The Last King of Darkness

Chapter 151: Book of the Past

The East Gate was not too far away, and Rode arrived in no time.

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This was also the result of his special training. In the past, he would only choose to take a spirit car.

From a distance, Rode saw Iron Wolf Wade and the other two waiting at the city gate.

"Very good."

Iron Wolf looked at his pocket watch.

"Punctuality is an essential quality for a hunter."

He reached out his hand.

"Let me introduce you. This is Big Worm, a five-star hunter, level seven combatant, level five spiritual power, fire sequence, and his soul attribute is tearing. He is skilled in tactical positions such as vanguard and forward scout."

Big Worm was a tall, dark-skinned man with a simple appearance.

He shook hands with Rode in a friendly manner and said sincerely, "I hope our cooperation goes smoothly."

"And this is Sweet Tea, a six-star hunter, level seven combatant, level five spiritual power, starfire sequence. She has ignited six fire seeds, five of which are related to increasing strength, and the remaining one allows her to condense wind spears from the air. Her general tactical position is mid-range firepower support and output."

Sweet Tea was a middle-aged woman with a beautiful face and few wrinkles, but her gray temples made her appear somewhat old.

She nodded slightly at Rode and said, "Nice to meet you."

Iron Wolf turned his head.

"And this is Mr. Blade of Dawn that I mentioned to you. His star level is not high, but his strength is good. He completed thirty-four sewer missions in seven hours, so he should be trustworthy."

Rode suddenly had a bad feeling.

Could it be that these sewer missions have become his label? Wherever he goes, people will point and say, "Look, that's the hunter who completed thirty-four sewer missions in seven hours."

This is just terrible. How can such an elegant and handsome guy like me be associated with sewers?

But the other two didn't think so. They showed exaggerated smiles and hugged him.

"Welcome to join us."

Afterwards, Iron Wolf checked the lanterns and fuel on the three of them and announced their departure.

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To Rode's surprise, Iron Wolf came in a rectangular vehicle.

It looked a bit like a bus, but the shell was thick and wrapped in a metal fence with strange patterns carved on it.

What was even stranger was that this was not a spirit car, let alone a motor vehicle, but a human-powered vehicle.

Each seat on the car had a lever, and only by turning the lever could the car be powered.

This is too primitive. What about your spiritual energy technology?

After getting on the car, Rode couldn't help but ask, "Why don't we use a spirit car?"

Iron Wolf glanced at him.

"Things with spiritual energy are easily corroded and corrupted in the black mist. Tools driven by spiritual energy generally do not leave the range of fire unless they have special protection. Pure mechanical structures, on the other hand, have no problem."

Big Worm laughed, "This is the latest hunter vehicle developed by the Mechanical Research Institute. It won't get stuck like before."

Sweet Tea said in a low voice, "Special protection or spiritual beasts are too expensive for us. We can't afford them."

Rode held back from asking why we didn't just walk there. He could only turn the lever like the other two, suddenly feeling that they didn't seem like hunters, but more like laborers.

Iron Wolf was responsible for driving, and they smoothly left the city gate. The guards at the city gate immediately let them pass after seeing their hunter licenses.

So, this strange human-powered vehicle blended into the not-so-crowded traffic and left the royal city.

Rode saw from the crystal window that the other carriages were also diverse, including horseless carriages, human-pulled carriages, mechanical human-powered carriages, buses, and a few floating cars.

The span of their civilization was at least two thousand years.

After they left the royal city, the traffic immediately became sparse, and the human-powered carriage plunged into endless darkness, leaving the embrace of civilization.

This was Rode's second formal departure from the royal city, but this time there was no Guardian Flame. The residual light from everyone could only illuminate their surroundings.

Outside the window was boundless darkness, and the thick black mist rolled in front of the window.

The desolate sense of terror once again struck them. The human-powered carriage, running at a speed of about one hundred yards, seemed to be rushing straight into the abyss of darkness.

The faces of the other three also became solemn. Sweet Tea said in a low voice, "No matter how many times, leaving the royal city always gives me a sense of fear."

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Big Worm comforted, "Don't worry, we will soon usher in peaceful days. Under the leadership of the king, Thalorian will become stronger and stronger."

Iron Wolf nervously held the steering wheel and pinched the star chart, constantly identifying the direction. His spiritual vision distance was less than twenty yards, so his reaction had to be extremely fast. Otherwise, if he hit a stone, fell into a big pit, or collided with another caravan, it would be bad.

Although hunters also had the obligations and honor of hunters, their main purpose was to make money and have a more stable life.

Avoiding unnecessary losses was their principle of action.

Along the way, Iron Wolf explained the details of the mission. It seemed that he knew Rode was a novice hunter, so he explained in great detail.

The mission was located in Qingcao Town, about two hundred miles from the royal city. It was a medium-sized settlement with about one hundred thousand people living there. They specialized in various types of green grass, from tea to raw materials for spiritual medicine.

Qingcao Town had two Guardian Flames and a small Holy White Tree. Thirty-two caravans passed through the route, and the annual output could be converted into at least one hundred million silver coins, making it a relatively fertile production area.

