Characters in this chapter:

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Sapphiras Perfectio, former 2nd son of the Earl of Aldridge

Percival Belisario, 3rd son of Margrave of Vanderwall on the Eastern Frontier

Adrian Aeternitas Sternkurst, Crown Prince of Sternkurst


When I put the cup back on the saucer, Sapphiras finally picked up his own cup too.

I’ll test for poison first. If there’s nothing, Sapphiras can put the same things in his mouth. This was decided before the tea party with only this enemy.

Sapphiras was very much against this idea, but my brothers persuaded him and he reluctantly agreed to it.

Anyway, it is Sapphiras who is being targeted at this tea party. His safety must be considered first and foremost. Even now, the Crown Prince’s eyes are fixed on Sapphiras, as if he were hunting for prey.

For those who want to show off their power, a magician like Sapphiras must be someone they want to get their hands on at all costs. He is not only skilled in magic, but also possesses exceptional beauty. He is the perfect magician to have by your side.

The idea itself is distasteful, but what is most unforgivable is that he thinks it’s okay to ignore Sapphiras’ will and force him to comply, since he has no family name. The backing of the powerful nobility of Solmontana and the ties with my family, which protects the frontier were greatly disrespected.

In the midst of unspeakable tension, Sapphiras brought the sweets that were served to him little by little to his mouth. Of course, I have already confirmed that it is safe to eat first, but it is better not to eat sweets that can easily be individually drugged.

Even in a situation like this, Sapphiras remains calm and shows no trace of anxiety. He is so determined that it is hard to believe that he has lived in seclusion for so long.

Although I feel that I can rely on such a Sapphiras, I concentrate on getting through this situation without incident. My father is right, I am the only one who can protect Sapphiras now. On the surface, it’s disguised as a friendly tea party, but you never know what kind of underhanded tactics the other party will use.

The tea is always being replaced by a different brand or region of origin. I sipped the tea without any choice but to do so, but there was nothing unnatural about the tea that has been replaced so far, and they didn’t change cups in the middle of the tea.

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Not only my tea, but also other nobles are pouring tea from the same pot as Sapphiras. It would be difficult to work on only Sapphiras’s tea under these circumstances.

I just endure this moment, hoping that the tea party will end without incident.

“Well, thanks to our wonderful guests, we had a good time today. Sapphiras-kun and Belisario-kyou, please join me again for my tea party.”

Even though I was spitting venom in my gut, hoping I would never come back, but on the surface I returned the courtesy with a smile.

I am finally released from the tea party, which had never allowed me to relax. But until I leave the castle, I can’t rest easy.

Right as I thought that. Sapphiras, who got up from his chair, suddenly became confused.


I hurriedly supported his body, and his slender fingers gripped my arm tightly. The magic was not activated and he lost consciousness. I immediately picked up the weakened Sapphiras and looked around. The entrance and exit had already been secured by guards, and instead of the nobles who had been sitting at the table just a few moments ago, we were surrounded by knights with their swords drawn.


“…..Oya, it finally took effect.”

The Crown Prince said with a smile. It was an expression of confidence that he had caught his prey.

When on earth? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with me. How did they get only Sapphiras to take the drug?”

“I see that even the best magicians are no match for the drug. Now, pass that1he referred to Sapphiras as それを(sorewo) which means that to me.

“I decline.”

“Hou? But how can you resist in this situation? The magician in question is in that state. And you don’t even have a sword to protect yourself. This is the deepest part of the castle, and of course the surrounding area is fortified with soldiers. You won’t get out easily.”

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It is true that there is nothing that can be done in this situation. If I could fly, I would have been able to break through the skylight and get out. My magic can’t do that. I don’t know how far I can go, but I have to try.

I break through the knight’s enclosure with fire and destroy the door with my lightning fists. Of course there will be soldiers outside the door, but I run as fast as I can to the outside. No matter what happens, I will get Sapphiras out of this castle. That’s all.

“……Under the law of the Goddess, I excercise……!?”

As soon as I start chanting, my bosom suddenly gets hot, and at the same time, the magic power is sucked out of me.


