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Upon hearing that, everyone looked at Leng Xiaoyao. Without waiting for them to ask, Leng Xiaoyao continued. “Some of you live in dorms. You don’t have much time to devote to the company and can’t provide any business or effort to the company. So, I think Sister Muqing should take 50% of the company’s equity as the chairman. As for the other 50%, each of us five will take 10%, so each of us needs to invest five hundred thousand yuan. What do you think?”

“Is that right? I’m taking too much…” Ning Muqing didn’t expect Leng Xiaoyao to directly give her 50% of the shares.

She didn’t mind taking too much. She was planning to invest five million yuan directly into the company, so taking 50% with 2.5 million was nothing. She was just worried that she would take too much and cause objections.


“There’s nothing wrong with it. Xiaoyao is right, I have no objections.” Xiong Manxin immediately expressed her opinion and didn’t mind taking only 10% of the shares. Leng Xiaoyao was right. They were still students and couldn’t devote much time or effort to the company. If they took too much of the shares, it wouldn’t be fair.

“I have no objections either,” An Chenmeng said.

Mu Beihan and Song Xinyue also agreed and didn’t refuse Leng Xiaoyao’s loan.

For Mu Beihan, five hundred thousand yuan was a lot, but her family could still come up with it. If they really lost money, they could still come up with the money to repay Leng Xiaoyao.

As for Song Xinyue, although it was a huge sum of money, she believed that she could earn it within ten years.

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Her family wasn’t rich, but she wanted to fight for her future, so she didn’t hesitate because of the debt.

Next, they discussed how many people to hire and how much to pay as a salary.

Because Ning Muqing had already collected information before, they easily set the final salary.

The salary they set was higher than most of their peers, but not the highest. After all, they were just a small company. When the company grew larger, the salary would also increase.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, the wages they gave were very impressive.

However, the first thing they needed to do was find an office building. Leng Xiaoyao would deal with it because it could be easily searched for online. Office buildings for rent or sale would be posted on various real estate transaction websites.

Ning Muqing’s family was in the Nancheng district, so they chose their office location there.

That night, Mu Beihan and the others stayed at Leng Xiaoyao’s house. Only Ning Muqing left. They agreed to start looking for an office building at 10 am tomorrow.

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When Ning Muqing returned home, she went to see her brother and told him that Leng Xiaoyao said that Wang Pengyu might do something to harm them, so Leng Xiaoyao gave them each a talisman for protection.

Ning Guanjie never believed in these things, so when he heard about the talisman, he thought that it was strange. “You don’t really believe this thing works, do you?”

“Although I don’t know if it works or not, I believe in Leng Xiaoyao. I advise you to wear it, whether you believe it or not,” Ning Muqing said firmly.

“Fine!” He really didn’t believe it. However, since it was given by Leng Xiaoyao, it was a kind gesture, and he accepted it.

“Also, I plan to start a graphic design company and cooperate with Leng Xiaoyao and her friends. I will invest 2.5 million yuan, taking up the majority share of 50%. Leng Xiaoyao and her four friends will each invest five hundred thousand yuan and take up 10% each.” Ning Muqing told Ning Guanjie about their decision because he was good at doing business and she needed his advice on many things.

Ning Guanjie was surprised to hear that. Leng Xiaoyao was a good businesswoman and working with her was definitely not a bad thing. “Who are those friends of Leng Xiaoyao?”

“They are all freshmen.” Ning Muqing replied without looking down on them just because they were freshmen. However, when Ning Guanjie heard that, he frowned and had doubts about their success.

“Freshmen? What can they do?” Ning Guanjie said.

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“Leng Xiaoyao is also a freshman,” Ning Muqing said seriously, a little dissatisfied with Ning Guanjie’s lack of confidence in them, however, she knew that it was understandable. “Of course, her friends may not really have many skills, but they can learn! They are only freshmen and have time to learn. There is a girl named Mu Beihan among them. I guess she may be from the Mu family.”

“The Mu family? Which Mu family?” Ning Guanjie was surprised at the thought that it might be the Mu family he was thinking of!

“How many Mu families can there be in the capital city? It’s just that Mu family, the first-class aristocratic family. I know that, not because she’s surnamed Mu, but because of some information I got from chatting. It’s just not polite to ask about it directly, but I think there is an 80% chance. I just don’t know if her family is the direct line or the collateral branch. Either way, they are more powerful than our family. With the Mu family’s participation, there is only benefit for me,” Ning Muqing said.

Actually, her original intention wasn’t to work with them because of their family backgrounds.

Although she had only met them for the second time, she felt very comfortable with them and could feel that they weren’t bad people.

“Of course.” Ning Guanjie didn’t deny it.

Although the Ning family was a wealthy family, it was only an ordinary family, so it was not powerful enough.

The Mu family, even if it was a collateral branch, had a high status and was relatively harmonious. If anything bad happened to the collateral branch, the direct line would stand out.

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Therefore, Mu Beihan was important.

“In addition, before they have mastered management skills, they are only shareholders and will not interfere too much in the company’s decision-making. Basically, as long as Xiaoyao and I approve of it, they won’t object. They trust Xiaoyao very much,” Ning Muqing said again.

“Well! Xiaoyao can start such a big company right away and launch such a popular game. Her ability is naturally outstanding. I support you. If you need anything, feel free to let me know.” Ning Guanjie didn’t ask any more questions. He had always been supportive of his sister’s career.

“Thank you, brother.” Ning Muqing smiled. “Alright, I’ll go back to continue perfecting the plan. Oh, remember to wear the talisman!”

“Okay, I’ll wear it now.” Ning Guanjie chuckled and immediately picked up the talisman and wore it around his neck, then he looked at Ning Muqing indulgently. “Are you satisfied now?”

“Yes!” Ning Muqing smiled and left Ning Guanjie’s study.