Mechanized Storm

Chapter 252

Now, according to the rankings, enter your respective dormitories. You will have four hours of rest time. Dismiss." Samara pointed to the rows of small houses on the left side and led the team away without wasting any words.

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Some experienced fighters immediately entered their rooms according to their rankings.

Li Hao also led Zhou Naiyi and others into the so-called dormitory. As soon as they entered, everyone was a little dumbfounded.

It was empty inside, just a room with nothing in it. Zuo Xiaotang's stomach started growling.

"When is dinner?" Zuo Xiaotang couldn't help but ask.

Zhou Naiyi shook her head. "It seems like we don't need to think about it. Even these four hours might not be reliable. I suggest everyone rest as soon as possible."

"I think Captain Zhou is right. Everyone should rest," Li Hao clapped his hands and stopped Huo Ying from complaining.

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Everyone leaned against a wall. In fact, fighting against the Lurker Giant Insects was quite exhausting. As they relaxed, they quickly fell asleep.

"Sleep, I'll keep watch," Li Hao smiled. Zhou Naiyi nodded in relief. At this time, they couldn't be strong, they needed to stay alert. They couldn't afford to fall asleep and have a Giant Insect suddenly appear.

In fact, all the teams were the same. In previous years, they loved to ambush and surprise each other.

However, it was a very quiet night. When they arrived at the base just four Earth hours ago, instead of facing hellish training, they were greeted with a hearty breakfast.

Samara led everyone into the base testing ground with a zombie-like expression. "The first test today is the intensity of mental explosion. Enter in reverse order according to the rankings. Start with 44, 43, 42, 41."

The teams called out lined up in front of four silver instruments over a meter high. On the table was a silver mask. Sazalak and Lu Donglei were also watching. This mask contained K23 and could directly absorb spiritual power.

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In previous years, the main focus was on comprehensive tests of the body and will. However, for elites, this was just routine. The key was that the effect was not very good. Resilience and physical fitness were important, but they were only the foundation in mecha battles. Fearlessness or good physical fitness alone couldn't guarantee victory. Last year was a prime example. USE was not decadent. The mid-season tournament last year was a high-intensity test in all aspects, causing some fighters to be injured and unable to perform at their full potential in the S tournament. They discovered that mecha battles still required technique and direction during the actual competition. Compared to Earth's backward exploration of physical and mental limits, the Moon focused on the use of the Golden Zone. Of course, this didn't mean that the people on the Moon didn't value physical fitness and other basic aspects. They just understood scientific allocation better.

When a new battlefield appeared, no matter how good the old methods were, they would be eliminated, and there would be no nostalgia. It was crushing.

USE had completely recognized this point this year. The main focus of this special training was on spiritual power.

Some of the fighters who started the test were confused, while others were eager to try. The mask was very comfortable, with a cold and refreshing feeling.

"Release your strongest spiritual power," Samara said.

There would be a peak in the intense fluctuation of spiritual power. Of course, this was just a spiritual outbreak and did not possess the targeted attack power of a mental explosion.

Lu Donglei and Sazalak were also looking forward to it. This system was imported from the Moon. It was said that the Moon had been using it silently for several years. At that time, USE mocked it, thinking that this kind of brainwave measurement device was useless. As a result, they were heavily defeated in S10.

The scene was filled with loud roars and crazy shouts. It was necessary to shout during a spiritual outbreak. Then, the index of spiritual power fluctuated like a thermometer.

The unit of measurement was unknown, and the scale was divided into three sections: 0-99, 100-999, 1000~~~

Some people were hovering around 10, which meant they hadn't mastered the use of spiritual power at all. It was purely emotional fluctuations.

Seeing this situation, Lu Donglei's expression was not good because everyone here was already quite capable. This indicated that they hadn't learned from the experience of S10 and were still following the old path. In this year's S tournament, this kind of mindset was disastrous.

The last four teams still understood. The highest peak value was 110.

"100 is the dividing line for mastering spiritual power. 500 and above is a stable Red Eye state," Zhou Naiyi said. "1000 and above should be the second stage, Burning Will."

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Huo Ying and Zuo Xiaotang were anxious because they hadn't entered the Red Eye state yet. They could smell it. This year was different from previous years. The focus was on the Golden Zone.

With the improvement of the team rankings, the Zone values were hovering around 500, which was a relatively stable Red Eye state. In the third-tier teams, each team had at least two or more members who had initially mastered the use of the Golden Zone and could at least resist.

Some people sighed and even refused to accept it. After all, having strong muscles and great strength was not enough. Some people had a smug look on their faces. They would shine in this year's S tournament and even provocatively look at the second-tier and first-tier teams.

But Lu Donglei and Sazalak couldn't be happy. Last year, a Zone value below 500 was still acceptable, but this year it was meaningless. Even if they went, it would just be for show. Fortunately, they were still in the third-tier for now.

After the last 12 teams finished testing, the highest Z value was 520.

Next were the rankings 32, 31, 30, 29, which had entered the second-tier. Lu Donglei and Sazalak became serious. These teams might not necessarily enter the World Tournament, but they represented the backbone of USE, and there was hope.

