Chapter 1504: Reappearance of the Blood Moon

Things went like this:

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A long time ago, there was a group of people that served the last generation heaven and earth’s spirit of fate. They were rewarded for their loyalty and gained many blessings.

But because of this, their descendants were not willing to bear the mockery of being named ‘cow breeders’ and had other ideas.

A new spirit of fate…this sounded good!

Moreover, it seemed possible.

After making a plan, they took action and the process went more smoothly than they expected. No…more accurately, they were successful.

They basically did not meet with any trouble, as if they were not the ones that killed the Sky Cow but it was the Sky Cow that was tired of living and took the initiative by itself.

But these details were not important. What was important was that from that day, they successfully replaced it and became the new heaven and earth spirit of fate.

Not a single person, but a clan.

They were known as the Spiritual Fate Clan!

Since ancient times, heaven and earth’s fate had always gathered and been blessed upon an independent individual, also called a spiritual fate being.

But now that fate was concentrated within a clan, it was split into many pieces and everyone in the clan shares the blessings.

This also caused the Spiritual Fate Clan to receive multiple curses…such that the number of clan members were fixed forever.

The entire clan was made up of three thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine people. They never had more or fewer. The restricted reproduction of descendants could be considered the price for obtaining the blessings of the heavens and earth.

As a result, the Spiritual Fate Clan rose. In order to seek an even higher status, they tried to undergo a change. However, there was an incident in the process which caused the clan’s name to be erased…they were then referred to as that clan.

Since the clan did not have a name, there was no need for the clan members to have names either. They were addressed according to a number sequence.


Pak –

The golden egg shell cracked and Qin Yu’s figure appeared. He slowly opened his eyes and there was a gold color fluctuating deep in them. It stayed there for a long time before slowly becoming calm.

“That clan…”

He spoke softly and looked at his palm. He clenched his fists. Qin Yu now knew how he was born.

His relationship with them could indeed be described as ‘blood runs thicker than water’. Endless resentment and violence roared from the bottom of his heart as if wanting to destroy everything.

Qin Yu’s memory had not fully come back to him. He only had a vague impression through bits and pieces…heavy rain, cold eyes, an intense pain, and the feeling of being coldly abandoned…

He wanted to know exactly what happened back then!

That clan had all the answers. However, Qin Yu knew his abilities very well.

The fight between that clan and the West Desolate was enough to prove how strong they were. At this moment, Qin Yu was not qualified to go and look for the answer.

But it was okay. He had already waited for so many years and did not mind waiting a bit more…moreover, Qin Yu now had a chance.

After absorbing the bloodline of the Sky Cow, it activated Qin Yu’s remaining blood vessels. Through this process, the both of them combined and there was a ‘change’.

Perhaps this was the little surprise left for that clan by the Sky Cow.

The residual blood from that clan fused with the bloodline from the Sky Cow and became the Nine Nether Devouring Heaven…Qin Yu now became the nemesis of that clan. When the day came to devour that clan, it would be his chance to reverse the blessings and achieve self enlightenment!

But Qin Yu alone would not be able to do this. He needed help.

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In the Desolate Area, the one with a motive and power to be enemies with that clan was the West Desolate. Qin Yu would be able to take advantage of them and this would be the best choice.

Now, Qin Yu had a chance to join the West Desolate.

When the little blue lamp left, he gave Qin Yu a hint to send this lantern out.

In the beginning, Qin Yu did not understand, but now he did. Give the lantern to the West Desolate. This lantern would give peak Rulers a chance to break through into the King realm. He would have accomplished a great feat and the West Desolate would repay him.

Not forgetting Li Zhouyi, who was also in a desperate situation. Qin Yu was his last hope. If Qin Yu could achieve great feats, Li Zhouyi would have a chance. He would definitely do his best to help Qin Yu and secure his ground in the West Desolate.

In order to achieve this, he had to continue using his identity as the Darkness Ruler…as for the matter of leaving without permission, compared to what he achieved, it would most likely not be a problem.

As for how to achieve something yet not bring trouble to the imperial tomb and reduce the attention of the West Desolate, he had to think carefully.

But this was not difficult for Qin Yu. Because he was now the new Barbarian King and the owner of the imperial tomb.

When everything was within his control, it would be easy to put on an act.

He was thinking silently in the palace and a plan slowly formed.

“Stone Pagoda!


The more people, the more power. This did not just refer to strength but also wisdom to detect gaps in his plan and reduce any possibility of being seen through.

With the three of them working together, they came up with a plan. The last gap would be the cooperation of the ‘half-resurrected’ statues.

