809 Framed

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“No matter what, you need to come with us.”

After Director Zhou finished speaking, he looked at all the volunteers and said, “There might be a safety problem with Sunshine Pharmaceuticals’ medicines. Now, my department needs to take the medicines back for testing. Please cooperate and don’t use Sunshine Pharmaceuticals’ medicines for the time being.”

Song Jia’s expression changed drastically as she said in a low voice, “I’ve said it before. Sunshine Pharmaceuticals has a business certificate and is a legit company. Director Zhou, if you have evidence, please show it. Don’t slander us here. This will affect the reputation of our company.”
“Evidence? I’ll show you the evidence. Now, you have to come with us. Take her away!”


Director Zhou did not give Song Jia a chance to refute. He gave his subordinates a look, and Song Jia was held down on the spot and taken away.

When many patients saw this scene, they immediately panicked. They cried and asked the medical staff to stop feeding them the medicines.

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A staff member who came with Song Jia immediately put down her work and ran out.

On the other side, Qin Xi was still unaware of what had just happened. She was actively treating the victims who had just been saved from the ruins. She was very efficient, almost treating one patient every few minutes. This greatly reduced the pressure on many doctors.

Just as Qin Xi was busy, the military doctor ran to her side excitedly. “Doctor Qin, our leader is here and wants to talk to you about the cooperation. Can you come with me?”

Qin Xi said without looking up, “Go to Area A to find a man called Han Shi. He’s the person-in-charge of Sunshine Pharmaceuticals. He has the final say in this matter.”

Just as the military doctor was about to say something else, he saw that Qin Xi had already begun treating another patient. If he disturbed her rashly, he might harm the patient.

Helpless, he could only run to Area A of the earthquake-stricken area. He did not know Han Shi and could only shout his name.

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Han Shi had just pulled out an old man covered in dust from the ruins when he heard someone call him. He frowned and replied, “Hey, who are you? Why are you calling me?”

The military doctor was overjoyed. He immediately ran over and asked, “Are you Han Shi, the person-in-charge of Sunshine Pharmaceuticals?”

Han Shi wiped the sweat and dust off his face. However, his expression was very cold.

“I am. What’s the matter?”

The military doctor said excitedly, “That’s great. Doctor Qin asked me to look for you. Our leader wants to see you and talk to you about the cooperation.”

Han Shi looked at the busy people on the ruins and said to the military doctor, “I don’t have time now. If you want to talk, let’s talk after everything is over.”

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With that, he threw himself into the ruins and quickly disappeared, ignoring the shouts of the military doctor.

The military doctor said helplessly, “…Alright then!”

However, when he went back to report to his superior, the latter was not angry at all. He kept praising Qin Xi and Han Shi for being good people.


The earthquake this time was violent. Not only did the local people suffer an unprecedented disaster, but even the neighboring cities were affected. The higher-ups took it very seriously.

Therefore, volunteers and donor companies swarmed in from all directions.

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However, just as the disaster relief began, a nasty poisoning incident happened, pushing Sunshine Pharmaceuticals into the limelight.

By the time Qin Xi heard this news, all the members of Sunshine Pharmaceuticals had already been locked up. It was the military doctor who found her and recounted the matter in detail.