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“Then, what could that thing be?”

“I couldn’t quite catch a glimpse!”

“Such a technique is immensely formidable!”

Following a brief moment of silence, all the monks erupted in chatter.

Some Golden Core masters in the crowd managed to discern it clearly, their faces displaying a hint of surprise.

Xu Ziqing appeared to have tapped into something, faster than they had anticipated.

In the body of a Foundation Building cultivator, Xu Ziqing had harnessed a fraction of the ruthless killing sword energy from a Golden Core cultivator. The sheer potency of it left many astonished. No wonder numerous cultivators at the same level found it hard to believe.

The battle was far from over, and Du Linglong couldn’t concede defeat at this juncture. The young man in the azure robe stood on the martial arts stage, raised his hand, and deployed a green rope. The rope whirled around, encircling the wooden sculpture’s waist, and gently placed her back on the stage, securing her in an upright position.

This act preserved Du Linglong’s dignity, preventing further embarrassment.

As Du Linglong was escorted off the stage, several monks descended from another elevated platform to her side, eager to dispel the spells and restore her true form. Yet, to their astonishment, even Golden Core Transformation-stage masters found that the surface of Du Linglong’s body bore wood-like patterns. When tapped lightly, it produced a sound, but no gaps were discernible, and true essence couldn’t penetrate through.

Among those descending, Du Zihui was one of them. Frustrated by his inability to help, he directed his irate gaze toward the stage.


At this point, it was evident that Xu Ziqing emerged victorious. When he met Du Zihui’s gaze, instead of irritation, he felt a certain kinship. Both bearing the surname Du, they must be relatives. When family is harmed, it’s only natural to feel anger, and maintaining a cool demeanor in such situations is a sign of inner strength.

Xu Ziqing had no intention of humiliating a woman. He slightly parted his lips and inhaled gently.

A slim streak of blue light burst forth from Du Linglong’s shoulder socket and shot back!

Raising his palm, Xu Ziqing slowly pushed it forward.

Before everyone’s eyes, the blue light hovered in front of his palm, calm and obedient, yet teeming with immense power.

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Now, everyone could discern clearly—it was a needle.

A needle, merely an inch long, as slender as a cow’s hair, veiled in blue, with a sharp gleam at the tip, hinting at potent explosive force and incredible sharpness. Once it was launched, it would be unstoppable!

With a flick of Xu Ziqing’s finger, the green needle suddenly moved and pierced the center of his own brow.


This is what he has gathered into his realm of consciousness, and he needs to continuously refine it using his thoughts. He then ascended and made his way back to the elevated platform.

On the elevated platform, the monks were elated, warmly welcoming his return.

Luo Yao was acquainted with Xu Ziqing, so he extended his congratulations first: “Ziqing has truly mastered his skills this time; it’s genuinely delightful!” He had foreseen that regardless of how many talismans he employed, he couldn’t withstand the recent strike.

Unless he reached the Golden Core Transformation stage and activated the magical talisman with a profound cultivation base, or if he aspired to reach the Golden Core stage and materialize the treasure talisman, then there might be a possibility of fending it off. However, this was also contingent on his friend’s progress.

Upon seeing this, Qiu Ze and others also exchanged congratulations.

Xu Ziqing thanked them individually but was halted by Master Qiu He.

Master Qiu He inquired, “Ziqing, would you mind showing it to your teacher?”

Xu Ziqing took a seat, extended his finger to draw between his eyebrows, retrieved a slender needle, and propelled it towards Master Qiu He, saying, “Please, Master, inspect it.”

Master Qiu He heard the whizzing sound in the air and swiftly extended his hand to catch it, emanating a dense, earthy essence.

The slender needle was remarkably sharp. After piercing into the yellow true essence, although it was ensnared by it, it struggled for a while before gradually stilling, no longer quivering.


Master Qiu He appeared slightly taken aback. “Such a commanding technique, Ziqing. If I’m not mistaken, the needle tip holds Yun’er’s murderous aura?”

Xu Ziqing nodded. “Indeed. With senior brother’s assistance in freezing the Qiqing’s artistic conception, I was able to condense this needle. Otherwise, I fear I would have been defeated by Ms. Du.” Saying this, he turned and smiled at Yun Lie, adding, “Thank you, Shixiong, for your guidance.”

Yun Lie nodded subtly. “Your needle is quite impressive.”

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Xu Ziqing’s smile deepened, feeling immense joy in his heart.

Observing their interaction, Master Qiu He was greatly pleased and remarked with a smile, “Fellow disciples should assist one another. It’s your Da Shixiong’s responsibility to look out for you, otherwise, wouldn’t I be neglecting my duty? Did I raise you for naught? Did you stay with him?”

Xu Ziqing also smiled. “What Master said is true. I’ll certainly seek more guidance from my brother in the future.”

Perhaps due to a shift in his temperament, he now occasionally bantered with Master and senior brother, displaying a youthful spirit.

Master Qiu He examined the slender needle for a moment, then silently handed it back to his disciple, not revealing the secret concealed within the needle.

Just as Xu Ziqing was about to place it between his eyebrows, he felt a powerful force approaching from behind, attempting to carry him away. Startled, he recognized the familiar force, so he relaxed and allowed it to guide him. As expected, the next moment, he found himself seated opposite Yun Lie.

Xu Ziqing smiled faintly and inquired, “Shixiong called for me; do you have something to impart?” He thought to himself, it must be because of the jest earlier that annoyed senior brother?

Yun Lie, indeed, was not an overly sensitive person. He simply stated, “Offer the needle and refine it once more.”

Naturally obedient, Xu Ziqing did not reclaim the green needle. He extended his finger and let it hover between them in the room, emitting a subtle cyan glow.

