The Prodigies War

Chapter 1053: Unforgivable

The Supreme Path was regarded as the strongest path.

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When Lin Xun had first come into contact with it, all he had learned was how rare, unattainable, and desirable it was. In the ancient era, the Supreme Path had been so hazy that it seemed to only exist in legend, making many geniuses feel helpless.

There were even people who doubted whether it really existed.

But as Lin Xun went through various experiences while growing his cultivation, he gradually realized that, with the change of times, the cultivators’ definition of the Supreme Path had long changed.

From what Lin Xun knew, this path was the absolute strongest that ever existed, and once one reached its peak, they would reign over everything and sweep away all opponents.

But in the understanding of other cultivators, core disciples of ancient lineages like Kong Ling, Su Xingfeng, and Xue Qianhen were already supreme characters.

Therefore, there were bound to be misconceptions!

Over a dozen of the heaven prides Lin Xun had killed were so-called supreme characters, but in his judgment, their power had at most reached the door to the Supreme Path and not yet stepped into it!

In fact, some of them had not even seen that door yet and still claimed to be supreme heavenly prides. Lin Xun found this absurd and laughable.

Was his own understanding too harsh, or had the world’s definition of supreme become too tolerant?

Lin Xun did not have the answer.

But one thing he knew for sure was that compared to those supreme characters, people like Sword Demon Ye Chen and Mad Blade Xiao Cangtian were much more in line with the definition of supreme.

“Even if I take a step back and divide the Supreme Path into three levels, those heaven prides just now are at best at the lowest level, having just a glimpse of the door. The likes of Ye Chen and Xiao Cangtian are definitely paving their paths forward, but it’s hard to gauge how strong they are exactly. On the other hand, those absolute apex giants like Yun Qingbai, Yan Zhanqiu, Wang Xuanyu, Mi Hengzhen, and Ye Mohe should already have great attainments on the Supreme Path. Even if they can’t claim to be the strongest, they shouldn’t be that far off…” Lin Xun mused.

The coming of the great age meant that countless monstrous characters would emerge, rising like stars as they competed and garnered fame.

Before that, it would be beneficial to have a deep and precise knowledge of the supreme characters of one’s generation.

“No matter what, I will walk my path, a never-before-seen path!”

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Lin Xun finally dispelled all of his doubts. His dao heart became clearer and more resolute.

While he sat on his dao altar and pondered over the mysteries of ‘supreme,’ the battles on he other peaks had not concluded.

The spectators from various clans at the foot of the mountain were keeping a close eye on the situation.

Lin Xun had already established his spot on the Little Giants List. The remaining thirty-five spots would be decided from the battles on the other peaks.

Each duel was brutal as it was between the top elites of a generation. In the outside world, it would be more than enough to cause a sensation.

But on Immortal Sacred Mountain, it was a common occurrence.

The Windspeaker experts were swamped as there were too many commendable duels. The number of dazzling heaven prides was hard to count, and each had their unique characteristics, making it difficult to choose who to record.

Lin Xun also looked towards the other peaks and watched the duels through his vast spirit sense.

Every strike from Mad Blade Xiao Cangtian was fast as lightning, having the power to shock the heavens and destroy the earth. From the moment the man stepped onto his dao altar, no opponent had been able to last more than ten moves from him.

Sword Demon Ye Chen was just as outstanding. His violet ancient sword surged with a boundless qi of both righteousness and destruction, making him invincible and unstoppable.

As another top-class sword cultivator, Jin Muyun, on the other hand, possessed a sword qi as violent as a thunderstorm. Its sharpness was unyielding and murderous as it pierced the sky.

Li Qingping’s tactics were cunning and unpredictable with a green jade flute as his weapon. Its melody was like the whimpers of demons, eating away at the opponents’ souls.

As for Yu Lingkong, Ji Xingyao, Gou Yanzhen, and the like, these supreme figures had long established their fame. Without incident, their spots in the Little Giants List were a foregone conclusion.

What particularly caught Lin Xun’s attention was Gou Yanzhen, whose fighting style was brutally twisted.

He tore anyone who challenged him apart with his own hands, resulting in scattered limbs and waterfalls of blood.

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Before his opponents were eliminated, they suffered unimaginable torture.

This kind of brutal method earned the furious roars of many older ancient clan experts, who wished that they could go up there and personally kill the black dog bastard.

However, Gou Yanzhen style was as deterrent as it was cruel. Many heaven prides were scared witless by this kind of bloody scene and didn’t dare to challenge him lest they would also suffer the same fate.

When Lin Xun looked over, Gou Yanzhen was clutching a delicate woman. Then, with a jerk of his hands, the woman’s arms were torn off like paper, creating a rain of bright-red blood all over the dao altar.

Gou Yanzhen revealed a feverish, bloodthirsty smile. His scarlet tongue licked the blood that was raining down, and he took in a deep breath before letting out a satisfied moan. His face became extremely intoxicated.


