Chapter 100 – Glasses boy witnesses the subjugation of the Obsidian Wolf

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My sister’s movements aren’t that different from what I have known for a long time.

She has no form nor skill. She simply fights with the aim of defeating her enemies efficiently… Or rather, she fights on pure instinct.

She has extremely sharp intuition and reflexes. Everything she does is extremely fast.

Her movements are unusually fast because she skips the time to think about the situation. I don’t think much has changed since we were younger.

However, in the two years that we have been away from one another, she seemed to have learned how to use weapons.

And how to fight Demon Beasts.

“Old man, I slammed it on him!” Horun told Glock.

She had taken some distance from the Obsidian Wolf, as it was currently thrashing about.

However, she left her dagger in its throat.

Judging from the length of the blade, there is no way that it was possible to aim for a fatal wound with that attack.

She slammed it on him… As in, she infused the power of the Shadow Hunter on the Obsidian Wolf?

Demon Beasts strengthen their bodies with the power of the Magic Cores that lie within them. It works just like a physical reinforcement Gift.

The reason blades and arrows can’t easily wound strong Demon Beasts is because of this physical strengthening.

However, the power of the Shadow Hunter that Horun and Lisse possess can nullify the natural reinforcement of the Demon Beasts.

I had already registered the Shadow Hunter Sword gift of Lisse, and now I registered Horun’s Shadow Hunter Warrior too.

And right now, Horun has left a dagger with the power of the Shadow Hunter within the Obsidian Wolf, nullifying its natural physical reinforcement.

With this, everyone’s attacks should be more effective.

… Can Horun even use the power of the Shadow Hunter in such a way? It’s hard to believe that it was my sister that did that.

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She learned how to rely on her comrades, it seems… Back in the day, the more dangerous a fight was, the more she wanted to do things alone.

So even Horun can change, huh?

“Luheintz! We’re going to knock down the wolf! You aim for its throat, I’ll go for the heart!” Glock exclaimed.

“Alright!” Luheintz nodded.

“Ain! Left front leg!” Glock shouted.

As soon as those instructions were given, an arrow sharply ran through the battlefield. It was so fast that I could still hear his voice when the arrow started flying.

Like me, Ainliese must have been hiding in the forest and aiming at the Obsidian Wolf.

It was amazing… I had no idea she was here. She’s truly great at hiding.

Ainliese may not be a hunter, but her skillset seems quite similar to mine.

And then, a loud noise echoed through the battlefield.

The arrow hit the left front leg of the Obsidian Wolf, just like Glock ordered.

But this was not the sound of an arrow hitting. Arrows don’t make this kind of noise, nor do they create shockwaves that make the air tremble and send dust flying.

With the loud sound of the collision, the left front leg of the Obsidian Wolf was swept sideways, intersecting with the right front leg.

I immediately looked at the direction where the arrow flew from while using Body Heat Vision. I saw a red light there, which must be Ainliese.

She was not moving, she had already nocked the next arrow on her bow.


Her gift is… Full Impact.

A type of magic that adds impact to your attacks.

… That’s certainly a Gift that goes really well with bows. It’s probably why Ainliese chose the bow as her weapon.

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And it also synergizes well with Horun’s Shadow Hunter Warrior. Once the power of the Shadow Hunter is active, bows and arrows can function at full power. Therefore…

The Obsidian Wolf roared in pain.

Full Impact can bypass all resistances that the Demon Beast would have.

With this kind of power, even a Demon Beast as large as the Obsidian Wolf can be knocked down.

The damage that the knights had accumulated on its leg, paired together with Horun’s and Ainliese’s attack proved to be too much for it. The Obsidian Wolf was knocked off its front legs, and fell on the ground with its left shoulder.

It tried getting up quickly, but its left front leg didn’t seem to be responding properly. Either because the impact left it numb, or because the accumulated damage was too much for it.

No one here would miss the defenseless state of the Obsidian Wolf.

Luheintz roared as he ran forward, quickly closing the gap between him and the Obsidian Wolf.

Then, he made a giant swing, using all parts of his body to increase its power, legs; calves; thighs; abdominal muscles; back muscles; shoulders. His whole body moved in a way to deliver a strike with as much power as possible.

