The Last King of Darkness

Chapter 150: Resurre tion Stone

For some unknown reason, there were more people than usual in the royal city today. The lights in every household were unusually bright, and there were people and vendors everywhere, with the sound of children's laughter filling the air.

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But as Rode arrived at Grey Street, the number of people gradually decreased.

Grey Street was a narrow and gloomy street, with only a few passersby hurrying along.

Most of the houses on the roadside were shops, dim and messy, with dim and murky lanterns hanging in front of the doors, covered in filth.

There were hardly any residential houses.

Rode glanced around and saw a tangled mass of limbs displayed in a nearby cabinet. Behind a storefront, there were numerous glass jars filled with organs such as eyeballs, tongues, and brains. In a gloomy doorway, a witch-like figure was cooking something that looked like feces in a pot.

What kind of place is this?

Rode felt a chill, but also a glimmer of hope.

- How could they create such evil things like resurrection stones if it wasn't in a place like this?

Rode followed the house number and arrived at number 17 Grey Street.

It was a gloomy stone house with a narrow courtyard, and the stone gate was tightly closed.

Rode followed Ado's instructions and knocked on the red brick next to the door.

Dong dong dong.

Three loud knocks followed by two soft ones.

After a few minutes, a hoarse and murky voice came from inside.

"Who is it?"

"The hunter recommended by Ado."

There was a moment of silence, and then the stone door opened.

"Come in."

Rode stepped inside and saw a small courtyard covered in dust and clutter.

An old woman with drooping eyebrows, bloodshot eyes, wrinkled face, and a terrifying appearance stood in front of the stone house, coldly saying, "Come inside."

She turned and entered the stone house, and her figure disappeared into the gloomy doorway.

Rode hesitated for a moment, but still followed her inside.

Ado shouldn't harm people, and the Doomsday Cultists wouldn't place their base in such an obvious location.

The stone house was extremely gloomy and narrow, cluttered with all sorts of objects piled up to the ceiling. The air was filled with a pungent and unpleasant smell.

Rode followed the old woman to the innermost part of the house.

This seemed to be her place for concocting potions or items. It was slightly more spacious, mainly because the clutter had been cleared away. There was a large pot, a blood-stained dissecting table, and a stone crafting table.

The old woman turned around, her murky eyes staring at him without saying a word.

Rode found it strange.

Although she looked old and extremely ugly, she didn't exude the aura of death.

There was a chilling and indifferent air about her, as if she wanted to keep people at a distance.

He politely said, "Are you the Medicine Witch? I came to ask you to make some spiritual materials for me."

The Medicine Witch coldly replied, "My prices are high."

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Rode felt a glimmer of joy. The fact that she mentioned the price without asking what he wanted to make showed that she was confident and not an ordinary person.

"I want to make a resurrection stone."

The Medicine Witch fell silent, not replying, and instead began searching through the clutter in the stone house.

Rode patiently waited. The stone house was actually quite large, but it appeared narrow because of the excessive amount of clutter. There were cabinets, bookshelves, and storage cabinets piled up to the ceiling everywhere.

After a while, the Medicine Witch returned, holding a heart, a shriveled spider, and something that looked like a lump of mud.

"Ten thousand silver coins."

She said.

It was a bit expensive, but for Rode at the moment, it was completely acceptable.


He said, pulling his hands into his sleeves and entering the dream world directly. He counted ten banknotes with the highest denomination and brought them out.

"This is the money."

Rode spread out the silver banknotes.

"I hope you can satisfy me. If you dare to deceive me, hm, do you know who the Chief Inspector Lauren of the Internal Affairs Adjudication Office is?"

This was Rode's experience when dealing with gray industry players. One hand talked about money, the other hand talked about fists.

The Medicine Witch ignored his threat and turned to the crafting table to start working.

"One hour."

She coldly said, quickly slicing the heart into thin slices and starting to cook the spider.

Rode didn't disturb her and waited eagerly, full of hope.

The Medicine Witch lived up to her image. After an hour, she handed Rode a blood-stained stone.

Rode took the stone and immediately entered the dream world, placing the stone on the stone table.

