The Frozen Player Returns

Chapter 390: Sand astle (6)

Seo Jun-Ho's gaze ignored the flustered martial artists and stared at the message in front of him.

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- This martial art is a martial art made to change the world.


All of a sudden, he was struck with a memory explaining the meaning of those words.

'This is...'

It was the great battle of His Majesty the Emperor he had seen in Cheon-Gwang’s memories. Just in time, the emperor who was coming down the stairs ordered.

"General, make a martial art."

In response, Cheon-Gwang kneeled and bowed his head.

"Your Majesty, if you need any martial arts, please instruct the head of the Murim Alliance, Namgung Jincheon. He owns the Sect Record Chip containing all the martial arts in the world."

"…I can't ask him to do it." The emperor approached the window and looked down at the city being constructed before muttering, "It has to be a martial art that will remain unknown to him for the rest of his life."

Cheon-Gwang raised his head carefully. "I am sorry, but what kind of martial art does Your Majesty need?"

"A martial art that will change the world."

Cheon-Gwang was at a loss for words upon hearing the emperor’s ambitious words.

"General, think about it. Think about the world we lost.”

Right now, it was a world that existed only in their dreams. It was a world where nature thrived, and it was a world of endless neigong floating in the air. Remembering those times, Cheon-Gwang’s eyes turned dim. He thought that the young emperor still couldn’t let go of the splendid past.

"Your Majesty..."

"General, I want a world where everyone can dream and achieve what they want."

"Does Your Majesty mean that our current world is not that kind of world?"


The emperor smiled bitterly. Everyone dreamed of a brighter tomorrow. However, there was a powerful man trying to devour all their dreams, and he was in charge of the Murim Alliance. If he were to tell Cheon-Gwang about that man, Cheon-Gwang would surely kick up a fuss and say that he would chop off the head of that man.

‘Unfortunately, General, you still aren’t Namgung Jincheon’s match.’

Namgung Jincheon was a master of all martial arts. A monster among monsters and a genius among geniuses. The emperor came to that conclusion after much consideration. Cheon-Gwang didn’t need to produce results immediately.

"I will sow the seeds, and someone will harvest the fruits following my will."

It was all to create a world that wouldn’t be under the influence of a monster. It was all for a world full of neigong and where people could feel nature to their heart’s content. It was all so that everyone would be able to sleep with smiles as well as dream of hope and tomorrow.

The emperor smiled and turned to look at Cheon-Gwang.

"General, would you like to change the world with me?"

Cheon-Gwang memorized the emperor’s barely visible figure as the latter stood beneath the dark skies, waiting for the bright and full moon to illuminate the world once again. And that was how the Black Moon Martial Art was born.


Seo Jun-Ho thought. ‘It was a great plan.’

They could have been satisfied with everything because they were in the position to enjoy everything this world could offer, but they weren’t satisfied. For a better tomorrow for the people, they gave up their comfortable lives and walked the path of martyrdom.

"You guys are pretty cool."

Seo Jun-Ho had just harvested the fruits from the seeds they had sowed. In that case, what he had to do for them was obvious.

"Your will, I will follow it…"

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Seo Jun-Ho read the Black Moon Heart Method’s details.

[Black Moon Heart Method]

Grade: S

Effect: When used, you can borrow the surrounding magic.

The explanation was simple and straightforward. However, the implications were great.

‘I don’t have even a grain of magic in my body right now, but I can borrow the magic floating in the surroundings.’

This was his current condition. Of course, there was no naturally occurring magic on the 5th Floor, so the magic he was currently using only came from one source.

‘Whenever a martial artist dies, their magic would scatter into the atmosphere, but I could absorb those magic and use it.’

Neigong from the neigong chips would return to the chip upon the individual’s demise, but the neigong Seo Jun-Ho would absorb would not return to the chip.


Seo Jun-Ho closed his eyes and gathered the magic floating around him. Sensing the movement of neigong, the eyes of the Death Poison King, a transcendent martial artist, opened. His mechanical eyes emitted a blue light as they looked at Seo Jun-Ho.