With all his strength, he aimed at the Obsidian Wolf’s throat. A swing of his greatsword made with all his heart and soul.

And similarly, Glock roared too. He charged with his short spear, and delivered a precise and powerful thrust at the heart of the Obsidian Wolf.

That was not just power, but also skill. It may have looked like an ordinary thrust at first glance, but it’s not that simple to quickly stab the heart of a prey that is thrashing about. It really takes a lot of skill to do that.

The bluntness and smoothness of his attack just show how skillful he is. This was truly the culmination of all his finely-honed techniques.

Other people were also trying to attack the Obsidian Wolf, but I’m fairly sure that it was one of those two that delivered the finishing blow. Or perhaps both.

And thus, the subjugation of the Obsidian Wolf was concluded.


I sighed in relief.

I wasn’t there on the front line, but I really felt like I could be instantly killed as soon as I was targeted. I can finally relax now that this has safely ended.

And I’m also happy that nobody has died. I simply can’t rejoice over a victory with sacrifices.

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And well, I think I contributed enough to the hunt. I’m fine with this much.

Lisse must have also learned plenty just from watching it. It was surely a learning experience.

Also, this also gives me a bit more confidence for the future. If I ever encounter an Obsidian Wolf again, I think I should be able to deal with it calmly, regardless of me being able to win or not.

Not to mention that I got plenty of useful Gifts from this hunt.

Most notably, Ainliese’s Full Impact is the exact kind of firepower that I desired. I think it was worth it to participate on this hunt even if it was just to register this Gift.

Alright then, let’s get off this tree.

“Support fire! Hurry up and come out!” Luheintz shouted.

… He is calling someone who has provided support fire.

Moreover, a very angry Glock is standing right next to him.

… Alright.

I nodded to myself. My work here is done, my fight here is over.

If they aren’t planning on forgiving me even with an apology, then there is no need to apologize in the first place. I already contributed to the search of the Obsidian Wolf, and I helped with the fight too. I’ve done plenty.

Even if I get scolded here, nobody will gain anything. Not to mention that I have already reflected on my actions and I regret them.

Dealing with angry people won’t change the conclusion, so let’s just leave.

“Seems like they’re calling you.” I heard a woman’s voice.

I stopped moving.

“… For how long have you been here?” I asked her.

“Since a while back. Around the time Horun started saying ‘hey hey’.” She replied.

Truly amazing… Adventurers who can participate in the hunt for the Obsidian Wolf are on another level. Is she even a human at this point? She’s quieter and has less presence than even the sneakiest wild animals.

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“Long time no see, Lorobel.” I said.

“It’s been a while. Glad to see you’re doing well, boy.” She replied.

Coming to think of it, she did come together with the members of the Black Swan of Dawn to this battle, but she didn’t engage with the Obsidian Wolf directly.

… Apparently, she was right behind me this whole time, sitting on the same tree branch that I was.

“Lorobel, could you be… No, never mind.” I stopped myself.

I wondered if she could be an assassin too, but I can’t ask this kind of thing. If I’m wrong, Roda might need to silence me.

It’s better to not gamble with this kind of thing. I don’t need to know the answer to this question.

“I came here to protect you in case the Obsidian Wolf noticed your location, but it seems like I didn’t need to worry about that.” Lorobel explained.

Oh, I see. Thank you for the help. Even if your actions weren’t necessary, it’s certainly good to have someone to back one up.

Besides, the best position in this kind of battle is the position of someone who doesn’t need to act at all.

“We can talk more once we return to Haidiga, then? I think I’ll be leaving for now.” I told her and tried to get off.

“You’re being called though? Aren’t you going?” She grabbed me by the shoulders.

… Could it be… “Maybe you… Don’t want me to escape?”

“You’re correct.” She smiled, “I think you need to be properly scolded. Do you understand why?”

“Eh? What are you talking about? I don’t really understand.” I replied.

“Boing. Old men are sad creatures. Wanting two people…

“Let me ask you again. Do you understand why?” Lorobel asked.

Ah… I see…