The Prodigies War

Chapter 1052: Understanding of Supreme

One day, I’ll slaughter all the Black Nightmare Dogs in the world!

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Lin Xun did not forget what he had declared that year in the West Infinity World.

He hated and loathed them to the extreme. Atrocious would not be enough to describe their crimes. It was not an exaggeration to say they were devoid of conscience.

Therefore, the way Lin Xun killed the black-robed man had been exceedingly brutal and gory.

There was a clamor in the area as many heaven prides revealed horrified expressions.

"This is insane. Even a supreme genius cannot be that strong, right?"

By this point, several heaven prides had died at Lin Xun’s hands, and seven or eight of them were supreme geniuses.

Meanwhile, Lin Xun had not suffered a single injury!

Standing on the dao altar, he had no intention of stopping as he charged at an opponent.

"How dare you?!" an elaborately dressed young man shrieked in fear when he saw Lin Xun fast approaching.

"Idiot!" Lin Xun spat out coldly. His clothes fluttered, his hair flew, and his eyes were deep and dark like a terrifying abyss.


The moment he spoke, he also deployed a punch.

The elaborately dressed man was heavily knocked back. He quickly moved away while angrily lashing out, "You're inviting disaster for yourself. You may be invincible here, but when you return to the outside world, you will be hunted down!"

As soon as the man finished, a poof sound echoed. His neck was sliced open by the Broken Blade, and the bloody head was thrown up in the air.


The other elites were livid, their eyes filled with shock and hatred. They should have been the ones to surround and kill the opponent, not being beaten to death one after another.

This unexpected reality dealt a heavy blow to them.

They started threatening Lin Xun, "Demon God Lin, do you realize what you are doing right now? Instead of bowing down like you should, you're rampaging. This will only make your death look worse when you return to the outside world!" 

"Do you clan descendants no longer worry about losing faces? You couldn’t even take me down when you attacked together, and now that you’ve been utterly crushed by me, you still show no respect. You even dared to threaten me. Just how are you lot worthy of the title ‘heaven pride?’"

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Guarding the dao altar all by himself, Lin Xun was like a demonic god that suppressed them to the point of suffocation.

Whether it was the experts watching nearby, or the big names and their retainers at the foot of the mountain, their faces were unusually ugly. Being criticized like this by an unsupported young man was something they had never experienced before. It filled them with fury and discomfort.

"As long as I, Lin Xun, am standing right here, none of you sneaky rats will ever dream of taking over this place!" Lin Xun declared callously.

"That’s some big talk! Kill him!" someone roared as they started rushing toward Lin Xun alongside the rest.

They already had no way back. Even though Lin Xun was terrifyingly powerful, their only choice was to stake everything on one throw and risk their lives with him!

After all, they would not truly die.

If they could wear Lin Xun out to exhaustion, it would already count as a victory.

Unfortunately, they were not Lin Xun’s match as he killed them one by one. Heads rolled, and blood flowed like a river.

This group of over a hundred heaven prides was already the last force to ascend the peak. Its scale was also the largest, having the highest number with the strongest elites.

But this did not affect the outcome. Under the Broken Blade’s killing spree, blood sprayed everywhere, and miserable screams echoed.

On the Coiling Dragon Tablet, an increasing number of light wisps were quickly converging. The grayish dragon scales started emitting the unique luster of great dao luck.

After a while, the dragon's tail suddenly shone with a golden holy luster, illusory yet full of liveliness.

Such was a sight produced by a certain accumulation of great dao luck, and it was extremely astonishing.

"This is a miracle! He causes the dragon’s tail to shine by just guarding the peak! This has never happened before!" exclaimed an emotional ancient sect elder at the foot of the mountain.

The nearby crowd also started clamoring as many dropped their jaws in disbelief.

The shape of the Coiling Dragon Tablet was what its name suggested and was divided into seven parts: the tail, the claws, the body, the head, the whiskers, the horns, and the eyes of the dragon.

When great dao of luck was accumulated to a certain extent, one part of the coiling dragon would emit a divine glow!

This would determine the rankings in the competition for luck!

The more luck there was, the more parts of the dragon would produce the divine glow, and the higher the ranking would be, and vice versa.

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In the previous years, there had never been a person like Lin Xun, who had caused a part of the Coiling Dragon Tablet to shine from just ‘guarding the mountain’ alone!

This was already a historical precedent, an unrivaled feat!

"This is not surprising. Any other supreme genius at the ‘proficient’ level would be able to achieve this if they were to be in the same situation," someone calmly analyzed. "I can only say that Demon God Lin’s ‘one against all’ situation is too unique, and that’s why he has the opportunity to create this miracle."

Yan Zhanqiu inwardly nodded in approval.

He could see that the amount of great dao luck Lin Xun had collected could be ranked first amongst the 36 peaks.

However, it had only accumulated during the ‘guarding the mountain’ phase.

