Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1322: 1322

1322 An Astounding 210,000 Worlds!

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Supremacy Pagoda took a long look at Lin Feng, but still shook his head and sighed. “Dark Domain Supremacy, Emperor Wasteland is not Emperor Venom. Although they are both one of the nine elders, there is a huge difference in their strength.”

The meaning behind Emperor Pagoda’s words was very clear. Lin Feng could trap Emperor Venom, but he might not be able to trap Emperor Wasteland. Moreover, back in the Sandstorm Domain, apart from Emperor Venom, there were only four One-star Emperors. The Blue Domain Warzone had an absolute advantage, and it was by catching their enemy off guard that they were able to severely injure Emperor Venom.

However, things were completely different this time. Emperor Wasteland would definitely be on guard against a sneak attack, and would not act rashly. Moreover, Emperor Wasteland had brought a total of six Emperors this time. In terms of the number of One-star Emperors, they were not inferior to the Blue Domain Warzone at all. Even if he could be trapped for an instant, the other Supremacies would not have the chance to attack.


Hence, defending the line to the death might be the best and only way.

Lin Feng glanced at Supremacy Pagoda, but in the end, he shook his head and said, “It’s just one Emperor Wasteland. It’s fine. Leave him to me to deal with. Only after defeating Emperor Wasteland do we need to make other considerations carefully.”

“Defeat Emperor Wasteland?”

Seeing that Lin Feng was so confident and did not seem to be joking, Supremacy Pagoda could not help but be surprised. Could Lin Feng really defeat Emperor Wasteland?

But when he thought about it, it felt unbelievable. Even with their cooperation, it would probably be useless when it came to defeating Emperor Wasteland.

However, since Lin Feng had said so, Supremacy Pagoda had to make plans.

“After defeating Emperor Wasteland, if we can also defeat Emperor Venom, we can charge straight into the Iridescent Domain. Although there are no powerful Emperors presiding over this Iridescent Domain, there are many One-star Celestial Devil Emperors. Moreover, it is the hinterland of the Indefinite Sect. Once we breach the Iridescent Domain, a dozen or so chiliocosm domains will be under our control. It will even have a huge impact on the entire situation of the war.”

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The more Supremacy Pagoda thought about it, the more excited he became. He introduced the situation in the area of the Indefinite Sect in detail.

The Sandstorm Domain was only the first line of defense. Although the Indefinite Sect also had 13 warzones, most of the Celestial Devils were assigned to 13 warzones.

There were actually not many Celestial Devil Emperors guarding the remaining hinterland.

The Iridescent Domain might be the last line of defense in the hinterland of the Indefinite Sect. Once they broke through this line of defense, they could charge through more than ten chiliocosm domains, even dozens of them.

In fact, they could even take a roundabout route to the back of the Indefinite Sect, and cooperate with the other warzones to break the defense of the Indefinite Sect. That way, the impact would simply be tremendous. It could even establish the foundation of victory for this war.

However, precisely for this reason, it was very difficult. Emperor Wasteland and Emperor Bloodbath of the Indefinite Sect were not so easy to deal with. If it were any other warzone, they would not be a force to reckon with. They’d be lucky if they could contend with them, let alone defeat them.

Lin Feng did not say anything else. Instead, his expression was calm as he looked at Supremacy Pagoda quietly.

After a long while, Supremacy Pagoda appeared to be a little tempted. Even though he found it somewhat unbelievable, he still had to ask. Hence, he asked in a low voice, “Dark Domain Supremacy, are you confident?”

“If there’s only Emperor Wasteland, I’m still 70 to 80% confident.”

Lin Feng was reserved in his claim, but having 70 to 80% confidence really made the Supremacy Pagoda’s heart skip a beat. Last time, Lin Feng could barely manage to deal with Emperor Venom alone. He even needed the help of other Supremacies to attack Emperor Venom together to defeat him.

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And now, Lin Feng could defeat Emperor Wasteland alone. No matter how one looked at it, it felt a little unrealistic.

However, Supremacy Pagoda seemed to have thought of something. How could Lin Feng not have improved in the past hundred years?

“Pardon me for asking, but how many worlds are there in your internal chiliocosm domain, Dark Domain Supremacy?” Supremacy Pagoda asked cautiously and softly.

Actually, this question was very impolite, and could even be easily misunderstood. Sometimes, it might even lead to conflict. The number of internal worlds a Controller had almost determined the strength of a Controller.

The number of internal worlds every Controller had was an absolute secret, and could only be judged roughly.

However, Lin Feng pondered for a moment before answering in a low voice, “Not many, just 210,000 worlds. However, it should be more than enough to deal with Emperor Wasteland.”

“What? 210,000 worlds?”

Supremacy Pagoda almost exclaimed in shock. Moreover, Lin Feng did not lower his voice at all. The surrounding six Supremacies also heard Lin Feng’s answer.

Even Supremacy Yellow Sky’s entire body shook. His expression was one of disbelief.
Supremacy Yellow Sky and Supremacy Xuanji actually knew that Lin Feng must have some special method that used Boundary Stones to increase his strength, which was why he collected Boundary Stones on such a large scale.

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However, they did not expect his strength to increase so quickly.

Previously, Lin Feng’s internal chiliocosm domain only had over 70,000 worlds, which was even slightly inferior to Supremacy Pagoda.

But now, in just a hundred years, Lin Feng had actually already far surpassed the Supremacy Pagoda, and far surpassed any of the Supremacies present.

This speed of improvement could no longer be explained with being a genius, or encountering an opportunity.

For a moment, apart from reverence, there was also a trace of curiosity and envy in the expressions of all the Supremacies when they looked at Lin Feng. How did Lin Feng improve from 70,000 worlds to 210,000 worlds in such a short period of time?

Perhaps this was Lin Feng’s secret!

No one asked Lin Feng any more questions. They all understood that Lin Feng had secrets. Connecting it to how Lin Feng had only chosen to ask for Boundary Stones when distributing the benefits previously…

At this moment, all six Supremacies vaguely guessed that the reason Lin Feng improved so quickly was probably related to those large amounts of Boundary Stones.

But so what?

Lin Feng no longer cared about the guesses of the other Supremacies. With 210,000 worlds and the rules of time, Lin Feng could already “look down on” most One-star Supremacies.

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At the very least, there was no Supremacy in the Blue Domain Warzone that could make Lin Feng wary of them.

He also knew that if he still wanted to continue to obtain huge benefits in the war, he would be exposed sooner or later. It was better to expose it sooner than later, and it was better to take the initiative to expose himself than for it to happen on its own. This way, Lin Feng would also have more confidence.

“All right, since Dark Domain Supremacy is so confident, we will naturally cooperate with you with all we have. If you can really counter the aggressive assault Emperor Wasteland is launching on us, we can follow up on the victory, and conquer the Iridescent Domain in one fell swoop. At that time, we will venture deep into the hinterland of the Indefinite Sect, and completely reverse the disadvantageous state of the war.”

For a moment, huge chiliocosm domains seemed to appear in the minds of all the Supremacies. That meant that they could obtain a massive number of worlds.

For the sake of benefits, there were naturally Supremacies who were willing to take the risk. Moreover, the Dark Domain Supremacy, Lin Feng, also gave the six Supremacies confidence.

No matter how the situation developed in the future, and no matter how enraged the Indefinite Sect was, they only needed to defeat Emperor Wasteland and conquer the Iridescent Domain. Then, they would naturally obtain huge benefits. Even if there was a little risk, it was worth it!

Hence, everyone began to make preparations. They adjusted to their optimal state, and deployed their troops. They were making the final preparations to conquer the Iridescent Domain in the future.