After Jace heard Lucas’s question, his expression suddenly stiffened, his heart sank, and he had an ominous premonition.

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Lucas’s identity… If he hadn’t witnessed the scene of Lucas wiping out the gunmen and bodyguards around him in just two seconds, he might still think that Lucas was just his father’s illegitimate son, who had resorted to some tricks to gain his current force and make a mess of the Huttons.

But after seeing Lucas’s terrifying strength with his own eyes, Jace no longer thought so.

Lucas’s terrifying skills were much more impressive than those of the elite powerhouses the top families had painstakingly found. Even if the powerhouses of the eight top families in DC came together, they would pale in comparison to Lucas.

He obviously wasn’t an ordinary person.

In particular, Jace hadn’t been able to find out what Lucas had done and where he had been during the six years Lucas had been missing.

And this was extremely important!

Jace swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked fearfully, “Who… who exactly are you?”

Lucas glanced at Stanley next to him and said coldly, “You tell him.”

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Stanley was stunned, and he wondered if Lucas was going to reveal his true identity to Jace.

If Jace leaked it… No, Jace wouldn’t get the chance because he was going to die soon!

“Yes!” After understanding what Lucas meant, Stanley stood upright and performed a military salute to Lucas respectfully. He then said to Jace, “You should have heard of the Falcon Regiment of Calico, right?”

Falcon Regiment of Calico!

Jace’s expression immediately changed.

Who wouldn’t be aware of the Falcon Regiment?

The world situation these days wasn’t very peaceful, so there were often large-scale wars. Thus, the US had stationed millions of soldiers everywhere to protect the country.

The famous Falcon Regiment was in charge of Calico, a state in the south of the US!

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The Falcon Regiment stationed at the southern border was one of the most important and dangerous places because of the dangerous terrain and the fact that it was the convergence of the forces of many countries. But in recent years, it had become the safest place.

It was all thanks to the presence of the youngest and most powerful captain in history. He alone could defeat a nation and was known as the invincible God of War!

The captain of the Falcon Regiment had led thousands of soldiers to fight on the battlefield and wiped out countless enemies. Since then, no one dared to invade. So even though he had such great accomplishments, he kept a very low profile, and no one knew what his real name was. They only knew that his last name was Gray, so everyone called him ‘Gray the Invincible’.

Although Jace was just an incompetent playboy, he had heard of the legend of Gray the Invincible. They were both men of about the same age, yet Gray the Invincible could make a name for himself with his own abilities and become so powerful that no one dared to challenge him at all. He was truly admirable, so much so that all men looked up to him in awe and respect.

Hearing Stanley suddenly bringing up Calico and the Falcon Regiment, Jace came to a sudden realization. He exclaimed in shock, “Are… are you from the Falcon Regiment? A-are you a subordinate of Gray the Invincible?”

Jace looked like he just had an epiphany. Before Stanley could even say anything, he nodded repeatedly and exclaimed, “I know. During the time you disappeared for six years, and no one could find you, and I even thought that you were dead, you actually went to Calico and became a soldier?!

“And based on your skills, you must have learned them from the Falcon Regiment, right? Gray the Invincible is so powerful, so you must have enjoyed a lot of benefits and learned a lot under his wing!

“Moreover, with your powerful martial arts skills, maybe you even obtained a good position in the Falcon Regiment!

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“Now I know why Dad was in such a hurry to get Chad to hand over the Stardust Corporation to you when you returned to Orange County. He even hoped that you’d return to take control over the Huttons…

“I finally know why you obviously seem to have nothing, but you’re still so cocky and arrogant that you don’t even take the position of the helmsman of the Huttons seriously. You even said that you could easily destroy eight top families of DC, including the Huttons, at any time!

“It’s all because you’re a subordinate of Gray the Invincible, the leader of the Falcon Regiment! You behave so unscrupulously because you have the Falcon Regiment to back you up! That’s why you don’t even take the royals seriously!

“But Lucas Gray, even if you have Gray the Invincible to back you up, you’re still way too daring! Do you really think the royals are pushovers you can easily bully? As long as you dare to kill me, my mother’s family won’t let you off! Even if you have Gray the Invincible to back you up, death will be the only end for you!

“I advise you to stop being so arrogant. Otherwise, you’ll die a horrible death once you lose the protection of Gray the Invincible!”

Jace guffawed, thinking that he had already found out who Lucas’s backer was.

Gray the Invincible was indeed powerful, but Jace didn’t think a big shot like him would be able to protect everyone under his wing and go against the royals for Lucas’s sake.

Karen sat on the ground with bewilderment all over her face, dumbstruck and unable to move at all. She didn’t even know the existence of the Falcon Regiment, much less who Gray the Invincible was. But she could infer from what Jace said that Lucas had an extremely powerful backer, which allowed him to disregard the eight top families of DC.

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With a derisive gaze, Lucas looked at Jace, who thought he already found out the truth.

Stanly looked at Jace with a sneer, “You really think Lucas acts like he does because he has a backer? You’ve made a giant mistake!”

“Isn’t that the case?” Jace was stunned for a moment, but he soon sneered. “Lucas Gray only dares to be so arrogant and unrestrained because he has a powerful figure like Gray the Invincible to back him up. Without Gray the Invincible, he’s just a nobody. Would he dare to be so arrogant then?”

“Dimwit!” Stanley sneered. “You have no idea how terrifying Lucas is! But since you’re aware of Gray the Invincible, do you know the real name of the invincible God of War?”

The real name of Gray the Invincible? Jace froze for a moment, and a terrifying thought suddenly popped up in his mind. Could it be?!

He looked at Lucas in horror, but he soon shook his head with all his might, trying his best to dispel the terrifying thought. He muttered, “No, no way. That’s impossible! Gray the Invincible is the leader of the Falcon Regiment of Calico and the mighty God of War, who alone can rival a nation!

“But Lucas Gray is just my father’s illegitimate son! He’s just an outcast who was kicked out of the family since he was a child! He’s nothing but a wastrel! If not for the help of Gray the Invincible, he would just be a bottom feeder of society that everyone looks down on!

“So that’s absolutely impossible!”