"T-there’s no way…"

His eyes widened, seemingly wanting to deny reality.

- 21,575

- 26,721

- 38,498

- 57,142

- 71,973

Seo Jun-Ho's neigong level was rising. When the fight started earlier, Seo Jun-Ho barely had any neigong, but now, he had almost two gapjas worth of neigong.

"How... How is that possible when you’re a Pureblood?”

"You wouldn't know even if I told you."

With a finger-sized chip as their cage, they would never understand it.

"Shall we start again, then?”

The surrounding temperature dropped sharply, and the magic in the surroundings warmed him up as he circulated magic according to the Black Moon Heart Method.

‘Overclocking, maximum output.’

He had long gotten used to using Overclocking at a hundred percent output, but he could clearly feel that he had gotten faster than before.

It felt like using the Black Moon Heart Method to circulate magic was akin to changing his engine to the engine of the fastest supercar out there.

"That’s sorceeerrryyy!”

The Death Poison King was still staring at where Seo Jun-Ho was standing.


Even after his head was cut…

‘This is the best.’

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Seo Jun-Ho had just killed the Death Poison King in the blink of an eye. He stared at his closed hand and opened it. He was overflowing with power to the point that he became unafraid of anything. The darkness gathered around him and took the form of wolves.

"I-it’s the Watchguard of Darkness!"

"Damn it all! Run away if you want to live!"

A Sky Soul Guild member fled while screaming. It was only natural because they were aware of Watchguard of Darkness’ notoriety. However, Tenmei Oga shook his head.


"S-save me...!”

It was suicide to turn one’s back to Specter. Had they not learned anything from the collapse of the Fiend Association? A group of wolves made quick work of the martial artists and the Sky Soul Guild members.


Tenmei Oga looked around the battlefield. Sixty people had come, but now, only Specter and he were breathing.

"Things have become very unfortunate.”

He tried to start a conversation. It wasn't over until it was over.

"It must be unfortunate that you couldn't kill me."

"I won't deny it," said Tenmei Oga with a nod.

"Seo Jun-Ho. I'll ask you directly. Spare my life.”


"You can take me as a hostage and demand anything from the Sky Soul Guild or my family."

“Ha, why would I?"

"If you kill me, Mio will be very sad," Oga replied confidently.

Seo Jun-Ho's eyes quivered. He lowered his head and started trembling.

‘Did he take the bait?’

‘Will I survive this?’

Just as Tenmei Oga was starting to anticipate a positive response—

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

"Ahahahaha!" Seo Jun-Ho laughed like crazy.

"What's... funny?"

"Ah, damn, that hurts my pride. How can I endure this?" Seo Jun-Ho wiped the tears off of his eyelids and said, "It's definitely more than ten. Perhaps about thirteen times?”

"What do you mean?"

"It’s the number of times Mio had apologized to me and said that I could kill you all without worrying about her."

"T-that's ridiculous. That child wouldn’t…" Tenmei Oga stammered.

"You don't think so? Why?" Seo Jun-Ho approached him with a gentle smile. "Her dad and brothers are always worried about being unable to take advantage of her, so why do you think she wouldn’t say that to me?”

"If that's true, then I should already be—ugh!"

Seo Jun-Ho grabbed Tenmei Oga by his neck and muttered with cold eyes, "I have always let it slide. You’re Mio's family, so I’m sure she will suffer inside even if she said that it’s okay for me to beat you to death. She’s that kind and affectionate, after all."

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The members of the Tenmei Family knew that. They knew it, which was why Tenmei Oga was acting like this. It was all because they thought that he wouldn't kill them.

"You shouldn't have treated her like that."

Mio didn’t want grandeur. All she wanted was to get along with her family, similar to how they had been when she was still young.

"You used her pure heart to fatten yourselves up.”

After the 5 Heroes were frozen, the Tenmei Family established the Sky Soul Guild, and they quickly expanded to become one of the Big 6 because Tenmei Mio, a Hero of the world, belonged to their family.

"But why can’t you be satisfied?! Why did you keep on taking advantage of her? Just why?!"

"Urgh… I-if you kill me, my father won't stay still."

