Mechanized Storm

Chapter 253: olle tive uprising

Zuo Xiaotang looked at his score, his face turned red, and he quickly lowered his head and ran back.

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His mind went blank, not knowing where he was or how he got back.

"The last one."

Samara said.

Li Hao patted Zuo Xiaotang on the shoulder, and everyone quieted down, all looking at Li Hao, the person who dared to confront the North Carolina Alliance in the mid-season tournament.

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Li Hao picked up the silver mask and put it on his face. He immediately felt the K23 inside, which fit very comfortably. With a snap and a hum, the entire silver device vibrated, and his Zone value instantly reached 1000. 1000 was not the final value, but it was the value determined by the device brought from the moon. This meant that Li Hao had completely mastered the Red Pupil, reaching its peak, and even had the potential for more.

The whole venue fell silent, and the people watching the Tianjing Mecha Martial Arts team showed less contempt and mockery, and more caution. Even if the other members of the Tianjing Mecha Martial Arts team were weak, having a strong captain was a strong advantage.

The members of the Tianqi team had proud smiles on their faces, as if everything was expected.

But people like Offee had no expression on their faces, while Robbie just sneered. Second Brother was really low-key, completely different from his past self.

Next up was the 15th-ranked Sand Emperor team, followed by the 14th-ranked Holy City Guard team, and the 13th-ranked Prometheus team. The highest score was 980 from Depua of the Prometheus team, and the expressions of Sazerak and Lu Donglei improved slightly. If they didn't achieve good results soon, this year's S tournament would be a disgrace.

The 12th-ranked Indira team's captain, Kieran Rao, gave a Zone value of 989, defending the dignity of the Five Tigers, second only to Li Hao's score.

Kieran Rao also slightly showed off and bowed to the surrounding crowd, receiving applause from many people.

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Next was the main event, the former team.

The first to appear was the Shark team, led by Luo Dongsheng. Luo Dongsheng also gave a Zone value of 999, but what was even more terrifying was that the other members of the Shark team all gave Zone values above 700. This was the strength of a top team.

The ninth-ranked Carver team, with Perkins as one of the Six Dragons, gave a Zone value of 999, but it seemed that Perkins' momentum had weakened. After being intimidated by Li Hao in their previous confrontation, the entire Carver team seemed to lack a bit of spirit. Of course, the main members of the Carver team also had Zone values above 700.

Next was the eighth-ranked American Lion team. This ranking was a bit unacceptable for the arrogant Robbie. Everyone became serious. As the weakest member of the Six Dragons, what kind of performance could Robbie give?

One by one, the American Lion team members appeared, with Zone values all above 800, showing the dominance of a veteran World Tournament team. When it was Robbie's turn, he was calm and unhurried. He wouldn't miss such a rare opportunity to show off.

Reserve? That's not the character of a South American.


With a roar, his arms swung, his golden hair flying, a red light flashed, and with a bang, his Zone value directly hit the limit of 1000. The machine also shook violently.

Robbie stood proudly, looking around. Damn it, who said I only know how to fight.

The top experts present realized that Robbie had reached the second stage of the Golden Zone - Burning Will. And judging from the ease with which he controlled it, it was definitely not something to be taken lightly.

In the observation room, Lu Donglei and Sazerak showed satisfied smiles. This was the team that matched the face of USE. This was the competitiveness needed to compete in the S tournament.

The seventh-ranked Shadow Dao team appeared. This was a very silent team, with discipline stricter than imagined. Once again, the whole venue was silenced. The Zone values of all team members were above 800, and the average value was even higher than that of the American Lion team. As the captain of the Shadow Dao team, Sougong Tian, who looked a bit weak, also gave a maximum value of 1000.

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At this point, everyone felt the pressure from the Five Tigers. The high praise from the military was not unfounded.

At this point, Li Hao's shocking impact had already diminished. The Balanced team was overwhelming. Although the Zone values in mecha battles did not show the same dominance as numerical differences, it completely demonstrated their strength in tough battles. The Tianjing Mecha Martial Arts team was just a mecha full of patches, ready to be torn apart at any time.

The sixth-ranked Samod team appeared. Samod's ranking was unexpected, and their results were somewhat similar to the Tianjing Mecha Martial Arts team. The average Zone value of their members was over 500, slightly better than the Tianjing Mecha Martial Arts team, but far behind the top ten teams. However, as the only girl among the Five Tigers, Uxiya gave a maximum value of 1000, and she did it casually.

"No wonder they say Samod is Uxiya's team alone."

"She can handle the giant insects by herself."

"In fact, this ranking is not very useful. We still have to look at the teams behind. If they can hold on to the top ten, it's enough."

"This year's competition will be between the Five Tigers and the Six Dragons."

"I feel like no one can shake the dominance of North Carolina Race. Haven't you noticed? From beginning to end, the expression of the North Carolina Race hasn't changed."

Next up was the Okanman Royal team led by Ghost Shadow Milner. There was no surprise, Milner gave a maximum Zone value of 1000, and his team members were all above 850. Currently, their team's total Zone value ranked first.

From Milner to the team members, there were no particularly happy expressions. They quietly returned to their positions and waited.

