Under the night sky, a man in hemp clothing stood in a hidden corner and looked toward the horizon, waiting patiently.

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Suddenly, a figure dressed in black clothing gradually showered up on the corner of the streets. His expression lit up, and he approached the man in the corner.

“The fox attacks. Everything belongs to me!”

“Nine lives, one for each person!”

“Black Fox, you’re finally here. Have you prepared the stuff? The progress tonight is a lot slower. Hurry up. I’m afraid unexpected situations may arise!”

After they verified each other’s identity, the man who waited earlier in the corner seemed impatient.

However, as soon as he saw the cigarettes being handed to him, his worried expression relaxed slightly.

“What’re you afraid of? Everything is proceeding just fine. Don’t create a terrifying atmosphere!”

“Are you seriously asking me what I’m afraid of? F*ck you. It’s not like you don’t know that the guards aren’t on our side. If they catch us in the act, we’ll be exposed on the spot.”

The man took a deep breath of the cigarette and pointed toward Origin Territory’s east gate. Then, he slowly exhaled the smoke and tried to alleviate his uneasiness as much as possible.

“The guards? Did they notice?”

The man dressed in black was a little flustered after hearing the guards and lit a cigarette to smoke.

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“There’s always a chance of them discovering our plan. Think about it. We’ve already transported countless supplies these few days.

“If Sun Bahu, that guy who kills without blinking an eye, finds out that we’ve been dooming his territory, he’ll surely send someone to wipe us out of this world!

“There are only a few more days before we retreat, and we’ll definitely be the scapegoats if the scheme is discovered. ”

The man in hemp clothing became increasingly anxious as he mentioned the possibility. He did not even take more than two puffs of the rare cigarette and simply threw it on the ground, then stomped on it to extinguish the sparks.

“The guards at the gate tonight aren’t the usual familiar faces. They must be temporary replacements for the usual ones that requested to have their schedule changed abruptly. It shouldn’t be a big problem.

“We’ll do it like we usually do. I’ll bring a few people to attract attention, and you’ll follow behind me carefully. Don’t let him find out anything strange!”

“Alright. I’ve done it a dozen times. I know what to do!”

After taking another puff of a cigarette, the other guy extinguished it. They both observed their surroundings for a while, then carefully left one after another.

In the dim streets of Origin Territory, they believed that no one could find their traces.

However, as soon as they left the corner where they had just exchanged conversations, there was sudden noise that came from a square box.

From the outside, the box’s volume was no more than the size of an ordinary shoe box. It was placed in the corner and stayed idly like a stone, showing no abnormality.

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A few seconds after it made a sound, the square box suddenly deformed and turned into a small robot, continuing to chase in the direction the two had left.

Origin Territory.

In a room at San Yuan Hotel.

“Great! We’ve finally caught on to them!

“There’s definitely something wrong with these two people. It looks like we can find their hiding place tonight!”

Feng Long and Guan Yuan cheered as they monitored the screen and voices transmitted.

It was easy for them to follow the transportation teams with the scout robot.

Feng Long had already skillfully controlled the scout robot to lurk nearby as soon as the three teams set out and carefully monitored any sudden changes within the team.

The team’s route was reflected on the map very clearly.

The third exchange center’s team, which initially headed due east, did not change its route on the way.

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However, the first and second exchange center’s teams going in circles had directly exposed their destination not long after departure.

They met up in one place and hurriedly exchanged supplies.

Apart from the top layer of stuff, the ordinary daily necessities carried by the second exchange center were all moved to the other team’s cart.

As for the “precious” food supplies carried by the first exchange, they were also swapped into the carts of the second exchange center’s team.

After their series of actions, the second exchange center’s team carried the most important resource in the wasteland—food.

It would not be abnormal if their direction and intentions were unknown.

However, their superfluous practice was worth giving deeper thought to.

It was revealed in the end that the direction and route they traveled were indeed correct.

Before approaching the city gate, the captain of the third exchange center had already been waiting in a corner for the captain of the second exchange center.

Through the eavesdropping device of the scout robot, their conversation had been completely transmitted to the ears of Su Mo and the trio without them discovering the cube lying beside their feet.

“It’s a little strange. According to their conversation, they don’t seem to know to whom they are transporting the goods.”

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Su Mo frowned after replaying the conversation between the two and realized that things were not as easy as they seemed.

In the beginning, he thought that the two were carrying out an order by the mysterious people lurking behind them—the new territory lord.

Su Mo felt confused after listening to them.

‘They were afraid that Sun Bahu, who was disguised as the territory lord, would find out.

‘Could it be that I’ve guessed it wrong?

‘These people were using the authority for personal gain, and it isn’t the mysterious Blazelanders who are trying to accumulate capital while sacrificing the thirty thousand people?’

“Shelter leader, why do I feel like the things happening in Origin Territory don’t seem to be that complicated? Could it be that we’re…overthinking?”

Su Mo remained silent to the question, but the trio was already exchanging glances, unsure what to say.

“Let’s continue monitoring first and see where these people go next!”

Su Mo was speechless to see Huang Bing on duty through the screen.

Initially, he imagined the enemy to be extremely vicious and would not hesitate to sacrifice their physical bodies in exchange for mechanical bodies. Thus, they would have been very cautious with their actions,

However, after observing them for a while, he realized they were worse than amateurs.