The words "Resurrection Stone" under "Stone of Resurrection" immediately lit up.

No problem.

A wave of ecstasy swept through Rode's heart. He immediately returned to the material world, handed over the money, and smiled, "Not bad, the goods are good. I hope we can cooperate again next time."

The Medicine Witch looked at him. In her eyes, this man just held the stone, closed his eyes, and then suddenly opened them a few seconds later, handing over the money.

The Medicine Witch silently put away the money.

But Rode didn't rush to say goodbye.

Excitedly scanning the surroundings, he asked, "Do you have any living flesh and blood?"

The Medicine Witch remained silent and said, "These are spiritual materials. They require the flesh and blood of those with the undead characteristic, which I don't have."

Rode nodded. He had actually found a way to obtain it, but he just wanted to see if he could save some trouble. If not, then so be it.

He asked again, "Do you have Puppeteer's Wood?"

Puppeteer's Wood was the main material for making wooden puppets, which had proven to be quite useful in Sword Pass.

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The Medicine Witch looked at him coldly.

"Not making it."

Rode was surprised, "Why?"

"It's not for hunting monsters."

Rode suddenly remembered that Puppeteer's Wood could be used for things like enchantment. The last time, that unscrupulous merchant thought he wanted to use it to manipulate women.

"How do you know it's not?"

Rode retorted.

"I have a special purpose..."

Before she finished speaking, the Medicine Witch interrupted him, "Five hundred silver coins."Rode couldn't help but be surprised by her sudden change in attitude and exclaimed, "500? That swindler sold it to me for 5000 last time!"

The medicine woman glanced at him and said, "It's Richie. He moved to 18 Lishui Street in the inner city."


Rode gritted his teeth.

"He's done for. Make me twenty first."

Rode took out ten thousand silver coins and handed them over directly this time.

"I also need ghost spirit ashes, perfect teardrop stones, and starlight fragments."

The medicine woman seemed reliable, so Rode decided to buy all the necessary supplies from her.

After this big purchase, he only had one hundred silver coins left, but he had all the supplies he needed.

Rode couldn't contain his joy and said with a smile, "Your goods are excellent. I hope I can find you again next time."

The medicine woman said calmly, "Close the door."


After leaving the stone house, Rode found a secluded spot and entered a dream.

Now, he only needed one more material for the Resurrection Stone.

"Living flesh and blood."

Rode went to the storage area and took out the Evil Spirit Stone.

Evil Spirit Stone: A power core formed by the condensed blood of evil spirits, it can serve as a vessel for souls.

During this time, Rode had already figured out how to use it and had come up with an idea.

He also took out twenty portions of spiritual essence and laid them out in an inverted triangle outside, placing the Evil Spirit Stone in the center.

He approached the Soul Altar.

It was covered in flames of various sizes.

There were a total of 160 plague rats, 137 filthy corpses, and 67 other monsters.

It seemed like a lot, but even if he sacrificed them all, he wouldn't obtain more than ten thousand soulless souls.

These weak souls were no longer of much use to Rode.

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Rode took Greygrove's soul from the altar and lightly touched it with his spiritual power, saying coldly, "Greygrove, how dare you deceive me."

The soul, which had been placed there for many days, immediately shouted, "Master, I didn't, I didn't... Some memories may have been distorted, but I absolutely didn't deceive you."

Rode said coldly, "Deceiving the master is an unforgivable sin, but I will give you a chance. If you can endure forty-nine days of darkness and pain, I will reshape your body and grant you freedom."

Greygrove shouted with joy, "Thank you, Master, thank you, Master. I will be completely devoted to you..."

Rode approached the Evil Spirit Stone and placed the soul on it.

In the next moment, a powerful black aura emerged from the stone, revealing a hideous devil face.

Countless black thorny vines emerged and entangled the soul, dragging it into the stone.

Greygrove's soul would be permanently squeezed and drained by the Evil Spirit Stone, becoming its nourishment.

Afterward, a powerful evil spirit would be born on the stone. It would possess all the characteristics of this soul and gain all its power bonuses.