The Gruu team led by Lomachenko gave the same total Zone value as the Okanman Royal team. Of course, Lomachenko also had a maximum value of 1000. These two teams were old rivals and knew each other well.Next up was Offee's leading Round Table Knights, a team that was highly anticipated. Offee and his team seemed relaxed, once again setting a new record for the highest total zone value. Offee reached the limit of 1000, while the average zone value of the other team members was above 880.

Following them was the second-ranked Twilight Royal Team. It wasn't surprising that the Twilight Team came in second. Many people had predicted before the competition that the Twilight Team would replace Offee's Round Table Knights as the second strongest team. However, they probably didn't expect to lose a member right at the start, a fact that sparked a hint of anger in Curtis's eyes.

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Curtis scored a peak value of 1000, and the other team members also gave an average value close to 900. The problem was that the fallen Pompeii was a main player and a standout among the supernovas. If he were still here, their position would be secure.

Suddenly, many people turned their eyes towards the Tianjing Mech Team, because Pompeii was taken out by the man standing before them. It was obvious to anyone that Pompeii's zone value must have been above 900... Finally, it was the turn of the USE's behemoth, North Carolina. The other teams were curious to see what this hope of Earth could achieve. Ever since Chao Qinglong joined North Carolina, everyone else could only compete for second place. The first place was fixed and unshakeable.

Ye Tong was the first to go up. She deliberately walked past the Tianjing Mech Team, giving her old friends a challenging look.

With her mask on, Ye Tong appeared mysterious and stunning. Accompanied by a charming voice, her zone value soared directly to 999, causing the entire audience to gasp. Ye Tong was just a substitute, could a newcomer be so strong? Although Ye Tong was from the Ye family, it was true that a first-year student achieving such results was definitely related to the competitive environment of North Carolina. It would be impossible to improve so quickly in other military academies.

Even Ye Tong felt the strength of North Carolina, a comprehensive crushing force. This was also the reason why her family forcibly sent her there.

She really hoped that Li Hao could create a miracle. No one wanted it more than she did. But just like in the past, the power of one person was limited.

"Thinking about it, it's a bit boring here. This mid-season competition is just a formality for North Carolina.

The vice-captain, Victoria, a member of the Apocalypse, has been the number one EMP sniper for years. As a fourth-year student, she has reached her peak. Her zone value was 980, which was far too high for a sniper.

The vanguard Alfonso, a member of the Apocalypse, in the 2nd position, had a zone value of 999. He was also top-tier when he was in the Hunters.

Demikelis and Lu also gave zone values of 990. They were both experienced and technically solid top fighters. There was absolutely no problem with their physical fitness, and now they were leading in zone values.

This formed the iron flood of North Carolina. The strength of North Carolina lay not only in their strong data, but also in their terrifying power once they started fighting.

When five top fighters were led by a deadly man like Chao Qinglong, the comprehensive and coordinated power they unleashed swept away other teams.

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This year's North Carolina had reached its peak.

After this round of testing, the team members on the field had a clear understanding of each other. At the same time, the team rankings fluctuated slightly. The most noticeable change was that the Tianjing Mech Team fell out of the top two. Li Hao alone was indeed strong, but it was exaggerated that there were still two people in the team who had not awakened the golden zone.

Curtis and Perkins exchanged a glance. They were the ones who hated the Tianjing Mech Team the most right now, or to be precise, Li Hao. At this age, face was more important than anything. They had tolerated Li Hao because of his past reputation, but the more they thought about it, the angrier they became. Especially Perkins, who was just a kid back then. Now he had made progress, while Li Hao had declined. They were about the same, so what was there to be afraid of? Publicly admitting defeat would be a heavy blow to the team and to himself.

He hadn't slept at all last night. He really couldn't swallow this.

At this moment, Lu Donglei's voice rang out. Four more teams had been eliminated, mainly because there were members in the team who had not grasped the golden zone at all. Plus, they were overall too weak. There was no need to harbor any illusions. They couldn't activate the powerful use of K23, and they had no chance in 511.

The competition had just begun, and there were only four teams left. At this point, the Tianjing Mech Team had fallen into the second half.

Just when everyone thought the competition would continue, Curtis stepped forward, "Report, sir, I have a question."

Samara nodded, "Speak."

"Sir, I think it's unfair that the Emira team was eliminated. Their average zone value is 510, while two members of the Tianjing Mech Team are far below 500. They are still a long way from awakening the golden zone, and one of them, with a score of 200, has no hope of awakening at all. They don't deserve to stay in the mid-season competition. Everyone knows that the S competition emphasizes teamwork and balanced power. Such obvious and intolerable weaknesses should not exist. I believe the elimination criteria should be based on actual combat, and the Tianjing Mech Team should be eliminated!"

Curtis said loudly, with a hint of righteous indignation, "And I protest against the special treatment of the Tianjing Mech Team. As USE soldiers, Li Hao had no reason to seriously injure my team member Pompeii before the competition. This is a huge loss for the Twilight Royal Academy and for Earth. Please give us a fair judgment!"

Perkins also stood up. "Report, instructor, I agree with Captain Curtis. The mid-season competition should not have privileges. The Tianjing Mech Team should not stay in the mid-season competition. If they can stay, does it mean that we can attack others at will?"

Another person came out from the team, Rodongsheng from the Sea Shark, "Report, instructor, such people do not deserve to stay in the mid-season competition. We want to compete, but there must be a bottom line. People who can be ruthless to their own people should not stay in the mid-season competition!"