Chapter 51: Feeling Comfortable

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“Mother isn’t scolding you. Mother is teaching you. When you’re with a man, you have to go along with him. When he’s at ease, he’ll treat you well, understand?” Madam Liu did not make it too obvious. After all, it was a matter of love between her children. If she said too much, she would be going overboard.


Ye Muyu was a little surprised that Madam Liu was teaching her how to look after her husband.

Actually, Madam Liu’s words were considered tactful.

The two children were almost crippled by the original host.

Fortunately, the two children were still young and could still be raised again. Therefore, her next goal was to teach the two children other than getting new sources of income.

“Mother, I understand.”

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Only then did Madam Liu feel relieved. She patted her hand lightly and said,

“I’m relieved that you’ve thought it through.”

“Let’s go back first. Prepare the clothes and items for Third Brother to go out.” Madam Liu felt that since the couple had a conflict in their relationship, it was better for them to spend more time together to resolve it.

Ye Muyu did not explain further and nodded in agreement. She went out to call Chu Ziluo and Chu Jin and greeted Madam Zhang, who was washing clothes in the yard.

“Sister-in-law, we’ll go back first.”

“Auntie, we’re leaving.” Chu Ziluo called out obediently.

Chu Jin looked around and did not say anything. He turned around and met Ye Muyu’s gaze.

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For some reason, he was scared and quickly shouted, “Auntie, I’m leaving too.”

Madam Zhang was even more surprised, but she didn’t show it on her face. She smiled and said, “Then I won’t send you three off. Be careful on the road and remember to come to class tomorrow.”


She watched Ye Muyu and her children leave.

Madam Zhang muttered in her heart. She turned around and saw her mother-in-law, Madam Liu, enter the central room.

She suddenly thought of something and quickly wrung the clothes in her hands dry. She hung them on the bamboo pole and quickly followed him into the hall.

She saw Madam Liu looking at the gift Ye Muyu had brought over.

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“Mother, did Third Brother and Third Sister-In-Law give these to you?”

Seeing that she had come, Madam Liu did not need to shout anymore. She nodded her head and said, “That’s right. Your third brother has already given us some money to show respect. It’s five more than usual. It can be seen that it’s for the two children’s accommodation and food.”

“Today, they also brought three months’ worth of cloth, sugar, tea leaves, and

so on.”

Originally, Madam Zhang did not know how much money Chu Heng had given her, but now that she heard that it was five strings of money, she was sincerely satisfied.

Of course, today’s gifts were icing on the cake.

There were two rolls of cloth, one for women and one for men.

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Madam Liu handed her two rolls of cloth. “Your father and I only made new clothes before the new year. There’s no need to make new ones. Take these two rolls of cloth and make clothes for the children.”

“Bring the other things into the kitchen.”

“Take these three coins to get cooking ingredients.” Madam Liu immediately distributed all the items.

Madam Zhang received three strings of money, so she naturally could not say anything more. Moreover, the meaning in Madam Liu words was very obvious. She seemed to have no requests, but in fact, she had expectations for Madam Zhang.

Madam Zhang was thinking that it was just food for the two children. What was so difficult about it? Anyway, they would eat whatever the children at home ate. No one would be able to find out her fault.

As for the three strings of coins, she could also make a set of jewelry for

Qiangxiang. At that time, she would have some face when she married into the Song family.

Therefore, she was in a good mood and said with a smile, “Mother, have a rest.

I’ll take care of it..”