The Prodigies War

Chapter 1051: Killing a Dog


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The translucent white Broken Blade sang as it returned to Lin Xun’s hand.

The woman had died on the spot.

Ironically, her sneers were still echoing in the area.

The rest of the geniuses were enraged. Refusing to sit back and wait for death, they began attacking without a word.

The battle erupted and became even more tragic.

However, it was different this time as many of them were supreme geniuses and were a challenge to deal with.

A burly man from Azure Sea Sect blasted skills left and right with a pair of bronze whips, smashing the surroundings to smithereens.

A yellow-clad woman from Longevity Land was eye-catching as her golden lantern emitted a brilliant light with extreme purifying power.

On another side, a black-robed man from the Black Nightmare Sky Dog Clan slashed out his blood-colored spike, drawing a sharp red light that distorted the air.

There were also top geniuses from the other clans like Spirit Treasure Holy Land and Omega Sword Sect, all of them wielding superb fighting abilities.

The small dao altar was covered in glints and flashes. The thunderous sounds of treasures colliding made the mountain peak tremble.

Only now did Lin Xun finally feel a heavy pressure.

But it did not scare him. On the contrary, his fighting spirit was ignited, and his momentum started to climb!

Facing stronger opponents, Lin Xun’s tactics changed accordingly as he started deploying the Heavenly Yuan Six Slashes.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Broken Blade’s chant surged and resonated through the clouds, like a cry of desire for blood.

As white as snow and as light as an illusion, it was a spirit weapon that was unrestricted by the rules of Immortal Sacred Mountain.

Obscure and mysterious runes flickered along its body, adding sharpness to its overwhelming might.

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Being sharpened along with the Broken Blade was Lin Xun’s aura.

With his current strength, he could fight off these people without the Broken Blade.

But he did not want to be delayed. He needed to kill as many as possible in the shortest time in order to completely vent the fury in his heart!


The burly man’s bronze whips rapidly approached. It was an earth-shattering strike accompanied by stirring air currents and thunderous noises.

Seeing this, Lin Xun’s eyes flashed with an icy glint.

Star-Gather Slash!

What ensued was like the descension of an eternal night with thousands of stars within, where the slash of the Broken Blade illuminated the darkness and harvested the stars on its path.

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The pair of bronze whips snapped with crunching sounds. This Supreme King-tier Weapon, an ancient inheritance of the Azure Sea Sect, was chopped to pieces by the Broken Blade!

The burly man was furious. He felt his heart bleeding at the loss of his weapon. Lost lives could be restored on Immortal Sacred Mountain, but it was not the case for treasures.

And in the end, a Supreme King-tier Weapon was only a treasure. It had no life to be restored.

The burly man then saw Lin Xun shooting toward him. He could only suppress his hatred and dodge.


A radiance suddenly enveloped the area, dispelling the darkness with its holy and purifying power.

It was the yellow-clad woman.

Lin Xun threw out the Broken Blade to parry the radiance as he continued attacking the burly man.

This caught the burly man off-guard. His expression changed drastically as he mobilized all of his strength to fight back. The result was him being sent flying off the dao altar by Lin Xun’s punch. He hit the ground with a heavy thud and spat out blood.

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Falling out of the dao altar meant that he had failed!

The burly man was unable to accept this. He roared in rage and charged toward the altar again. However, he was only halfway through when invisible Law Power enveloped him, and he vanished on the spot.

Clearly, he had been eliminated!

The battle on the dao altar didn’t stop. Its intensity had reached an unprecedented point.

If this kind of fight were to take place in the outside world, it would undoubtedly cause an uproar and result in an unpredictable disaster.

Any similar fight between supreme geniuses would be bound to attract the attention of countless cultivators and create a sensation.

After all, this kind of fight was rare, and one where a single person fought against a group of supreme geniuses was even rarer.


Before long, the yellow-clad woman from Longevity Land let out a miserable scream; one of her snow-white arms had been chopped off by the Broken Blade. It hurt so much that her face was as pale as a ghost, and she almost lost control of the golden lantern.

The scene caused the geniuses’ pupils to dilate in terror. Lin Xun had shown no sign of exhaustion at all. Instead, he became more excited and powerful as the fight dragged out, his demonic aura reaching the sky.

Some of the cultivators suffered a shock to their mental states and became hesitant.

While they knew that they wouldn't truly die, the thought of fighting with their lives on the line without ever seeing a glimmer of hope gave them nothing but despair and suffocation.


The yellow-clad woman couldn't hold on for long before she was suppressed by Lin Xun. The Broken Blade swept out and severed her at the waist. Blood gushed out like a waterfall.

Watching from the foot of the mountain, the ancient lineages’ big names and retainers all clenched their fists, their breathing laborious and their faces blue. As the geniuses who were eliminated were their dao descendants, they felt stifled and exasperated.

