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“Y-you idiot! You’re just as stupid as your mother!”

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Li Qiongan had divorced his wife precisely because she behaved so idiotically and made him too many enemies. Once he was single, he had the chance to finally experience the joy of getting with younger girls—hence why he was happy to keep remarrying. Otherwise, he would not have gotten divorced in the first place.

After being criticized, Li Detian immediately looked at Lai Meiling with his eyes wide open and roared, “You b*tch! You’re the mastermind! You used me!”

Lai Meiling quibbled. “I only listened to what they had to say and relayed it to you. You were the one who went looking for the murderer, and you were the one who took the money from the company. I didn’t do anything besides be the middleman!”

“Lai Meiling, let me ask you this. Who asked you to kill Lil Yun? Do you have any evidence against them?”

Lai Meiling shook her head while she cried. “I saw how capable and rich they were. When they came looking for me, they came with a few bodyguards. I never dared to try to collect evidence! Every time I met with them, they would use special equipment to check if I had any surveillance or listening devices on me. They would only talk to me after confirming that I was clean.”

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“So, when they told you to kill someone, you went to kill them without even knowing who this other party really was?”

“I don’t know… I really don’t know! If I knew, I would have said that I had done a meritorious deed to atone for my crimes.”

“You idiot! You slut! Why don’t you just go to hell? Go to hell!”

After Li Detian discovered the truth, he was incredibly upset. Not only had he turned himself into a murderer by listening to Lai Meiling, but he might also have to pay for this mistake with his life. What he had done had not benefited him at all and had instead paved the way for this cheating b*tch and her husband.

He had screwed himself over and given two scumbags a chance at a life together.

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No matter who this happened to, they would certainly find it unbearable.

Wu Jingzhong immediately called his bodyguard and asked, “Have you found out who called Lai Meiling regarding the 10 million yuan in her account?”

“I’m sorry, Governor. They sent the money through RS Bank via a private transfer. It’s untraceable.”

Sze Lingyun heard the voice on the other end of the phone and interjected. “Xiao Yaxin! It must be Xiao Yaxin!”

Wu Jingzhong looked at Sze Lingyun and asked, “Why do you think it’s her?”

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“Because she fancies Jingyan. She fell in love with him the moment she found out that they weren’t real cousins. At first, she didn’t know that Jingyan was my boyfriend, but after she found out, she started targeting me everywhere I went. Not only did she pay students in our school to harm me, but she also hired some hooligans to try to rape me!”

As Sze Lingyun spoke, Wu Jingzhong listened silently and clenched his fists tightly.

He felt like this was all his fault.

His daughter was bullied everywhere she went because she did not have a home. She did not have a family to shelter her from all these troubles. Her daughter was so outstanding, but she was always trampled on by others.

Li Qiongan had indeed not broken the law. Li Detian and Lai Meiling were the ones who paid for the murder. After teaching Li Qiongan a small lesson, the Wu family released him.

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What awaited Li Detian and Lai Meiling was the heaviest sentence possible.

Wu Jingzhong would find the best lawyer he could and sue these two people who seemed to be willing to do anything for money to hell!

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