3443 Tang Yixue

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In the evening, Leng Xiaoyao found several suitable office buildings and learned about their background to avoid any disputes and potential problems.

She really found a few with economic disputes and excluded them, leaving three good options. One of them was in the same area as Xiaoyao Technology, only a few hundred meters away, with a good environment and an area of about three hundred square meters.

For their small company, three hundred square meters were enough.


The other two locations were also not bad, each being about three hundred square meters

In the morning around 9 o’clock, Ning Muqing arrived outside Hanlin Manor and called Leng Xiaoyao, waiting for her outside.

Leng Xiaoyao and the others went out as soon as she received Ning Muqing’s call and took them to see all three office locations.

In the end, they all chose the office building not far from Xiaoyao Technology and quickly rented it. The next step was to decorate it.

“Xiaoyao, wasn’t your company just renovated not long ago? Why not ask the renovation company you used before to do it this time?” Ning Muqing suggested. Although she had never been to Leng Xiaoyao’s company and didn’t know how it was decorated, she trusted Leng Xiaoyao.

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“Okay, let me make a call and see if they can send someone over to talk to us about it.” Leng Xiaoyao took out her phone and called Wu Wenshi.

Soon, Wu Wenshi answered her call. “Mrs. Li, what’s up? Is there a problem with the company’s renovation?”

Leng Xiaoyao felt a little embarrassed when she heard Wu Wenshi call her Mrs. Leng. “Just call me by my name please. The thing is, my friends and I plan to open a graphic design company. We have already rented a floor of offices and want to renovate it, that is why I’m calling you. Can you arrange for someone to come over and talk to us about it?”

Leng Xiaoyao didn’t directly let Wu Wenshi come over since he was the boss. Last time, he personally designed it for Li Mochen’s sake.

“Oh! I can arrange it right away. Where are you guys?” Wu Wenshi asked.

Leng Xiaoyao told Wu Wenshi the address. About an hour later, Wu Wenshi arrived with a few people.

When Wu Wenshi arrived, Ning Muqing recognized him, but she didn’t know if Wu Wenshi remembered her.

Therefore, she didn’t greet him first. If he had a misunderstanding about her behavior, it wouldn’t be good.

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However, Wu Wenshi remembered her and took the initiative to greet her. “Hi, Miss Ning.”

Ning Muqing was surprised that he still remembered her and responded jokingly. “Mr. Wu, I thought you didn’t remember me, so I didn’t dare to say hello!”

“How could I forget you?” Wu Wenshi smiled.

They only met twice, and both times were at a party with many people, but Ning Muqing gave him a special feeling, so he paid special attention to her.

“I thought you would just send someone over. You came in person!” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“How could I not come in person? If Li Mochen finds out, he will blame me.” Wu Wenshi showed a cautious expression. He wasn’t really afraid of anything, but since his close brother’s girlfriend asked him to do something and he had nothing else to do, he came in person. It also showed that he valued his brother’s girlfriend.

The others didn’t understand the renovation of a company, so Leng Xiaoyao and Ning Muqing talked to Wu Wenshi.

After two hours of discussion, they finally settled on a plan. It was time for dinner, so they invited Wu Wenshi to dine with them. Wu Wenshi didn’t refuse, but let his employees go back first and followed Leng Xiaoyao out.

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Unfortunately, as soon as they entered the restaurant, they met an acquaintance of Ning Muqing and Wu Wenshi – a woman who was about the same age as Ning Muqing.

When she saw Ning Muqing and Wu Wensi walking together, jealousy flashed in her eyes. She then put on a fake smile and walked over to greet them. “Hey! Muqing, Wensi, what are you doing together?”

Ning Muqing remained polite, but kept her distance away from her. “Oh, it’s Yixue! I’m here to talk to Mr. Wu about business.”

“I see! Do you mind if I join you guys? I had plans with my friend, but she had something come up last minute and couldn’t make it. I was just about to leave when I ran into you guys!” Tang Yixue said, but her gaze kept unintentionally drifting towards Wu Wensi. It was clear that she was interested in him.

Although this was the first time Leng Xiaoyao had met Tang Yixue, she recognized her at a glance. Tang Yixue, was the daughter of Uncle Tang from the Tang family, and was her mother Tang Yue’s cousin.

“I’m sorry, Yixue, I need to treat my friends. I’m afraid I won’t be able to spend time with you. How about I invite you to dinner next time?” Ning Muqing refused. She was just saying it and wouldn’t really invite Tang Yixue to a meal.

Although Tang Yixue was a friend of her friend, Ning Muqing didn’t like her at all. She was too fake.

Hearing Ning Muqing’s refusal, Tang Yixue was displeased, but still forced a smile. “We’re all friends here! You don’t need to personally treat me! I can even help you treat your friends!”

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It seemed as if Tang Yixue didn’t want to leave. Ning Muqing wanted to refuse, but didn’t know how to say it. Left with no choice, she turned to look at Leng Xiaoyao for help.

“Muqing, we’re all friends. We don’t need anyone else to treat us, but since this young lady insists on having dinner with us, let’s invite her along! It’s just a meal, no big deal,” Leng Xiaoyao said deliberately, emphasizing the word “insist.” It indicated that Tang Yixue was imposing herself on them and just looking for a free meal.

An Chenmeng and the others couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

They could easily see through Tang Yixue! She wasn’t here for the food, but Wu Wensi!

Tang Yixue was extremely displeased. If it were any other time, she would have lashed out at them. However, due to Wu Wensi’s presence, she held back.

However, she didn’t want to suffer this kind of injustice either. She put on a pitiful look and explained. “You’ve misunderstood me. I just don’t want to eat alone. If you mind, I can treat you guys. It’s just a meal. I can afford it.”