"Oh, really?" Seo Jun-Ho smiled coldly. "That was your last chance, and you wasted it.”

He had never been afraid of the Tenmei Family or the Sky Soul Guild. If they didn’t repent and kept on antagonizing him, then he would sweep them clean.

"W-wait! What I just said was a little misunderstanding…!” At Seo Jun-Ho’s killing intent, Tenmei Oga hurriedly opened his mouth, but there was no way for him to take back what he had already said.

"Suffer the same pain your sister had to go through."


Seo Jun-Ho stared indifferently at the frozen Tenmei Oga before leaving.



Namgung Jincheon unknowingly broke the armrests of his chair.

"B-Black Moon Heart Method...”

Kwak Won-San's voice trembled as he looked at the screen. He didn't expect the resurrection of that cursed martial art.

"How interesting...” Namgung Jincheon looked at Seo Jun-Ho with blazing eyes. "So, he wasn't bluffing?"

In addition to surviving that desperate situation, he even turned the table around. At that, Namgung Jincheon revealed a distorted smile and muttered, "Cheon-Gwang, it has been hundreds of years since you became a ghost, but you’re still bothering me."

He still hadn’t even found the remnants of the Jinyiwei Cheon-Gwang had concealed.

Namgung Jincheon stretched his left arm out and rolled up his sleeves. the skin on his left arm cracked, and three chips popped out.


Kwok Won-San unknowingly gulped at the sight.

‘The first chip!’

Namgung Jincheon took out the System Chip and inserted it into his forehead. At the same time, his eyes turned red.

"A-Alliance Leader, are you perhaps…"

"It's all over anyway, so there is no reason to hold back."

He tried to take it easy until the end, but Seo Jun-Ho had thoroughly provoked him.

“Retrieving the Demonic Cult’s neigong chip will only be a matter of time once I have retrieved Wisoso after killing Seo Jun-Ho.”

He sprang up from his seat.

"Move, my soldiers."

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At that, the martial artists inside the Murim Alliance building stopped walking.

Messages that they couldn't understand filled their eyes…

[Body controls has been transferred to Chief Administrator, ‘Namgung Jincheon.’]

[Autopilot engaged.]

"What, whaaaat?!"

"What? My body is moving on its own!"

"Damn it! Someone please stop this!"

An irresistible voice echoed in the ears of the bewildered martial artists.

- Kill Seo Jun-Ho.

At that, tens of thousands of martial artists abandoned what they were doing and started running run out of the city.

Upon seeing that, Kwak Won-San expressed his concern.

"I-is this really okay? You seem a little worked up."

"It’s his fault for testing my patience."

Namgung Jincheon had been waiting for seven hundred years, but he lost his mind when he saw how the resurrected Black Moon Heart Method stole his neigong.

"I own every thread of neigong in this city."

He was just punishing a thief. Namgung Jincheon’s anger started to abate, but…


Outside the window, a pillar of light fell from the other side of the city.


It was a phenomenon that appeared whenever Players came up to the city through the brand-new Dimensional Elevator.

Kwak Won-San said, "Someone else must have come up again."

"It doesn’t matter. We’ll just kill them if they get in the way."

Namgung Jincheon could feel a deep sense of liberation. He couldn’t help but think that he should have done this earlier. Upon revealing his hidden agenda, he felt refreshed, like he was floating in space.


However, another pillar of light fell from the sky.

‘They’re starting to get annoying…’

Namgung Jincheon frowned and was about to take a sip of his tea.

"A-Alliance Leader!"

He suddenly heard Kwak Won-San shouting in a trembling voice. He was looking out the window Namgung Jincheon had turned his back toward.

"What's the fuss?"

Namgung Jincheon turned around and stiffened. Ten, twenty, dozens, the pillars of light multiplied to hundreds before he realized it. Each and every one of those pillars of light was a Player arriving on the 5th Floor.

"What the hell is this?!"

Namgung Jincheon was stupefied as he rushed over to the terrace and grabbed the railing. It was his first time seeing thousands of columns of light descending on Neo City, and the scene looked as if there were thousands of falling stars.