The Beloved and Pampered Girl

The Beloved and Pampered Girl is a popular light novel written by Tingting Guard Guqin . The story is translated to English and covers Romance genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of The Beloved and Pampered Girl and can be read for free.


She accidentally met an older man and married him without meaning to on the same day she was heartbroken from her boyfriend's cheating...

While others saw the cold-faced demon, she saw a cute and gentle man.

After their marriage, he pampered her endlessly...

"Honey, I accidentally set fire to the kitchen."

"That's okay. It should have been refurbished a long time ago."

"Honey, I accidentally ruined your custom-made suit."

"It's okay. It was time to get new ones anyway."

"Honey, I accidentally broke the David sculpture that you love most..."

"Nonsense. You're the one I love most."