“What in the world……!”

The sudden decrease in magic power distorts my vision, but in the next moment, I involuntarily gasped.

A pale blue flame rose in front of me, and a maiden wearing armour appeared. The maiden’s long hair flickered like flames, and in her hand was a shining white sword.

“……War maiden.”

Someone mutters.

It is a spirit of war that is said to guide the souls of brave warriors on the battlefield.

Everyone was overwhelmed by the presence of the spirit that suddenly appeared.

“It can’t be……the War Maiden’s Oath?”

I thought it was a magical tool for protection, but I didn’t think it was a magical tool to summon spirits.

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[I accept your determination. Let my sword clear the way.]

With one swing of the War Maiden’s sword, the knights who were blocking our escape route were blown away along with the closed door.

“Let’s go.”

I’ll think about the mess later. Carrying Sapphiras on my shoulder, I picked up the sword that had been dropped by the knight who had been blown away, and ran with all my might to follow the War Maiden who had started running.

“Don’t be frightened, chase! The magician will be useless soon. The summoning will not last much longer!”

The Crown Prince’s voice was heard behind me. Apparently, he thought it was Sapphiras who had summoned the War Maiden.


The War Maiden easily cut down the knights and soldiers who tried to block their way. But it was deep inside the intricate castle. The corridors, illuminated by the sunlight streaming in through the high skylights, continue on and on, and it is difficult to see what is outside. Moreover, the drain on my magical power is more severe than I had expected.

The figure of the spirit, which was clear at first, is becoming transparent, and the Oath of the War Maiden on my bosom is gradually losing its heat. It must be difficult to maintain the reality of the situation due to lack of magical power. I myself have lost strength in my limbs. I resent my mediocre amount of magical power. If I had at least a little more magic power……

Finally, the War Maiden, who had become a white shadow, swung her sword with one swing as if to use her last strength, slashed away the guards, and disappeared quickly. At the same time, I almost fell to my knees, but I barely held on.

If I stop here, it’s the end. Don’t stop, keep going, keep running, I told myself. While feeling the presence of pursuers behind me, I suddenly realised that the surroundings had changed. We must have entered an area where non-royalty can enter and leave. Fortunately, the windows were low and there were lattices. If we get outside, we can hide somewhere. Sure, there will be guards, but it’s better than running around in the castle. Anyway, I regain my position and try to escape again.

That’s when I decides to jump out of the window without hesitation.

Suddenly, ivy sprang up from the floor and attacked us.

“Is it a magician!?”

I slash away at the oncoming ivy, but I am pushed back by its momentum. The ivy tangles around my limbs and takes Sapphiras away from me.

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I can’t be separated from Sapphiras here. If I resist the attempt to tear the ivy away, the tightening force becomes stronger and stronger. The bones in my body creaked from the relentless tightening.


Unable to bear it, I gave up my sword, which was my only weapon.

“Great! I enjoyed it more than I expected. It was quite an interesting entertainment.”

A slow applause rang out, and the Crown Prince arrived at a leisurely pace with his guards and magicians in tow, and the ivy made me crawl on the floor.

I stared up at him with emotion, and the Crown Prince smiled a smile of satisfaction.

“You shouldn’t resist too much. The magicians in our castle are a bit clumsy. Unlike you, that frail-looking magician can’t stand the tightening of the ivy, can he? Well, I don’t care if a few bones are broken. I’d rather cripple him a bit so that he can’t escape.”


This man seriously thinks so. If you’re a magician, you can still do a lot of work.

“Hehe, don’t worry, I’ve prepared a place for you. I’m being generous……just leave this in the basement of the northern tower. The magician is going somewhere else.”

The Crown Prince gives these instructions and turns on his heel. Still trapped in the ivy and unable to move, I could only watch helplessly as Sapphiras was taken away.


melon: Damn I wasn’t quite expecting that! I assumed he had also been drugged but we got to see the War Maiden! I wonder if it’s a 1 time use thing… but I’d hate to think that it would be taken by those scums if it’s not.

1he referred to Sapphiras as それを(sorewo) which means that