After entering the second-tier, the results clearly began to improve, and they had all undergone relevant training. Unlike some people earlier who were still very confused and only knew how to shout loudly, their voices were loud, but their scores were only in the tens.

The highest score was refreshed to 615. As the mental power increased, the silver mask would become brighter. In the second echelon, everyone was focused, giving their strongest mental burst. The staff on the side were also recording, as the final scores would be converted into team points. Some teams would be eliminated based on this test.

However, looking at the current scores, Lu Donglei and Sazerac couldn't be happy. They were unclear about the situation of NUP this year, but they had last year's scores. Compared to NUP's performance last year, they were under more pressure.

Each team took turns to perform, and the scores significantly improved. At this point, even the substitutes had mental powers hovering around 500.

Next was the Udir team from Solomon. Solomon was quite famous, especially known for their strong mental power.

The prince from Udir was very calm. He participated in the S competition out of passion, so he didn't feel any pressure. The silver mask fit perfectly on his face, making him look like a silver prince. Solomon slowly lowered his body's center of gravity, and with a wave of his arms, boom...

The silver mask emitted a strong light, and the mental power exploded. Accompanied by the cheers of the crowd, the Zone value directly soared to 800. This was a new record. The members of the Udir team also cheered loudly. Although the intensity didn't represent absolute combat power and ability, it was definitely very useful. Solomon tried his best, but the peak value was 830, and then it began to fall back to 800. However, this was currently the best score.

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The Udir team from Solomon was ranked 20th before, and looking at their overall performance, their ranking could further improve.

However, Solomon wasn't too excited. The real masters hadn't made their move yet.

Samara still had a stern face, "The teams behind, keep up."

The second echelon test was completed, and Solomon still held the highest record.

Now it was time for the highlight, the first echelon's sixteen teams. The first to bear the brunt was Tianjing Mech, which had made a big splash in the base. Although their performance on the Giant Insect was average, they still stuck to the first echelon.

Now everyone was watching Tianjing Mech. Samara was also staring, "Hurry up."

Huoying was the first to go up. He was never afraid to face things head-on. Wearing the silver mask, Huoying had a contrasting black and white look. Huoying took a deep breath, his muscles bulged, followed by a earth-shattering roar, and his foot stomped on the ground.

The Zone value soared, and the whole field was stunned for two seconds, followed by a burst of laughter.

"Damn, scared me to death. A series of fierce operations, but the Z value is only 250, hahaha."

"Is this guy here to make a joke?"

"How did this MT even get into the first echelon!"

Huoying took off his mask, saw the score of 256, and looked a bit unhappy. However, he didn't care about the ridicule around him. His strength was power, and mental power was not his forte.

Next was Ma Long. Wearing the mask, Ma Long looked a bit handsome. After all, he had awakened the Golden Zone. Ma Long had been ready for a long time. With a roar, the Zone value reached 560, a barely passable score, which meant that he had fully awakened the Red Eye.

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Although there was no ridicule, everyone no longer had high hopes for Tianjing Mech. With such a huge shortcoming, this team wouldn't go far. The competition rules were limiting.

Lu Donglei and Sazerac were also almost shocked. How did Tianjing come up with such a team? This was too strange. With such a configuration, it was impossible to go to the S competition. No matter how strong Li Hao was, this was 100% impossible to pass.

Next was Zhou Naiyi. In terms of appearance, Zhou Naiyi, Offee, Uxia, and Ye Tong were the best of this year. Everyone wanted to see if this girl from Tianjing was as funny as the previous ones.

Zhou Naiyi didn't shout or scream, the Zone value directly soared to 750, which was a pretty good score.

Next was Wu Zang. This heir of the Wu family had always been low-key, which was the consistent style of the Wu family. But as one of the top performers among the supernovas, everyone had high expectations for Wu Zang.

With a low roar from Wu Zang, the Zone value quietly reached 910. He only tried once. Wu Zang, who took off his mask, was still calm. He just glanced at the score and then returned to his team.

At this time, those who had just laughed quieted down.

"The disciples of the Wu family will never disappoint." Lu Donglei finally felt a little happy.

"I've been looking forward to it since last year. The Wu family really suppressed a generation, quite good!" Sazerac also nodded in satisfaction. This was almost the peak value of the Red Eye, and it was effortless, indicating that there was still room for improvement. His mentality was also quite good.

Finally, it was Zuo Xiaotang's turn. With all eyes on him, Zuo Xiaotang regretted it. He should have gone first. It was hard for him to follow Wu Zang's performance.

Zuo Xiaotang, who went up, had his old problem again, his calves were a bit soft. But after all, he had been through the baptism of the Giant Insect, and he quickly calmed down. He closed his eyes tightly, stomped his foot, and let out a roar.

The whole field was quiet for a while, followed by even more raucous laughter.

The previous performance was indeed a bit big. Everyone thought that Tianjing Mech was going to teach everyone a lesson, but they still created a comedic atmosphere. With this chubby guy and the brainless big black guy just now, Tianjing Mech was completely exposed.