The Last King of Darkness

Chapter 149: Great King

In the manufacturing of the Dreamstone platform, there is an extremely important item that Rode has been unable to make.

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【Resurrection Stone】

After death, your body and soul will be resurrected at a designated location.

Requires Resurrection Stone, Flower of Humanity, Tenfold Spirituality, One Divinity, 10,000 Soulless Souls, and a piece of living flesh.

Undoubtedly, this is the most crucial trump card for adventuring.

With it, Rode is not afraid of any dangerous tasks.

This is also the reason why he was not worried at all when the king told him that he would be sent on high-risk missions.

However, Rode has always been clueless about the core material needed to make it.

Until now, after obtaining the Flower of Humanity, he finally has a slight possibility of manufacturing it.

Among the other materials, Rode has no shortage of spirituality. He still has over a thousand portions, and he also has 36 points of divinity, which he can take out three portions of. He also has soulless souls.

He only lacks living flesh and the Resurrection Stone.

Rode has searched for a long time and couldn't find any information about the "Resurrection Stone." The knowledge book offered a reward that was too expensive, so he didn't want to use it.

Until now, he learned what it was from the "Soul Master" Priscilla, who taught them.

The "Resurrection Stone" is actually unrelated to resurrection. It is an evil item that can resurrect corpses as undead.

During a certain period, the people of Thalorian used it extensively in battles.

The warriors fearlessly charged forward, fell down, and then stood up again, fighting until they were crushed.

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It allowed the people of that time to achieve a brief but glorious victory. Some people even believed that it was their only correct path of survival.

But with the proliferation of Resurrection Stones and their uncontrolled use, disaster struck.

They discovered that the "Resurrection Stone" not only resurrected corpses as undead but also turned living people into undead. Moreover, the resurrected undead would become increasingly insane and uncontrollable over time, becoming more and more like monsters.

In the end, after paying a painful price, Thalorian permanently banned the production and use of the "Resurrection Stone" and sealed related knowledge.

This was extremely bad news for Rode, as it meant that the possibility of obtaining the "Resurrection Stone" was very low.

However, after the knowledge book was upgraded, new possibilities arose.

It turned out that the questions to the knowledge book were strictly limited to the category of "knowledge." Questions about "methods" or "existence" on the edge of its scope were not allowed.

After the upgrade, the scope of "knowledge" expanded, and questions like "how to do it" or "does it exist" were allowed, but the cost also increased significantly.

However, Rode thought of a way. He cleverly asked the knowledge book a question: "Is there anyone in the royal city who can make a Resurrection Stone?"

The cost was four pieces of red jade.

Not much.

Mr. Manolobana kindly sponsored a whole box of red jade, enough to answer hundreds of questions.

The knowledge book lived up to expectations and gave an answer: "Yes."

Rode's heart settled at that moment. With this answer, all that was left to do was to find such a person in the royal city.

And the person in charge of the hunter branch, who had access to various information and was a gathering place like a tavern, was undoubtedly a good target.

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Rode lowered his voice and asked.

"Do you know where there are skilled alchemists?"

Alchemists are the producers of spiritual items or potions.

In addition to the regular personnel in the royal city, there are also many alchemists in the wild who produce things that are somewhat illegal.

But generally speaking, as long as it's not gambling or drugs, the adjudication department won't put in much effort to regulate it.

Hunters also usually need some potentially unconventional gadgets to assist in battle. Perhaps they could save lives in critical moments? If the royal city banned everything indiscriminately, wouldn't it just add to the casualties for no reason?

Therefore, this gray area industry chain, born out of interests and needs, naturally formed.

As the person in charge of the hunter branch, Ado naturally understood as soon as she heard it.

She also lowered her voice and asked softly, "How skilled do you need? Is your 'root' a bit big?"

Rode didn't quite understand the hunter's secret language, but he could guess that "root" roughly referred to the degree of prohibition of contraband.

"Very skilled."

Rode nodded.

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"The most skilled."

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Ado thought for a moment, dragging her chin, and leaned close to Rode's ear to say, "Then go to No. 17 Gray Street and find the Medicine Witch. When you get there, don't knock on the door, knock on the red brick on the wall. Three heavy knocks and two light knocks. If someone asks, say that I recommended you, and she will let you in."

The damp airflow brushed against Rode's earlobes, feeling a little itchy.

Rode smiled and said, "Thank you, Ado."

Ado smiled back.

"No need to thank me. You've helped me a lot. The old man used to scold me every day for not being able to complete a sewer mission. I always ranked last among all the hunter branches. Hmph, this time I cleared thirty-four of them at once. Let's see how they mock me now."

Rode couldn't decide whether to feel happy or sad. So, the sewer of the royal city is contracted to me? If I play Mario every day, can I rescue the princess?

"Soren, my brother."Ado suddenly grasped his hand, her large eyes swirling with soft waves, her adorable face filled with a pleading and hopeful expression.

"Will you be able to help me in the future?"

At this moment, what else could Rode do but nod?

Ado's joy +51

Humanity +5

Alright, that works.

"Yay, I knew Brother Soren is the best."

A fragrant breeze swept in as Ado gently touched Rode's cheek, causing an uproar in the tavern.

Alright, that's impressive.

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Ado's cheeks were flushed as she poured him another cup of green tea.

"Spring breeze of Dorasche, brother, I wish you a smooth journey."

Just then, the crystal screen behind him lit up again. The thirty-four tasks he had just completed turned red and were marked with a check.

"Ah, the headquarters has confirmed the completion of the tasks."

Ado immediately took out dozens of silver notes from under the counter.

"Here's your task reward, a total of three thousand four hundred silver Soren. Your star rating will soon be upgraded to level two, please keep up the good work."

Rode took the silver notes, suddenly feeling that cleaning the sewer wasn't so bad.

"Alright, I'm leaving now."

Ado's smile was as beautiful as a blooming flower, she waved and said, "May the fire accompany you on your journey."

"Remember to visit my branch often."

The few hunters in the tavern also raised their glasses and shouted, "Wish the great King of the Sewers a smooth journey, hahaha!"


Even after leaving the tavern, Rode could still feel the warmth on his face.

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