My Rich Wife

Chapter 2299: 2299

2299 Improving the Technique Method

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“Qin Yu, don’t be reckless. How can you absorb the bone cultivation water in such a way?”

Mei Li frowned. Even she only dared to soak in the bone cultivation water at the seventh level after cultivating for so long.

But Qin Yu actually drew the water into his body directly from the eighth level.


This violent energy was tremendously enormous. One’s physical body might instantly shatter if it were not strong enough.

The energy of the bone cultivation water entered Qin Yu’s body and reached a certain level.

Suddenly, a surging wave of energy fluctuated in the sea of his divine sense, where countless starlights converged within the pure essence of energy pooling into Qin Yu’s sea of consciousness.

A giant face suddenly took shape in Qin Yu’s sea of consciousness. A domineering aura suddenly raged out, attacking Qin Yu’s soul.

What a terrifying aura!

Qin Yu looked shocked. Previously, when he used the bone cultivation water of the seventh level to refine his body, the divine sense almost destroyed him.

Although his divine sense had grown dozens of times, he still felt small before a wisp of this remnant divine sense.

“However, you want to suppress me with just a wisp of divine sense?”

The two figurines in Qin Yu’s sea of consciousness suddenly opened their eyes simultaneously, and the power of the two souls intertwined and transformed into a giant sword.

Then it stabbed fiercely onto the colossal face. The wisp of soul power suddenly opened its eyes.

Seemingly provoked, a terrifying soul tremor surged forth from that colossal face.

The sword of divine sense was constantly on the verge of shattering, but Qin Yu’s sea of divine sense surged non-stop.

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The Sword of Divine Sense continued to shatter and reform. After half an hour, that divine sense finally dissipated.

And at this time, Qin Yu’s power of soul was actually nearly depleted by more than half.

Qin Yu looked very shocked. His divine sense attack could evenly match Situ Haoyue’s.

However, facing the divine sense of the bone cultivation water, it was like an egg hitting a rock.

If it weren’t for the fact that this wisp of divine sense was too weak, he would probably have been crushed and become an idiot.

Suppressing the shock in his heart, Qin Yu began to absorb the power of the bone cultivation water.

The eighth level’s bone cultivation water strengthened his body again.

The meridians in Qin Yu’s body broke and regenerated again, and his muscles also constantly strengthened.

Two days had passed, and he had fully replenished the chaotic qi in his body.

His divine sense was also mostly recovered with the help of the Soul Torment Mind Technique.

He took a deep breath. Now, he was going to try comprehending the Path of Heaven here.

Whether he could break through to the fifth-grade True Saint would depend on this.

In an instant, a tremendous surge of divine sense power burst forth, traveling through the void until it reached the utmost limit of distance from the true body.

The power of divine sense transformed into Qin Yu’s figurines, hovered, and seated near the highest point of the galaxy.

Countless surging power of the Path of Heaven shuttled past him in his surroundings.

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The sensitivity of his soul rose to the extreme, and he could sense the slightest fluctuation of the Path of Heaven.

The place was indeed closest to the Path of Heaven in this galaxy. Qin Yu’s soul instantly sensed countless Great Daos.

The internal qi on his body fluctuated continuously, and waves of rules energy rooted and sprouted on his body.

The man with the mustache and Mei Li stared at Qin Yu nervously. If he could successfully break through, no one knew what state Qin Yu would be in.

Qin Yu frowned slightly at this moment. Although he had comprehended the interpretation of numerous Great Daos, they were tremendously subtle as if they were the end of Great Daos.

Furthermore, the Great Dao evolving within the heavens and earth was exceedingly fragmented, unable to deduce a complete Great Dao of rules at all.

Qin Yu’s expression was extremely unsightly. Could it really be what Elder Guai had said, that the tide of the Path of Heaven had already passed, and it was impossible to break through to the fifth stage in this galaxy?

Qin Yu forcefully suppressed his restless emotions and again immersed his thoughts in the vast expanse of the Path of Heaven.

Time slipped away, second by second. Other than occasionally releasing traces of the power of rules, there were no other fluctuations in Qin Yu’s body.

“Sign, Qin Yu!”

The man with the mustache stroked his mustache with both hands and sighed softly, looking very much like a little old man.

“The tide of the Path of Heaven has already passed. No matter what, we can’t defy the heavens.”

Mei Li had long comprehended this but did not have the heart to speak out to discourage him.

The Path of Heaven was like a rolling wheel, and every trace had its own specific order.

Some people in remote places could only reach the Mighty Realm for their entire lifetime.

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Some people born in the prime time of the Path of Heaven could break through to the Peak of True Saint with a bit of talent.


Qin Yu’s face was pale. He could not break through to the fifth grade even if he grasped all of these incomplete paths of rules.

He clenched his fists tightly. He had to gain something even if he could not break through to the fifth grade.

He was tremendously anxious as if he was affected by his mood. The traces of energy of rules originally emitted from his body completely disappeared.

The divine sense in the air suddenly became a little frantic as if it was showing signs of losing control in an instant.

At this moment, Qin Yu’s soul had stretched to its utmost limit in the distance from the area. Under such a vast distance, even the slightest movement of the true body would strongly affect the divine sense.

He seemed to have sensed the danger of losing control, and a cold golden power of soul instantly calmed him down.

That seemed to be the last trace of the power of the soul left behind by his father. Qin Yu instantly calmed down.

The desolate divine eye suddenly appeared on Qin Yu’s forehead, in the path of rules before Qin Yu in the void.

In an instant, things became clearer. Qin Yu began to calm down, meticulously unraveling and examining these subtle rules of the Path of Heaven.

“I definitely can’t comprehend the complete Great Dao of rules now. In that case, I can only increase my strength through these subtle rules of the Path of Heaven.

He calmed down and was no longer anxious.

After an unknown period of time, Qin Yu suddenly opened his eyes. The desolate divine eye on him suddenly seeped out blood.

The Path of Heaven of wind flashed past his divine sense. His vision followed the power of the Path of Heaven into a void.

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The Rules of Wind.

A tremendous dim power of rules released from a hand of his physical body, and the other hand formed the line word formula.

Suddenly, he seemed to have understood something. The five fingers in his left hand swept across, and the power of the wind slowly grew stronger.
On his right hand, the line word formula’s hand seal kept changing.

The cultivation method used one’s own spiritual energy and hand seals to trigger the fluctuation of the power of rules.

The more exaggerated the power of rules it triggered, the greater the power of the cultivation method.

With the help of the internal qi of the Path of Heaven, Qin Yu’s line word formula instantly broke through.

The sixth level, the seventh level, and the eighth level.

The power of the wind in his left hand was getting stronger. The line word formula he had stuck on broke through to the extreme at this moment.

“It still can be improved.”

Qin Yu suddenly understood something, and the hand seal on his right hand kept changing.

The line word formula continued to change in his hand. In a slight change, his hand seal contained even more power of the wind.

Qin Yu’s face was ashen. At this moment, the chaotic qi needed to maintain the desolate divine eye.