The tightly closed palace doors finally opened. The Barbarian King ordered a few ‘half-resurrected’ statues to enter the palace.

The doors closed and opened a few moments later. The looks of the ‘half-resurrected’ statues were strange as they walked out.

The people from the West Desolate and Barbarian Clan were feeling anger and despair. They did not think much into it as they were thinking that their lives were over!

Nonsense. Wasn’t this obvious? The Barbarian King had given them orders. It was not like he invited them to eat.

Subsequent events showed that their deaths were nearing, because the remaining statues in the imperial tomb revived and started building an altar.

The West Desolate and the Western Barbarians had been lifelong enemies and knew each other extremely well. With the Dark Night Tribe leading most of the strongest barbarians, they knew their own methods very well.

So although they could not fully understand the purpose of this altar, they could recognize the signs of a ‘blood sacrifice’.

Everyone’s faces paled…they knew very well the horror and tragedy of the Barbarian Clan’s blood sacrifice.

“The Barbarian King wants to use our souls and flesh to revive…” A barbarian stuttered, his face filled with fear.

“No! I don’t want to be sacrificed. Barbarian King, please have mercy!”

“We were tricked and did not know you were still alive. Your Majesty, please have mercy on us!”

The barbarians cried and begged for mercy.

They were hoping that the Barbarian King could spare them on the basis that they were from the same clan. However, the five peak Rulers from the West Desolate were in utter despair…no matter how they looked at it, the Barbarian King would not spare them.

The altar was real.

The previous Barbarian King had made preparations to use the blood sacrifice altar to revive.

Otherwise, it could not have been built in such a short time.

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Because of this, the West Desolate and the Western Barbarians completely believed what they thought was happening.

The first step of Qin Yu’s plan was perfect!

Next, he had to personally appear. Of course, he would not appear as the new Barbarian King but as the missing Darkness Ruler.


One of the peak Rulers of the Imperial Clan was called Zhou Chengshan.

That’s right, she had a very very manly name.

It was rumored that she was named as such because when she was born, her family had been hoping for a boy to take on the family business.

Nothing more needed to be said.

With her name like this, she looked ordinary. But Zhou Chengshan’s talent for cultivation was good and she managed to reach the level of a peak Ruler without much difficulty.

This time, Zhou Chengshan had been filled with confidence as she joined the West Desolate to enter the imperial tomb.

The Imperial Clan was the most powerful in the West Desolate now. However, the military was very prominent and even they did not dare to ignore them.

But the King realm was different. If they could gain a Half-King, it would have huge benefits in their control over the West Desolate.

So although she was only one of the five, the Imperial Clan was very confident in getting a Half-King.

Zhou Chengshan had prepared herself well to deal with all sorts of situations…but she did not have a chance to show any of it.

Not only was the Barbarian King alive, he had even plotted a scheme to lure all of them in and use them as prey.

She was going to die!

Indignance, hatred, hope and despair…all these emotions tangled within her and eventually fell silent.

Just as Zhou Chengshan was feeling despair slowly engulf her, a cloud of darkness slowly moved to her side.

She was a peak Ruler. Even though her powers were restricted, she still had a strong sense and could feel that something was different.

Her eyes shifted slightly. Zhou Chengshan paused for a moment before silently extending a finger into the cloud of darkness.

“I am the Darkness Ruler. You can call me Ning Qin!”

A clear voice sounded in her head through this darkness.

Darkness Ruler?

Zhou Chengshan thought quickly and soon locked in his identity. Her first thought was that this was fake and must be another trap.

After all, the Barbarian King managed to restrict all the peak Rulers. How could a Saint escape?

But if it were really a trap, then there were some parts that could not be explained. For example, the current situation did not require the Barbarian King to do anything more.

Letting out a breath, Zhou Chengshan thought internally, “How can you prove your identity?”

“I was ordered by the sixth prince, Li Zhouyi, to enter the West Desolate. I was previously forced to leave my post guarding the altar. Please help me wipe out any impacts to my reputation after this.”

The voice in the darkness could be heard once more and Zhou Chengshan relaxed. No matter how impressive the Barbarian King was, he was not able to predict everything.

She could believe that he was really the Darkness Ruler, Ning Qin!

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She was overjoyed but slowly became disappointed. He was just a Saint. Even though she did not know how he managed to escape getting restricted, what could he do?

“Ning Qin, listen. Leave the imperial tomb as fast as possible and send a message to the West Desolate to request for the imperial capital to support with reinforcements!”

This was the only way. But whether it would be in time, she did not know.

