My Rich Wife

Chapter 2300: 2300

2300 Hua Tian’s Ambush

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The desolate divine eye needed to comprehend the rules of the Path of Heaven at all times. Furthermore, the left and right hands had to evolve the comprehended Path of Heaven to improve the techniques.

Almost in an instant, his power of divine sense was exhausted to the extreme.

He gritted his teeth tightly and persevered after the power of divine sense and chaotic qi depleted.


After that, he again absorbed the energy of the bone cultivation water and circulated the Soul Torment Mind Technique to recover his soul power.

Oh yes, the Green Spirit Tree!

Qin Yu suddenly unleashed three Green Spirit Trees and instantly attracted even more Great Dao to gather over.

Again and again!

Finally, as Qin Yu’s fingers formed a hand seal, tremendously pure wind power appeared on his feet.

It was several times stronger than the power of the wind that he had drawn out with the line word formula. It had reached the limit of what he could achieve.

He sat cross-legged on the ground. With the Green Spirit Trees’ help, he recovered even faster this time.

All of a sudden, the immense power of the stars flashed past.

Qin Yu sensed it carefully, and his face revealed an ecstatic expression.

He was unsure if it was because Situ Haoyue had just activated the power of the stars, the power of the stars here was much stronger than the other Way of the Rules.

Once again, he activated his desolate divine eye to capture the Way of Stars.

After that, traces of the star power continued to evolve in his left hand while his right hand continued to improve his Star Seal.

The Star Seal was a powerful cultivation method his father left to him. At this moment, under his interpretation of the Path of Heaven, it merged perfectly.

This cultivation method, coupled with Qin Yu’s comprehension, the power was straightaway several times greater than previously after slight improvement!

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Qin Yu comprehended the power of the stars with all his might and deduced the Star Seal in his heart.

His left and right hands were deducing the complicated technique almost without stopping. Hundreds of finger techniques corresponded to the fluctuations of the rules in the blink of an eye.

“What cultivation technique is this? Why was this internal qi slightly similar to that old fellow’s Way of the Rules? What a terrifying spiritual energy fluctuation!”

The man with the mustache said in surprise.


Qin Yu suddenly opened his eyes. After performing hundreds of hand seals continuously, a massive star in the void seemed to have been summoned. An enormous power of the Path of Heaven suddenly shone down.

It entered Qin Yu’s right hand, and he pushed it forward lightly.

In an instant, a piece of gravel turned into a massive meteorite and smashed into the sky. The terrifying force created a dazzling blaze upon interaction with the spatial friction.

After that, the meteorite turned into a massive fiery star and disappeared into the void.

“Crack, crack!”

Around the trajectory the star traversed, countless fine cracks like glass suddenly appeared.

After the fiery star vanished into the void for a long time, the glass-like cracked space slowly began to restore itself.

Qin Yu, who had comprehended a trace of the Star Rules, released the Star Seal that was five to six times more powerful than previously!

“This is nearly not inferior to Situ Haoyue’s power of the Path of Heaven. Qin Yu, how did you do it?”

Mei Li looked tremendously shocked.

“It’s by luck.”

Qin Yu chuckled. In an instant, his status in Mei Li’s heart rose tremendously.

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The Star Technique that his father had left him was an extremely high-level cultivation technique. Coupled with his comprehension of the power of the stars this time, he managed to release the power of the cultivation technique.

However, compared to Situ Haoyue.

He had used nearly 40% of his chaotic qi and power of divine sense. Furthermore, he had to prepare a complicated hand seal before he could activate this attack.

As for Situ Haoyue, a wisp of his soul had fused with the Path of Heaven, and the amount of the spiritual power required to activate the power of the stars was much lesser.

But this was good enough. This was the best Qin Yu could do at the moment.

“F*ck, you’re really a pervert. If there’s a chance to return to the Holy Region, you have to let those geniuses from the aristocratic families see for themselves!”

The man with the mustache sighed with emotion and said.

“The man with the mustache, I know you are tremendously proficient in the Way of Space. Do you have any way to bring me back?”

Qin Yu stared at the man with the mustache and asked.

“No, I don’t. I can indeed go back, but I can’t bring you along. You can only think of a way to go back yourself.”

The man with the mustache sighed.

Seeing his solemn expression, Qin Yu knew he did not lie.

A sense of extreme exhaustion filled his mind. After continuously deducing the line word formula and the Star Seal, he was nearly exhausted mentally and physically as if he had used up all his strength.

“Mei Li, you and the man with the mustache cultivate under this Green Spirit Tree and might gain something.”

Qin Yu said softly and then fell into a deep sleep.

“What an interesting person! I wonder if he will stir up some commotions in the future.”

Staring at Qin Yu’s face, Mei Li asked curiously.

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“It is very interesting. But it is inevitable to become cannon fodder in this galaxy.”

The man with the mustache shook his head.

In the sixth level of purgatory, a cultivator with an extremely weak internal qi was hiding in a Mystic Realm.

After rushing in here, he threw out a few magical artifacts.

It instantly attracted numerous spiritual energy. Along with the control of that cultivator, the magical artifacts were arranged into an Enchanting Formation.


He spat out a mouthful of blood.

“D*mned Qin Yu! Why is a cultivator who hasn’t even reached fourth grade so powerful?”

Situ Haoyue roared at the sky.

His spiritual energy had been refined and compressed to the extreme for a long time. He did not know how long it would take to replenish the loss.

Moreover, he did not have the annihilation scripture like Qin Yu, which was an exaggerated Meridian Circulation Technique that absorbed spiritual energy.

“Forget it. The plan now is to recuperate first and think of a way to fight for the coffin.”

Situ Haoyue closed his eyes.

“What’s there to think about? Become a part of me, and I’ll help you think of a way!”

Almost in an instant, a hand suddenly slapped Situ Haoyue’s head.

Before he could react, Situ Haoyue’s head was smashed like a watermelon.

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“Who dares to ambush me!”

His soul suddenly came out, and his face almost contorted to the extreme.

Hua Tian looked at the soul greedily. A sinister smile appeared on his face as if he was looking at some delicious food.

“I’m going all out to fight you!”

Situ Haoyue let out a shrill scream. His 20,000 years of arduous cultivation were destroyed in an instant.

He hated it! This was a hidden place he developed. He had escaped countless calamities here.

He did not know why someone would discover this hiding place and was already waiting for him inside.
In an instant, the soul started burning and flew away at a terrifying speed.


The moment the soul moved, it was strangled by Monk Hua Tian.

“Stop struggling, Situ. Be a part of my body obediently.”

Hua Tian suddenly opened his mouth and released a strange suction force.

Situ Haoyue’s divine sense felt something leaving his body, and he began to lose his memories, which made him tremble with fear.

“Don’t kill me. I’ve saved up a lot of treasures over the past tens of thousands of years!”

“It’s okay. These are all mine.”

Hua Tian revealed a strange smile.