of spirits widened their eyes.

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"This is the ranking of each team. Each stage has performance elimination and bottom elimination. During this trip, the first-ranked North Carolina race team, the second-ranked Dome Royal team, and the third-ranked Round Table Knight team."

Samara only mentioned the top three, and everyone was looking for their own ranking.

The Gruu team ranked 5th, the Okman Royal team 6th, the Samode team 7th, the Extreme Shadow Road team 8th, the American Lion team 9th, the Kalf team 10th, and the Shark team 10th.

This was the current top ten teams in terms of points. Ma Long and his team mustered up their spirits to find their position, the sixteenth place, close to the bottom, on the edge of elimination.

Everyone knew that every day from now on would be a real competition. They had to fight for the score every day while maintaining their health. Once more than two members of a team lost their combat power, they would be directly eliminated.

The Hamal Extreme Road team, ranked forty-fifth, was eliminated from the bottom. Although they were unwilling, they had no choice but to be escorted back to Earth by the soldiers. For them, it was indeed a lonely journey, and the entire process was witnessed by the other forty-four teams.

In the past, the mid-season competition was also a tug of war of various physical limits, which was almost a routine, but they were particularly cautious about elimination. This year, it seemed that they were cutting with a broad axe.

When the real results came out, all the attention and focus were still on the top teams like North Carolina, and the Tianjing team, which had made a fuss before the departure, could only be said to be barely in the first-class ranks.

On the contrary, Uxia, the only female among the new Five Tigers, leading the Samode team, attracted a lot of attention. She began to shine.

Here, only strength could win respect.