Therefore, any threats appearing near it had to be quickly resolved, otherwise it would affect the stability of the safe zone and the safety of the route.

Rode now knew that the so-called safe zone was this large area on the red plain.

From the map, the northern part of the red plain was the Dead End Mountains, and the eastern part was the barren mountains, a branch of the Dead End Mountains. Between these two mountains was the heartland of Thalorian, the red plain.

Therefore, defensive lines were only set up in the west and south, making this area safe.

Thalorian's three-layer defense circle was all there.

Of course, the mountains were not absolutely safe either. Thalorian built a Great Wall along the top of the mountains to resist threats from the dark plains in the north and the dead hills in the east.The renowned Night Watcher Legion was in charge of guarding the Great Wall.

The area under such heavy encirclement was known as the safe zone.

The defense level within the safe zone was extremely high. Any threat must be dealt with as soon as possible. They could not be allowed to exist for a long time, otherwise, they would gradually grow into deadly threats in the black fog, affecting the lifeline of the Thalorian humans.

These threats usually came from scattered monsters that slipped through the defense line, unknown entities lurking underground, and monsters that appeared here through means such as the spirit world.

Once they were discovered, the investigation legion would quickly assess their threat level, and then decide whether to deploy the defense forces in the settlement on the spot, or to form a hunting or clearing squad, depending on the threat level.

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The monsters near Green Grass Town were judged to be a significant threat. Due to the monsters' concealment, the military department decided to issue a task to the Hunter Headquarters. This was also due to the influence of the black tide and a shortage of manpower.

The hunters of the Hunter Group, the vast majority of whom had strong individual abilities, were good at tracking and hunting, suitable for small team operations, and were best suited to handle such tasks.

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It was also very suitable for Rode to hunt for souls.

The human-powered car ran fast on the plain. Only the Fire Holders could drive such a car. It perfectly realized the process of converting spiritual power into kinetic energy, which also exercised Rode's proficiency in spiritual power.

About three hours later, they successfully arrived at Green Grass Town.

This was a town surrounded by green and blue, presenting a strong visual impact in the boundless darkness.

The moment they saw it, the four of them couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

The human-powered car stopped at the edge of the town. After the Iron Wolf four showed their hunter licenses to the town's defenders, they were warmly received. A large crowd came out to welcome them to the town hall.

Rode looked around this not-so-small human settlement. It was filled with green or blue flowers and plants everywhere. Each house was surrounded by green grass. Many townspeople were bending over to work in the grass. In the bright light, a pure white tree could be clearly seen in the center of the town.

Its surface was crystal clear, like white jade, and like crystal, with faint mist falling from the lush branches.

Is this the legendary Holy White Tree?

Rode thought.

They all say it's the Tree of Life, maybe there really is something magical about it.

A moment later, they arrived at the town hall.

The mayor was an old man with white hair. He introduced the specific situation of their attack to the Iron Wolf and others with a worried face.

Iron Wolf, Big Bug, and Sweet Tea listened very carefully, keenly asking about any possible details, guessing the possible types, habits, behavior patterns of the monsters, and so on.

Rode, on the other hand, closed his eyes and carefully sorted out the items in his dream, checking his various methods.

Although Iron Wolf didn't say anything, he was somewhat dissatisfied in his heart. Those who don't pay attention to details are not qualified hunters.

He decided to let him join because Ado said he was calm, observant, outstanding in reasoning ability, good at tracking, and other excellent qualities.

After the task is completed, this guy's reward should be reduced a bit.

He thought.

I, Iron Wolf, have always been impartial, and I won't give face to Ado either.

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A moment later, the mayor took them to the site of the attack.

This was a corner on the outskirts of Green Grass Town, made up of relatively sturdy stone houses, but now some of them had collapsed, and the protected interior grassland had also been destroyed.

Iron Wolf, Big Bug, and Sweet Tea listened to the details of the attack while carefully observing the destroyed site.

"Physical ability is very strong, it should be a monster class."

Big Bug made a judgment after seeing the cross-section of the specially made stone.

"It could be a Blood Cougher, a Crawler, or something like that."

"No, that's not right." Sweet Tea denied his statement, "There are burn marks here, usually monsters don't have high temperatures, it might be a ghost with physical destruction ability."

Iron Wolf, seeing Rode still in a daze, said discontentedly, "Mr. Blade of Dawn, who has strong deductive and reasoning abilities, what is your judgment?"


Rode suddenly woke up. Now he had mastered many ways to communicate with some of the entities in the dream without entering it, and was indulging in it.

"What did you say?"

Iron Wolf's face darkened even more, and he said in a bad tone, "I asked you, what monster attacked here?"

The mayor and a few townspeople turned their eyes to Rode, feeling that the atmosphere seemed a bit wrong.

Not far away, a few flower-picking girls huddled together in worry. The hunters who came to save them seemed to have internal strife, which was not good news.


Rode didn't feel anything, and answered.

"Okay, I'll tell you right away."

He squatted down, pressed his hand on the ground, closed his eyes, and sensed the Book of the Past in his spirit.