Gou Yanzhen looked over when he noticed Lin Xun’s gaze. He then grinned, revealing his sharp gleaming teeth as he silently mouthed these words, “Demon God Lin, I will also tear you apart like this and see if your blood has the wonderful taste of a demonic god.”

His throat moved up and down as if he were staring at a tantalizing prey, and he laughed without scruple.

Lin Xun quietly looked at him, his expression remaining unchanged, before withdrawing his gaze. If he ran into Gou Yanzhen in the Battle of Luck, he wouldn’t mind torturing this black dog bit by bit to a miserable death!

The next person Lin Xun set his sight on was Xiao Qinghe, whose ability to continue fighting on the dao altar until this moment surprised him.

From what Lin Xun knew about him, Xiao Qinghe was still quite a distance away from the strongest supreme characters.

The fact that Xiao Qinghe was able to ‘guard the mountain’ until now proved that his potential was deep and far exceeding his true strength.

However, Lin Xun frowned when he realized that Xiao Qinghe was in a bad situation.

His opponent was a feather-clothed youth with a cold and dark aura. The youth had a fair complexion and a beautiful feminine face, carrying a unique and exotic charm.

If Lin Xun’s memory hadn’t failed him, this feather-clothed youth was Qing Wenjun, the Saint of the Blue Luan Clan.

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The girl called Qing Lian’er who had died at Lin Xun’s hands was his cousin.

At this moment, Qing Wenjun’s figure was as vague as the void, making it impossible to follow. Not only was he fast, but he was also extremely ingenious!

Xiao Qinghe could not even touch his robe no matter how he attacked!

Without a doubt, Qing Wenjun held an absolute advantage in terms of movement arts.

In this circumstance, Xiao Qinghe already had no hope of winning, but Qing Wenjun was not in a hurry to defeat him. Instead, he toyed with Xiao Qinghe like a cat playing with a mouse in the palm of his hand.

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The devilish Qing Wenjun had a sharp golden needle between his slender white fingers.

It was as if he was embroidering and Xiao Qinghe was the canvas cloth, each strike left an array of fine holes on the latter.

Xiao Qinghe was clearly suffering great pain, his face pale blue and filled with rage. However, he failed to follow his opponent’s movement so his injuries only kept increasing.

Everyone could clearly see that the fine, bleeding holes on Xiao Qinghe were forming a baby rose[1].

Qing Wenjun was really embroidering!

His movements even carried a kind of unconstrained and silky-smooth charm, like an artist who had reached the pinnacle waving a brush and splashing ink.

Nevertheless, this approach of using the opponent as the canvas, their blood as the ink, and a needle as the brush made it impossible for the onlookers to feel a trace of charm. Instead, the sight was bone-chilling!

Anyone who saw it would only feel their scalp tingling with fear.

Xiao Qinghe was in unspeakable pain. Every inch of skin was quivering, and his eyes wanted to burst out of their sockets as he fought for his life, using all his strength to pounce on Qing Wenjun.

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But it all seemed futile.

Qing Wenjun looked leisurely and calm. The golden needle flew out from his hands and back, turning a blind eye to Xiao Qinghe’s fury.

This was humiliation!

If anything, Xiao Qinghe was one of the sixteen Scorching Suns of Moon Sun Sacred Palace. His identity, status, and battle prowess were all considered top-class amongst the current generation of young heaven-prides.

But at the moment, he was treated as a canvas. This was undoubtedly a serious insult that trampled on his dignity and dao heart!

Even Lin Xun could not suppress the icy gleam in his eyes as an uncontrollable killing intent rose in his heart. Qing Wenjun’s methods were not as brutal as Gou Yanzhen’s, but his mind was much more twisted!


Lin Xun’s expression suddenly changed at what he saw and his fists clenched. The surging killing intent in his eyes was so terrifying that it seemed to materialize.

On the mountain peak in the distance, Xiao Qinghe’s figure had suddenly frozen in mid-air as if in stasis.

Qing Wenjun casually walked toward him and stabbed the golden needle into his heart before retreating back to his previous position in a flash.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qinghe looked as if he had been cut by countless steel threads across the body, and he exploded.

The splashing blood created a mist that gradually densified into a devilish-looking baby rose. Its bright red color was eye-piercing.

All the experts watching this scene felt their blood run cold with fear. Such fighting style was simply twisted to the extreme!

Oblivious to everyone’s reaction, Qing Wenjun stroked his chin as he gazed intently at the red baby rose, his beautiful face revealing a look of adoration.

While Lin Xun knew that Xiao Qinghe had not truly died, it could not put a stop to the chilling cold in his eyes and the endless fury in his heart.

Killing could be an easy act, but Qing Wenjun went above and beyond with such a perverted and bloody method to humiliate and torture Xiao Qinghe. It was absolutely unforgivable!

1. Also known by other names such as: multiflora rose. See this for more info: ☜