Characters in this chapter:

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Sapphiras Perfectio, former 2nd son of the Earl of Aldridge

Percival Belisario, 3rd son of Margrave of Vanderwall on the Eastern Frontier

Adrian Aeternitas Sternkurst, Crown Prince of Sternkurst

Caleb Blanchette, 2nd son of the Duke of DeGeneres


“I understand that Sapphiras-dono is from the lineage of the magician that saved Solmontana.”


“That Magical Earl’s…….”

The nobles around us were exaggeratedly surprised. I passed it off with a vague smile.

Adrian probably knows that I had already been thrown out of the Earl’s family. On the contrary, he saw the Magical Earl causing a commotion at the evening party. Why bother bringing it up?

“Sapphiras-kun, you haven’t touched your tea or sweets much since a while ago, what’s wrong? There’s no need to hold back. It’s our country’s pride and joy, and I hope you enjoy it.”

Caleb went off on a tangent. Percival takes the cup before me. I learnt from him and picked up the cup too, but didn’t immediately take a sip.

Vanderwall-kyou has instructed Percival to taste the tea and sweets served here first. There’s a good chance that something has been planted in it. I didn’t want to make Percival the poison tester, but if I, who can transfer, collapses, we won’t be able to escape from the castle. It’s a deeply painful decision.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Percival putting the teacup back into the saucer next to me, and I brought the cup to my mouth as well. Even though it’s such a suspicious place, it’s hard not to say anything. As a matter of etiquette, it is considered rude not to touch the food that is served to you.

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Since I only sip a little and hardly drank any tea, the servants replace the cold tea frequently. I thought it was an unnecessary concern, but Caleb and Adrian thought it was a good opportunity to grant a drink1蘊蓄を垂れてくる: not quite sure how to translate this, the correct saying is 蘊蓄を傾ける which means to draw upon one’s profound knowledge but the author changed the latter part to 垂れてくる which has various meanings, one of them being: to give (e.g. lesson, instruction, scolding) (to someone of lower status); to confer; to grant; to bestow. and poured it again, so I took a sip of it and left it alone after that. I don’t want Percival to get too poisoned. The sweets placed on the plate are brought to the mouth as carefully as possible without looking unnatural.


“At the evening party in your country, I could only see your from a distance, but now that I see you up close, Sapphiras-dono is truly beautiful. Your jet black hair is just like the darkness of night. It is a colour that is rarely seen in our country. What’s more, you’re also an excellent magician, so Sapphiras-dono is apparently loved by the goddess. Isn’t Belisario-kyou a lucky man to have such a beautiful and capable companion? Hey, Caleb…..Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, indeed. I envy you.”

No, no, what are you saying? Adrian’s snake-like gaze on his prey is very unpleasant. Caleb, you, too, stop smiling so suspiciously.

Listen to the utterly uninteresting conversation, smile appropriately and agree. Percival is doing a good job of avoiding difficult aristocratic topics, but I wonder how long this patience will last.

Moreover, the tea is replaced again. I said no more, but the servant said nothing, replaced the tea and went back to the wall.

“You don’t seem to have eaten much tea sweets, did the sweetness of our country not suit your palate?”

“No. I enjoy them very much.”

Is it possible to be laid back and drink tea and eat sweets in a situation like this? Also, maybe it’s the atmosphere here that makes my head a little foggy. I was wondering if I would be released soon, but the tea party finally started. Sigh, as soon as I left my seat, thinking I could finally go home.


My vision shook. I suppressed my mouth in nausea. What’s this, my fingertips are numb and I can’t feel anything.


They got me! When exactly?



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This is not good! Transfer immediately! My vision went dark as I grabbed Percival’s arm with my numb hand.




I groan involuntarily due to the severe nausea. I also feel something wrong with my neck, what’s going on?


My head is foggy and I’m not feeling well……and my arms feel like they’re being pulled upwards, and my body doesn’t move as I want. By the way, my wrist hurts so bad……I suddenly became aware of that.

That’s right, as soon as I stood up after the tea party, I lost consciousness due to severe dizziness and nausea. Even though I was so careful, when did they start drugging me? However, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with Percival……that’s right!


As I tried to confirm that Percival was safe, I realised my situation and shuddered.

“What is this—!”

I think it can’t be helped that I cried out involuntarily. With both wrists shackled, I was suspended from the ceiling like a piece of meat. What’s more, I’m dressed in outrageous clothes that flutter and show off, and even have some kind of flashy decorations attached to me. Incidentally, the discomfort on my neck is probably a slave collar.

