My Rich Wife

Chapter 2301: 2301

2301 Xiao Yu

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After that, his mouth grew bigger. The corner of his mouth split open, and the opening extended all the way down to below his ears.

It was a terrifying sight. Nangong Qi, standing behind him, started to shiver with fear.

Then, the enormous mouth bit on the soul, bit by bit, as if eating an apple.



Hua Tian burped. “This guy’s cosmic luck is pretty good, as expected of an old cultivator who has lived through the years of two Path of Heaven. Now, I have more confidence in dealing with those people from the Holy Region.”

“You’re indeed the Master. You’ve killed Situ Haoyue so effortlessly!”

Nangong Qi’s face revealed a look of ecstatic joy. He had followed the right person!

This guy was much stronger than the bullsh*t Shui Yuan.

Hua Tian waved his hand casually, and a sky-blue internal qi immediately entered Nangong Qi’s body.

“This cosmic luck is more precious than anything you’ve obtained in the past. Be a good lapdog for me, and you’ll get many benefits.”

“Thank you, Master. I will definitely do my best to repay you!”

Nangong Qi’s face revealed a look of ecstatic joy.

Although he did not know what this internal qi exactly was, he suddenly felt a mysterious feeling after it entered his body.

It was a feeling of having a clear mind, just like when one was exceptionally lucky in a casino.

Hua Tian and Nangong Qi walked out of this space. In front of them, a poisonous breath earth dragon and a golden vulture were in a battle. The two demonic beasts fiercely tore into each other.

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Consequently, both of them were seriously injured. Nangong Qi went over and casually stabbed them.

The two eighth-grade True Saint demonic beasts died on the spot.

“Master, is this the effect of the power of cosmic luck?”

Nangong Qi’s body started to tremble. He dug out the inner cores of the two demonic beasts. He usually found it hard to deal with any demonic beast. He did not expect to obtain two demonic beasts so easily.

“Hmph, this little thing is enough to surprise you!”

Hua Tian sneered and said.

“If I were to release the power of cosmic luck in full, all sorts of hidden treasures would be at my fingertips. Moreover, this is the ultimate Path of Heaven. Perhaps I’m the destined person for this year of the Path of Heaven.”

“Master, is your power of cosmic luck useful in battle?”
Nangong Qi asked somewhat curiously. He had never heard of such a cultivation method before.

“Of course, it is useful. The influence of cosmic luck in battle is even more absolute. For instance, the sudden outbreak of a hidden ailment of the opponent, or the abrupt appearance of an enemy’s nemesis. All these are inexplicable causal factors. As long as cosmic luck reaches a certain level, the opponent might face a sudden and untimely demise even before the battle begins.”

Hua Tian grinned and said.

Nangong Qi’s expression was somewhat startled. He had never heard of such a weird cultivation method before.

“Master, wouldn’t it be easy for us to kill Qin Yu now?”

Nangong Qi was overjoyed and said.

“There’s no rush. My Primordial Heavenly Divination has deduced that now isn’t the best time. I can vaguely sense the danger.”

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Hua Tian continued to deduce using the Primordial Heavenly Divination in his mind, but he could not shake off the killing intent. In the end, he shook his head.


At the eighth level of purgatory.

At this moment, Qin Yu had slept soundly for three whole days. The ultimate deduction had almost exhausted him mentally and physically. He had not slept so soundly for a long time.

A strong surge of demonic qi suddenly erupted from a specific location and was accompanied vaguely by mighty beastly roars. Following that came a tremendously intense explosion.

That tremendous force was tremendously far away. Due to Qin Yu’s powerful divine sense, he could capture that fluctuation.

There seemed to be an intense battle in that direction.

“Did you feel it, too? A few days ago, while you were asleep soundly, there was an even more intense fluctuation. It has been thousands of years since the ninth level of purgatory last had such a fluctuation.”

Mei Li suddenly opened her eyes and said.

“What does that mean?”

Qin Yu frowned and asked.

“The ninth level of purgatory itself is an ancient battlefield. This place also serves as a barrier between the human race and the other foreign races. This fluctuation isn’t something good.”

Mei Li shook her head.

Qin Yu looked at the ninth level of purgatory and was eager to give it a try. He had heard from Ji Yue, the Pavilion Master of the Moon Listening Pavilion, that there might be a teleportation point directly connected to the Holy Region.

“I would advise you to give up on this idea. There are rumors that a Monster Emperor once died in the ninth level. The bone cultivation water is the waterfall that flows through the corpse of the emperor of the demon race before flowing into the eighth level. There are all kinds of existences there.”

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Mei Li said with a frown.

The emperor of the demon race!

Qin Yu was somewhat shocked. It was already the peak of this world. Would such a character also die on the battlefield?

“Previously, a group of powerful cultivators had entered there, but in the end, only a few escaped with heavy injuries.”

Qin Yu nodded. What that wretched rogue cultivator said in Solitary Cloud City was probably true.

The Sumeru qi might really have come from the ninth level of purgatory.

“Qin Yu, the internal qi of the little girl you sent in earlier is weakening. Her life might be in danger.”

Elder Guai’s voice suddenly rang out, causing Qin Yu’s expression to change drastically.

His divine sense entered the Sumeru ring. At this moment, Xiao Yu’s face gradually turned pale, and her soul fluctuation also slowly fell asleep.

“Xiao Yu! I will definitely save you.”

Qin Yu could not help but clench his fists when he thought of that playful little girl.

“Mei Li, help me protect her. I need to refine some pills.”


Qin Yu’s body entered the Sumeru ring and took out the alchemy furnace.

He then controlled Xiaoru’s medicinal energy, infused it into the alchemy furnace, and threw in the soul-gathering herbs.

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These herbs were all precious herbs that were more than ten thousand years old. They were plundered from various spatial rings.

Purple spiritual fire burned from his hand. He once again refined the Spirit Gathering Pill.

Not long after, three pills emitting the fragrance of herbs took shape.

He picked up one of them and put it into Xioa Yu’s mouth. The pill slowly melted in her mouth.

A stream of greenish spiritual energy continuously moved within Xiao Yu’s body, eventually entering her sea of consciousness.

Several of them stared at Xiao Yu nervously, but an hour later, it showed no effect.

“It’s not a problem with the power of the soul.”

Qin Yu’s expression was a little ugly.

“Is she injured internally?” Elder Guai by the side asked.

“When the masked woman woke up, she absorbed most of Xiao Yu’s soul. The soul she left behind when she died was already in bad shape. She only has a trace of soul now.”

Qin Yu’s expression was tremendously ugly.

This situation was like the body losing control. No matter how much soul power there was, the body could not move.

“Do any of you know about the Paramita Flower?”

Qin Yu asked. He had seen a pill in the prescription left behind by his father, the Paramita Pill.

This kind of pill required the fusion of pill fire and ghost qi to refine, and the core material was the Paramita Flower.

This kind of pill could summon a person’s dissipating soul.