810 Seeing Gu Worms Again

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If she remembered correctly, Fu Sheng’s fake mother seemed to be behind KangMao Pharmaceuticals. Back then, Qin Xi’s ability was limited and she could not get to the bottom of it. However, she was certain that there were many nasty secrets about KangMao Pharmaceuticals.

For example, Elder Wang and the elders of the archeological team back then were all poisoned by Gu worms.

Qin Xi lowered her eyes and fell into deep thought. Seeing that she was silent, the military doctor didn’t disturb her.


After a while, Qin Xi suddenly said to the military doctor, “Bring me to see the poisoned victim.”

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The military doctor nodded and turned to lead Qin Xi in a certain direction. However, after taking a few steps, he stopped in his tracks and looked at Qin Xi’s side profile with a strange expression. He wondered to himself when he had become Qin Xi’s lackey and let her order him around.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the overcrowded hospital. After asking around, they found out about the little girl’s ward. When they went to the ward, there were many injured people standing, sitting, and lying in the hospital corridor. These were all people who had survived the earthquake. Of course, they were also the most injured.

The military doctor and Qin Xi came to a ward that was guarded. Before they could approach, they were stopped by the guard at the door. “Unrelated people are not allowed to enter!”

The military doctor frowned and took out his identification card. “This is my identification card. We want to see Cui Xiaoxiao.” Cui Xiaoxiao was the little girl’s name.

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The guard did not even look at the military doctor’s ID. With a wave of his hand, he almost slapped it off. He said in an unfriendly tone, “I told you, unrelated people are not allowed to enter. Don’t you understand?”

The military doctor’s face suddenly darkened. Just as he was about to say something, Qin Xi waved her hand and said indifferently, “Get lost. I want to go in!”

Then, to the military doctor’s shock, the guard, who had been unyielding just now, actually retreated obediently with a blank expression. He did not stop Qin Xi from pushing the door open.

He did not understand what Qin Xi had done to the guard. He only felt that Qin Xi was becoming more and more mysterious.

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After pushing open the door, Qin Xi’s expression changed drastically. She quickly walked up to Cui Xiaoxiao and checked her condition. Her eyes suddenly burned with anger as she gritted her teeth and said, “These scumbags actually killed a child for the sake of benefits. They’re simply beasts.”
The military doctor looked at Cui Xiaoxiao and saw that she was only sleeping quietly. Although her breathing was a little weak and her face was a little pale, there was nothing unusual about her. Why was Doctor Qin reacting so strongly?

He couldn’t help but ask, “Doctor Qin, what… happened to Cui Xiaoxiao?”

When he asked this question, he felt a little ashamed. After all, as a doctor and a military doctor, he was actually clueless about the patient’s condition.

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However, since it was a serious matter, he didn’t pretend to know and asked humbly.

Qin Xi calmed down and rolled up Cui Xiaoxiao’s trouser leg. There were three triangular red dots there. She said, “Someone cast a Gu worm on her. This Gu worm specializes in eating people’s internal organs. On the surface, the people who are poisoned by the Gu worm look normal, but they are actually suffering unimaginable pain. It’s like thousands of ants are biting them. Even adults can’t withstand the pain. They actually did this to a child.”

The military doctor’s expression changed drastically as he asked in disbelief, “Gu worm? There’s actually such a thing in this world?”

“There are all kinds of strange things in the world.” Qin Xi glanced at him calmly. “Now, go and inform your leader. It’s best if someone from the upper echelon can come and handle this matter.”