There was a pause in the darkness before a distressed-sounding voice could be heard, “I tried but there is no way to escape. The imperial tomb has been sealed from inside out.”

Zhou Chengshan’s heart fell. But if she were the Barbarian King, she would also have locked the imperial tomb after the blood sacrifice began to reduce any incidents.

If they could not escape, their last chance was gone…

“This is not the time to lose hope. Since I am able to escape the suppressing force of the Barbarian King, I have my ways! I will try to ruin the blood sacrifice and hurt the Barbarian King…once the opportunity arises and the restrictions are lifted slightly, you have to lead everyone to escape!”

Despite knowing that the chance was extremely slim for a Saint to ruin the blood sacrifice…

In desperate times, she would take hold of any chance.

Zhou Chengshan nodded slowly.

The darkness left slowly and soon disappeared.

She looked up to see the horrifying palace. The shadow of the Barbarian King was vaguely visible and was emitting a strong suppressing aura. The hope she had shrunk.

But she would never know that the person that talked to her through the darkness was the horrifying Barbarian King in front of her.

The start of the plan was settled. Now, it was time for the main part!

The blood sacrifice altar was finally finished. The ‘half-resurrected’ statues kneeled down and roared.

Through their ancient and strange cries, runes appeared on the surface of the altar and emitted crimson light.

Buzz –

The large area of crimson trembled violently and the Barbarian King’s shadow appeared in it. He was tall and burly and his shoulders seemed to hold up the sky.

A strong ancient aura filled the place as if it could suppress everything…almighty!

Zhou Chengshan’s face changed as the inner glow in her eyes slowly became dark.

Even she did not stand a chance against such a mighty Barbarian King. How could the Darkness Ruler ruin the blood sacrifice?

Just as she was becoming more hesitant and pessimistic, the sacrifice began.

The Barbarian King waved his hand and a thick crimson light descended, covering the barbarians who were trembling and begging. As the crimson light fell, they seemed to be sapped of all their strength as they fell to the ground trembling.

If cruel punishments were ranked, the barbarian blood sacrifice would definitely rank first!

“Ahh! Save me, I don’t want to die!” Amidst his wails, a barbarian was swept away by the crimson light as he flew into the altar. When his body fell and touched the altar, it was as if the altar had a mouth and swallowed him whole.

The wails stopped abruptly as only ‘crunch crunch’ sounds could be heard. It was like hard, sharp teeth were tearing apart his flesh and bones easily, enjoying the taste of the barbarian.


The crimson light did not stop as it resembled chopsticks, rapidly picking up juicy ‘meats’ and sending them into its mouth.

The sound of the altar swallowing and the miserable wails of the barbarians that were about to die were like a hammer knocking on the weak hearts of those that were still alive.

Their bodies gradually trembled as their faces paled.

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Very soon, all the strong barbarians that followed the commander from the Dark Night Tribe were swept away by the crimson light into the altar.

Very soon, it would be the cultivators from the West Desolate!

Although she felt extreme despair, she would not give up that slim chance of survival…Zhou Chengshan glanced to the side. She wanted to hold on to the modesty and pride that she had as a peak Ruler.

But in front of death, everyone was equal.

The Darkness Ruler has not made a move? What is he waiting for? Or did he lie to me?

No, there is no reason for him to lie to me. Then what is he waiting for?

Hurry, hurry up!

Woosh –

A crimson light rolled over; its goal was…Blood Flag!


Seeing the crimson light wave roll over, Blood Flag’s eyes turned red as if the veins in his eyes were about to burst.

Blood gushed out and dripped down from the corners of his eyes, making his twisted face look even more horrifying.

Crackle crackle –

The sounds came from Blood Flag’s body. At this moment, his bones were breaking. What was even scarier was that Blood Flag had managed to break through the suppressing power from the imperial tomb.

He looked at the crimson light with blood dripping from his eyes. Madness surged from him.

“It is not so easy to kill me!”

Boom –

A red flame surged up and an illusion appeared.

It resembled a human with wings on its back. The most eye-catching thing was the pair of blood red eyes.

In the blood-colored flame, it was still extremely prominent and this could only mean one thing – its eyes were a lot redder!

It was like the concentration of endless blood but also like one of a devil that swallowed everything. It represented destruction and despair.

There was a shriek as the illusion within the flame extending its wings and a horrifying aura surged into the air.

Buzz –

There was an intense vibration and a Blood Moon illusion slowly appeared.

On the altar, Qin Yu’s expression changed. The first reason was because he never thought that Blood Flag had such a power.

More importantly, the Blood Moon that was slowly appearing in the space seemed very familiar.

As if, he had seen it before.

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