Come to think of it, I’ve seen slaves dressed in bad taste like this in the past. Rich merchants and aristocrats used to dress their favourite slaves like this and take them around with them. I thought it was in horrible taste, but I never thought I would be dressed like that. I would rather be completely naked than be made to wear something like this.

They did whatever they wanted while people were unconscious. Damn it! I’ll definitely beat that scumbag to death! I don’t care if he’s the Crown Prince or not! I manage to suppress the anger that’s about to erupt and quickly check my surroundings. The place where I am hanging, weakly illuminated by a dim lamp, is a place where the ceiling, walls and floor are all tightly constructed stone and there are no windows. And in front of me is an iron grate. Clearly, this is a dungeon. But there is none of the dampness or musty smell typical of dungeons. It’s probably best not to imagine the contents of the mysterious, heavy-looking chest in the corner of the cell.

There is no sign of anyone but me, and Percival is definitely not here.

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This is the situation I feared most. I was completely defeated, but I’d like to think that they’ll use Percival to get me to follow them, so they shouldn’t be able to do anything to him any time soon…….if they had done something terrible to Percival, I would never forgive the people in this castle. I’ll make the castle and the royal family disappear.

But this place is so thick with magic essence that I’m getting the creeps all over. How in the world could there be this kind of magic essence floating around in the royal castle? It couldn’t be that Percival is locked up in a place where this kind of magic essence is floating around, right?

Anyway, I’m going to get out of here quickly and look for Percival! The skin all over my body is itching from the discomfort of the magic essence, and when I try to break the shackles, the inside of the prison was suddenly brightly lit. My eyes accustomed to dim light are momentarily dazzled by the sudden light.

“Nice outfit, Sapphiras.”

A familiar voice strikes my ears. This is……



“If a clever magician ends up like this, he’s just a pathetic child.”

……And Fargerson-kyou? My eyes accustomed to the light caught the two men clearly. Fargerson-kyou is smirking in a very ungraceful way. I’m not surprised when they came out. They were connected to this country as expected.

That’s not the point.

“…… What happened to Percival?

“Ah, don’t worry, I’ll take him. I’ll put these to good use. They were magic tools that were too much for you in the first place.”

In Veritas’ hands were my sworn friendship ring and the Tricorn wand. Giving away someone else’s things without permission. It’s extremely unpleasant, but there’s no point in making a fuss here. Of course I have no intention of handing it over, so I’ll be sure to get it back later.

“Well, no need to be so pessimistic, boy. You will soon be the lapdog of the next king who will rule the continent. You should feel honoured. If you can please His Highness the Crown Prince with your face and body, he will love you for a long time.”

……Ha? Soon to rule the continent? Sternkurst isn’t planning to start a war, are they?

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“His Royal Highness Crown Prince Adrian is a benevolent man, but I hear that he is quite strict when it comes to disciplining rebellious slaves. At best, they should be docile and obedient. Now, let’s go, Fargerson.”

Veritas put on a triumphant expression and left the dungeon with Fargerson-kyou. What benevolent. I gnashed my teeth.

I don’t know what they’re up to, but whatever it is, it’s Percival.

I flicked the shackles off my wrists and my floating feet touched the ground. My wrists, which had been weighted on, were red, chafed and terrible. And I’m barefoot. Hopefully I can get some shoes on the way.

“He who protects the fairies, Cu Sith.”

A large dark green dog jumped out of the magic circle and happily waved its long tail wrapped around his back.

“Cu Sith, I want you to find Percival as soon as possible. It’s a race against time.”

Because he knows Percival’s scent. I stroked Cu Sith’s head, who then swung its tail even more in response to my request, and then I straddled his back and transferred out of the dungeon.


melon: Urgh I’m utterly disgusted. It also irks me to think that they had to strip him in order to change his clothes.

I also didn’t add Veritas to the list of characters because I felt that it will be a spoiler, for those who doesn’t remember, he’s Sapphiras’ scum former older brother.

On another note, I hate this cliffhanger so for those who are here early, the next chapter should have been posted by the time you finish reading this so be sure to refresh and check for the next button.

1蘊蓄を垂れてくる: not quite sure how to translate this, the correct saying is 蘊蓄を傾ける which means to draw upon one’s profound knowledge but the author changed the latter part to 垂れてくる which has various meanings, one of them being: to give (e.g. lesson, instruction, scolding) (to someone of lower status); to confer; to grant; to bestow.