The evil spirit would last for forty-nine days, and then both the stone and the soul would turn to dust.

Greygrove's characteristics were "Cage" and "Death Abyss." "Death Abyss" would allow a person to maintain the characteristic of being alive. The flesh and blood cut from him would be "living flesh and blood."

This was Rode's plan.

To raise an evil spirit, cut flesh and blood, and go to the front lines during invasions.


Rode stared at the swirling black clouds on the stone, feeling somewhat nervous. After all, this was his first time doing something like this, so it was normal to have doubts.

After a while, the black clouds stopped swirling and opened a big mouth.

Rode knew that it needed to devour materials related to Greygrove's soul essence in order to reshape its body.

What could Greygrove's soul essence be?

Two words appeared on the black clouds.



Rode was shocked. Your soul essence is actually feces?

This is so disgusting.

Rode endured the discomfort and went into the sewer, grabbing a few handfuls of feces and feeding them to it.

The black clouds started swirling again, gradually solidifying and revealing the color of flesh and blood.

Soon, the black aura dissipated completely, and a huge egg appeared before him.

It was the size of a human head, and inside the translucent blood membrane, a faintly pulsating embryo could be seen. Black tendons and blood vessels were tangled messily on it, exuding an indescribable evil.

According to the Book of Knowledge, evil spirits are absolutely loyal to their creators and are not influenced by their inner souls.

But Rode still felt a bit uneasy. He moved the egg far away and used a small knife to cut off a few pieces of flesh from it.

The cut flesh kept wriggling until Rode placed them on the stone platform. They even tried to jump out of his palm.

Fortunately, the "living flesh and blood" finally lit up.

Rode breathed a sigh of relief and immediately placed the Resurrection Stone on it. The words "Resurrection Stone" also lit up.

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Then, Rode added a Flower of Humanity, ten portions of spiritual essence, and ten thousand soulless souls.

He then went to the Divine Face of the Stele and took out a portion of divinity.

Divinity: 26

There were only two more portions left. He had to find a way to get a little more.

Rode thought to himself and placed the last small golden light onto the stone platform.

The Resurrection Stone finally lit up completely.

With a light touch, all the tools on the stone platform flew up and began to operate frantically on the materials on the stone slab.

After about fifteen minutes, the tools flew back to their original positions.

On the stone platform, a pure golden stone lay quietly on the stone slab.

And the moment Rode picked it up, the golden stone turned into a golden light and entered his body.

In his mind, Rode already felt a connection with it. He knew that when he died, his soul and body would be reborn in a specific location.


Rode finally smiled.

Up to this point, his life was finally secure.However, until the last moment, it's best not to use this card. Its cost is too high. Apart from the numerous complex materials, the most crucial is divinity.

One unit of divinity equals 10 points. With only 26 points left, there's not enough to use for soul fuel.

I still need more things for self-preservation.

With this thought, Rode placed twenty Puppet Wood onto the stone platform.

One wooden puppet requires a Puppet Wood and ten units of living spirit.

Living spirit comes from the souls of living people. Rode had killed many Doomsday Cultists before, so he was not lacking in this aspect.

After the twenty wooden puppets were completed, Rode also crafted the "Tears of the Goddess" that could purify all corrupt curse effects, the "Illusion Band" that could disguise appearances, and the "Soul Sealing Bullet" that could create flaws in the soul.

He also made a hundred "Soul Ashes of the Plague Rat".

This was the key.

To make "Soul Ashes", one needs the soul of a monster, ashes, one's own humanity, and Sunstone.

Rode's humanity had already exploded. He had hunted so many monsters, so he was not lacking in souls and ashes.

The only thing he lacked was Sunstone.

But thanks to someone's generous sponsorship, Rode was no longer lacking.

Although it was a bit of a loss to make the souls of low-level monsters, the purity of the Sunstone used for crafting was also very low.

Low-purity Sunstone is actually very cheap, it's just that it can't be sold due to the ban in the royal city.

With that, everything was ready.

Rode took one last look at the stars and the invasion, then left the dream and hurried to the place he had agreed to meet with Iron Wolf.