Some experts of the older generation were so angry that their expressions were as dark as a crow, and their killing intent permeated the air around them. It was hard for them to accept that their supreme heirs were defeated in such a way.

On the other hand, the majority of the spectators were discussing the battle heatedly. Since it didn’t concern them, they were simply thrilled to watch the bustle.

This was something that hadn't been seen for ages. Their hearts surged with emotions to see an unsupported young man crushing and killing a group of ancient lineages’ descendants.

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“I underestimated him.” Yan Zhanqiu frowned. Lin Xun’s performance went beyond his expectation and caught him off-guard. “However, he still lacks experience. The Supreme Path is not so simple.”

As someone who ranked third in the top ten absolute apex giants of the East Victory World, Yan Zhanqiu had been immersed in the Supreme Path for many years.

Even though Lin Xun’s performance repeatedly startled him, it wasn’t much of a shock and couldn’t even make him serious.

If one divided the Supreme Path into three levels: entry, and pinnacle, then in Yan Zhanqiu's judgment, Lin Xun belonged to the proficient level and still had a long way to go before reaching the peak.

It was a consensus amongst the Ancient Wasteland Domain’s dao systems that supreme geniuses at the baby steps level could compete for the Little Giants Ranking.

Those at the proficient level, without incident, would already have a firm spot in the ranking.

As for those who had reached the peak, they were the top of their generation and could contend for the top ten absolute apex giants.

“If you had reached the peak, perhaps you could make me take you seriously. It’s a pity…" Yan Zhanqiu sighed. However, he shook his head when he thought it through. There was nothing to be sorry about this!

Meanwhile, the situations on the other mountain peaks had started to clear up.

Supreme geniuses like Xiao Cangtian, Ye Chen, Jin Muyun, Li Qingping, Yu Lingkong, Ji Xingyao had all confirmed their supremacy as soon as they ascended a dao altar.

Moreover, although there were many elites who challenged them, no one dared to do that in a big group.

This was the advantage of being the heirs of an ancient lineage. Whoever dared to treat them unfairly would have to wait for revenge from their clans!

Therefore, the threat they faced while guarding their peak was a world apart from Lin Xun’s situation.

However, there was an exception. A’lu was not ganged up on, but the attitudes he received from the others were similar to Lin Xun.

Because no one knew who this barbarian fellow was, they naturally wouldn’t be as scrupulous when dealing with him as with the clan descendants.

Oddly enough, A’lu had been spewing provocations since the moment he had stepped onto his dao altar, fully displaying his innate talent.

"Garbage! Too trashy! This is a so-called heaven pride? Even a pig from my village is better than you! Peh, I finally understand now; the so-called heaven pride title is just to deceive the world. In reality, none of them can put up a fight! You don’t agree? Then come! Whoever chickens out first is a weakling!”

Just by hearing those arrogant words, one could imagine the ugly expressions of A’lu’s opponents.

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However, no one could deny that A’lu was very powerful. His sturdy and tall body was like an unshakeable mountain. Anyone who dueled him could only be passively beaten. Such an eye-catching performance naturally drew countless gazes.

Likewise, Zhao Jingxuan and Xiao Qinghe each claimed an altar and started fierce duels with their opponents. However, their performances were mediocre, making the outcome hard to predict.

Fortunately, so far, they both had not been eliminated.

By this point, over half of the time it took for an incense stick to burn had passed. The situation on every mountain peak was getting more and more gruesome.

In order to get on the Little Giants List, everyone gave their all into the fight lest they would be eliminated from the game.

Only the ninth mountain peak was an exception.

Most of the heaven prides who climbed this peak had the goal of defeating Lin Xun.

Moreover, Lin Xun had dominated the altar from the very beginning of the battle, so whatever goals the others had in mind, they had to defeat him first before they had a chance to achieve them.


The glistening Broken Blade collided with the blood-red spike, producing a deafening sound.

The following moment, the spike exploded into pieces which turned into a rain of light.

At the same time, Lin Xun had gone for its wielder. Taking one step forward, he unleashed three punches in one breath. Like overlapping thunderstorms, each punch was stronger and faster than the last. 


The first punch struck like lightning. The black-robed man sank, his right shoulder collapsed, and his tendons burst into pieces.


The second punch brought him to his knees. His spine shattered, and blood flowed out from his seven orifices as he let out a gut-wrenching scream.


The third punch smashed his head to bits. The headless body returned to its original form of a black dog lying in its own pool of blood.

Smooth and lightning-fast, the three punches drew the curtain to the fight.

In a domineering manner, Lin Xun blasted the elite from Black Nightmare Sky Dog Clan to his immediate death!