“Yes, we’re sorry. We’re really sorry…”

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The two begged sincerely, because they didn’t want to anger Gu Ning.

They really regretted it. It originally had nothing to do with them, yet they made a big mistake just for a million yuan.

If they hadn’t taken the million yuan, they wouldn’t have been caught now. Given the current situation, they couldn’t get the money and might even be put in jail.

“It’s not up to me, but the law. If you have a good attitude, you might receive a lighter punishment. If you return the bribe, I think you’ll only be sentenced to two or three years in jail,” said Gu Ning. They were just accomplices, so they wouldn’t receive a heavy punishment.

On the other hand, Lin Shiwei would be punished seriously, because he had directly cooperated with Kong Lixuan.

Lin Shiwei also wanted to receive a light punishment by begging Gu Ning, but he didn’t know what to say after hearing Gu Ning’s words.

Afterwards, Lin Shiwei and his two accomplices were taken away by the police.

Gu Ning wouldn’t ask the court to punish them lightly due to their relationship. In fact, it was already very nice of her that she didn’t add fuel to the flames. Therefore, she would leave them to the court.

The law would sometimes provide justice, but sometimes justice was absent.

If Gu Ning didn’t sue them, they might get away with it, but they would be punished seriously if Gu Ning was determined to teach them a lesson.

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In the end, if Gu Ning got involved in the case, the court wouldn’t give them a heavy punishment due to her status. Connections mattered a lot.

Gu Ning didn’t think anyone would dare to stand up for them and go against her right now, because she wasn’t easy to take advantage of.

When Lin Shiwei and the other two workers were taken out by the police, the reporters outside the construction site immediately went forward to take photos and ask them questions.

Obviously, the accident had something to do with the three men.

“Sir, do they have something to do with the accident that happened at this construction site?”

“Are they being made scapegoats for Shenghua Real Estate?”

Although most of them trusted Gu Ning, they weren’t fully convinced by her words and still held doubts.


“Before the final result comes out, we can’t tell you anything,” said Meng Fan coldly. “Please move. Don’t stand in our way.”

Once he said that, the group of reporters moved away, because they couldn’t carry the blame if the police couldn’t do their job.

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After Lin Shiwei and the others were pushed into the police car, the reporters still waited till Gu Ning came out.

About ten minutes later, Gu Ning and the others walked out. She was going to go visit the injured in the hospital.

Although they were just ordinary employees and Gu Ning didn’t need to go to see them, she wanted to treat the seriously-injured employees and alleviate the situation. She didn’t want upset family members to cause more trouble.

As soon as Gu Ning and the others came out, the reporters surrounded them. “Miss Gu, do the three men taken away by the police have something to do with the accident?”

“Yes, but I can’t tell you much right now. If you’re interested, you can pay attention to the police. I think the result will be out soon,” said Gu Ning, then she kept quiet and left.

Nobody dared to stop her.

Since Gu Ning said that, some of them immediately went to follow the police while some went back to write their reports.

Half an hour later, Gu Ning and the others arrived at the hospital ward of seriously-injured workers.

Their family members were all present. The ward was quiet, but they argued loudly for compensation the moment An Guangyao showed up.

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Normally, they were afraid of An Guangyao, because he was the executive of the company while they were ordinary citizens, but now they felt they were at an advantage and wanted money badly, so they couldn’t care less about the gap between their status.

It wasn’t all of the family members of the injured workers. Only two families caused trouble, but it was noisy when they shouted together.

“We’ll compensate according to the work-related injury insurance treatment items and standards. We won’t give you as much as you are asking for. The number will stay the same even if you sue us,” An Guangyao said sternly. He was angry at their unreasonable behavior.

They were slightly intimidated by An Guangyao, but still summoned up their courage to argue with him. “Don’t scare us with the law! My son was injured at your construction site. You must pay us. We want a million yuan.”

“Do you know the consequences of blackmailing? If it’s serious, you can be put in jail.” An Guangyao threatened and reminded them.

The woman panicked a little, but was unwilling to give up. “My son needs a million yuan!”

“Right, my husband is badly injured. He needs a long treatment. Even if he makes a full recovery, he can’t work as before. You should pay us for the loss as well! I think a million yuan is barely enough. If the accident didn’t happen, my husband might become rich anytime! We have suffered a great loss,” said a middle-aged woman.

The first half of her words were right, but it was included in the compensation. He wouldn’t lose money just because he was injured.

However, the second half of her words were nonsense! It was just a dream.

Although it was possible, it was unrealistic in the current situation!

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While they were arguing, Gu Ning observed the four seriously-injured workers in the ward.

Two groups of other family members said nothing and sat at the side in silence. They were willing to accept the compensation according to the rules, but they wouldn’t stop the others from arguing.

Among the other two groups of family members who were busy arguing with An Guangyao, one group had a resigned look. It seemed they didn’t want to see this drama, but there was nothing they could do.

On the contrary, the other group seemed to be scheming something. They supported their family members to cause serious trouble.

Gu Ning retorted at once. “Madam, don’t worry, I can make sure that your husband will make a full recovery after a few days. It won’t affect his work.”

The crowd didn’t notice Gu Ning until she spoke. The moment they saw her they were stunned by her beauty.

This young girl was so beautiful!

The next moment, the women became jealous of her, especially after hearing her words.

“Who are you? It’s none of your business!” said an older woman with displeasure.