When it was time for the Battle of Luck, the more luck Lin Xun had, the more he had to lose if he lost the battle!

In the end, he might end up being a luck reserve, a stepping stone for someone else.


Yan Zhanqiu was stunned by his own thoughts. By making all those assumptions and speculations, he had already believed that Lin Xun would successfully guard the mountain…

This realization put a frown on his face.

This, again, was something he hadn’t expected!


"Don’t…don't come here!"

The conquest on the ninth peak came to an end with a heaven pride being scared out of his wits. Before Lin Xun even approached him, he had lost his fighting spirit and was shrieking like crazy.


Another opponent was even more straightforward as he fled the dao altar, terrified by Lin Xun’s crushing demonic aura.

The scene shocked the audience and made their hearts quiver.

The remaining geniuses also lost all their will to fight and started fleeing recklessly. Even if they knew it was impossible to really die, they still didn’t want to face Demon God Lin anymore.

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He was like a godly mountain that stretched across the dao altar, impossible to be shaken. The only outcome was to be subdued by him!



Some elders at the foot of the mountain roared angrily.

They found it unacceptable that the heirs of the famous and prestigious lineages were beaten to the point that they lost all fighting spirit and fled without dignity. If this news spread out, it would be a stain on the history of the ancient clans, and they would be the butt of all jokes.

Lin Xun became the only remaining person on the dao altar. He looked down at the distant crowd with an aloof expression.

"That was all you’ve got?" he said.

The crowd lost their composure. All the heaven prides turned blue in the face, their chests heaving heavily as their hearts were filled with shame and grievances.

However, when they met Lin Xun's deep, indifferent gaze, none of them dared to step forward and fight him again. They were utterly intimidated.

"You are strong. But do you think you will still be alive after you leave this place?" Someone gritted their teeth.


Without a warning, the Broken Blade made a slashing motion. Red qi flew out and sliced the person in half. Blood poured out like a waterfall.

"Singing the same old song again, nothing more than some intimidation. I’ve lost count of how many idiots like you I’ve killed ever since I set foot in the Ancient Wasteland Domain. When have I ever paid attention to your dog-shit threats?"

Accompanying Lin Xun’s indifferent words was a disdainful expression that belonged to a character who was confident in his invincibility.

Everyone in the area was pale in the face.


Lin Xun stood still as the Broken Blade flew around the altar, shooting skills at the distant heaven prides.

Since he had already offended them, he might as well show no mercy. While they wouldn’t really die, Lin Xun just wanted to kill them for joy!

Blood-red lights swept out, catching several heaven prides off-guard and killing them on the spot.

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"Run!" The remaining people scattered and fled down the mountain in fright.

Some even threw themselves at the area outside the golden light path, effectively getting themselves eliminated by Law Power.

Watching this scene, the faces of the older generations couldn’t be more livid. Today's defeat was unheroic, to say the least. To be exact, it was a huge, disgraceful stain that would be hard to wash away!

In fact, they could all see that Lin Xun's momentum had been established, and it made him extremely difficult to defeat, but it was just too humiliating to see their proud heirs fleeing like headless flies.

Lin Xun would have wiped out all of the heaven prides if it was possible. Unfortunately, he had to ‘guard the mountain’ at the moment and could not leave the dao altar, or else all of his previous efforts would be futile.

Taking a deep breath, he decided not to think about it. He glanced at the nearby Coiling Dragon Tablet and estimated the time before sitting down on the ground to meditate.

This battle did not last long, but it was absolutely grueling – for Lin Xun’s opponents, of course.

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There had been speculations that he wouldn't last long, and it turned out to be just the opposite.

However, he had indeed consumed quite a lot of energy. At least seventy percent of his aeth power was gone after all that killing.

This was not a problem, though. Before the ultimate battle for luck began, a Sacred Recovery Rain would bless those who successfully guarded the mountain and fully recover their energy.

"Reminds me of what Xing Zhenzi from Hidden Holy Lands said at the Dao Lantern Festival. He was right. Not everyone deserves the title of ‘heaven pride.’"

Lin Xun’s eyes gleamed with contemplation.

He agreed more and more with Xing Zhenzi's point of view after the battle to guard the peak. As intense as it might have seemed, Lin Xun had never once used Yazi’s Rage and the Sacred Combat Art!

The same went for the Silent Emptiness Slash, the Birth Destruction Slash, and his other killing moves!

He had kept a considerable portion of his fighting ability in reserve, yet those clan geniuses still failed to survive his attacks. Were they still worthy of the title ‘heaven pride’ then?

What a joke!

At the same time, Lin Xun had gained a new understanding of the Supreme Path.

In the past, he had always viewed it as the strongest path that was a rare occurrence even in the ancient era.

But now, it turned out that there was some misunderstanding on his part.

Times had changed. With the flow of time, the world’s definition of ‘heaven pride’ had also changed!