808 Impossible

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In the first-aid center.

At this moment, Song Jia and a few employees with nursing licenses from Sunshine Pharmaceuticals were helping the doctors treat the wound on the patients and bandage it.

A man in a white coat led a middle-aged man with a dignified expression and an imposing aura in. Behind the middle-aged man were a few young people with equally serious expressions.


The man in the white coat pointed at Song Jia and shouted, “It’s her, it’s her. Director Zhou, it’s her. I saw her feeding that little girl something strange with my own eyes. Also, I suspect that the medicine she gave the patient is all illegal. How can real medicine take effect so quickly?”

Song Jia’s expression changed drastically. She looked at the slightly plump man in the white coat and her anger was instantly ignited.

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“What nonsense are you talking about? Our medicines are all tested by the relevant departments. They are all legal! On the other hand, you said that our medicines are illegal. What evidence do you have? If you don’t have evidence, I can sue you for slander!”

The man in the white coat sneered. “Then tell me, if there’s no illegal substance in your medicine, why was there a patient who was poisoned and fell into a serious coma after taking your medicine?”

The man called Director Zhou locked his sharp eyes on Song Jia and asked in a thick local accent, “Which hospital are you from?”

“You are?” Song Jia took a deep breath and looked Director Zhou in the eye.

Director Zhou’s attitude was very firm. He frowned and said, “Answer my questions.”

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Song Jia was so angry that she laughed. She put the bandage in her hand aside and asked, “I don’t even know who you are. Why would I answer your question? Also, I’m not a criminal. If you talk nicely, I might consider answering you, but if you treat me like a criminal, I’m sorry, I won’t tell you anything.”

She knew that she shouldn’t be so tough and cause trouble for her company.

However, she could also tell that these two people were clearly here to cause trouble. No matter what her attitude was, they would definitely not give her an easy time. In that case, what was the point of being nice to them?

Director Zhou’s eyes immediately darkened as he stared at Song Jia. Although Song Jia was panicking, she tried her best to remain calm.

When the man in the white coat saw this, he added fuel to the fire. “Young lady, you’re too arrogant. This is Director Zhou. Behave yourself.”

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Song Jia’s heart skipped a beat, but she still said firmly, “So it’s Director Zhou. Why are you looking for me?”

Director Zhou narrowed his eyes and said domineeringly, “Answer my question.”

“I’m not from any hospital. I’m a staff member of the Sunshine Pharmaceuticals in Zhehai province. I’m here to volunteer.” Song Jia tried her best to remain calm as she answered.
Director Zhou did not seem to believe her. He glanced at her sharply. “Is that so?”

Song Jia met his gaze and nodded. “Of course.”

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Director Zhou looked at her for a few more seconds before suddenly turning to the man in the white coat beside him. The latter immediately understood and looked at Song Jia fiercely. He questioned, “You’re talking nonsense. The little girl you treated this morning who lost both her legs is about to die. You must have fed her something. Or, there’s something wrong with the medicine you used.”

Hearing this, the people who had just been treated by Song Jia immediately felt like something was not right. They did not know if it was a psychological effect, but they felt that the wound on their bodies was worsening.

Song Jia’s expression changed drastically. “That’s impossible. When I went to check, she was fine. How could she be dying?”