Yun Lie lightly flicked his fingers, dispelling the sharp murderous aura from the needle tip.

Since the needle was also under Yun Lie’s influence, Yue Mo did not exhibit any recoil, either due to not sensing any malice from Yun Lie, or due to its obedience to his handling.

Xu Ziqing didn’t believe his senior brother intended harm, but he understood that Yun Lie must have his reasons for this. This slender needle held considerable potency, and a duality had been formed. He harbored no doubts or resentment towards his senior brother; instead, he would directly ask him what could enhance the needle’s power.


Such actions were considered normal among their seniors.

Contrastingly, Qiu Ze and others were astonished by what they witnessed.

For a cultivator, strength was fundamental. This mighty technique could easily be disrupted by half, and Yun Lie provided no explanation, while Xu Ziqing displayed no concern. He placed such immense trust in the other party that not only would he harbor no doubts or resentment towards his senior brother, but he would likely inquire directly about what could amplify the fine needle’s power.

To them, the behavior of their seniors appeared commonplace.

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Once he withdrew the essence linked to Yun Lie, the slender needle that lingered between them contained the pure power belonging to Xu Ziqing.

It was a natural magical tool condensed by tempering the essence of Ethereal Wood with willpower. It encapsulated ideas and understandings unique to Xu Ziqing, expressing the artistic concept of the cycle of the four seasons and the rhythm of life and death. Simultaneously, it brimmed with energy and vitality. Yet, as soon as Xu Ziqing willed it, the vitality would transform into opposing lifeless energy, exuding a weary and desolate essence.

As Xu Ziqing observed the slender needle, it appeared light green all over, resonating with himself, sharing the same origin, creating a sense of closeness within him. After carefully examining it, he looked up and smiled, “Shixiong, lend me your assistance.”

Yun Lie nodded slightly, “You may offer it.”

Xu Ziqing’s eyes and brows curved as he opened his mouth, releasing a cloud of green air that descended onto the slender needle.

Exhaling the green air, the green needle danced within the cloud of green energy, ceaselessly absorbing its essence. Although it didn’t grow in size, its radiance became more transparent and pristine. Soon, the green energy began to wane, prompting Xu Ziqing to release another breath. This process continued, and the enigmatic nature of the green needle deepened.

Xu Ziqing could sense countless evolving and condensing ideas within the green needle. All his dedication and essence were converging within it, tempering the essence of the world’s rare treasure, Ethereal Wood, gradually fortifying its strength.

The potency of the green needle was steadily advancing.

Gradually, Xu Ziqing’s complexion paled. He had previously absorbed a substantial amount of Ethereal Wood essence, and much of it couldn’t be assimilated, dissolving into his flesh and blood.

Now, to consecrate this green needle, he forcibly extracted Ethereal Wood’s essence from his flesh and condensed it into the needle. Furthermore, during the sacrificial refining process, the expenditure of his true energy was incredibly immense with every breath, all in pursuit of his objective.

As the green needle grew more potent, Xu Ziqing found it increasingly difficult to endure. Seeing that he had little true energy remaining, he urgently stated, “Senior brother, please proceed!”

Simultaneously, Yun Lie took action. He raised his finger slightly, and a thread of sword intent erupted from his fingertip, landing directly on the green needle!

Xu Ziqing grunted, feeling as if the sword intent was shaking him! However, he realized this was merely the intimidating force of the sword intent itself, and his brother had already attenuated the intensity considerably. Now, senior brother was assisting him in tempering the green needle with sword intent to bring about its true consolidation.

While on the martial arts stage, Xu Ziqing had been compelled by the crisis to grasp this magical technique.

Yet, even though the green needle appeared formidable, it was fundamentally founded on Ethereal Wood’s essence and Xu Ziqing’s cultivation essence. The outer layer, which truly breached Du Linglong’s defenses, was Yun Lie’s ruthless killing aura. It was akin to a layer of murderous shroud—a mere veneer. The real structure resembled a castle in the air, easily collapsing at the slightest touch.

Yun Lie dismantled the coated murderous aura to aid Xu Ziqing in genuinely constructing this green needle. Xu Ziqing swiftly grasped Yun Lie’s intentions and openly sought assistance.

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However, this time was distinct.

Understanding Yun Lie’s motives, Xu Ziqing initially mobilized more Ethereal Wood essence within his body to solidify the foundation of the green needle. Subsequently, Yun Lie enveloped the green needle with sword intent, continuously honing it. Under the influence of the sword intent, it could generate the killing intent intrinsic to the green needle, refining its sharpness. Only then could this green needle be truly forged, transcending a mere illusory vision.

Amidst the repetitive sharpening by the sword intent, a faint murderous aura began to emanate from the tip of the green needle.

This murderous aura had emerged through the ongoing confrontation with Yun Lie’s sword intent, imbuing it with the essence of suppressing one’s emotions. It seemed that any reversal would evoke profound fluctuations, setting the seven emotions in a whirlwind.

Gradually, this aura fused with the green needle, blending seamlessly, rendering the aura surrounding the needle exceptionally natural and harmonious, devoid of any imperfections.

With the emergence of the murderous intent, the green needle instantaneously became more sharp. The two elements complemented each other, and only the killing intent could refine the green needle’s sharpness. At this juncture, the green needle had finally taken on a solid embryonic form.

In a flash of gold in Yun Lie’s eyes, he retracted his sword intent.

During this moment, the green needle suspended between them playfully circled twice, and the aura emanating from it grew even stronger.

Xu Ziqing smiled gently, and as he contemplated, the green needle returned to the center of his eyebrows. He enveloped the green needle with his consciousness, engaging in continuous communication within the sea of consciousness, ensuring smoother interaction between it and his thoughts. He also made sure not to neglect channeling his true essence, directing it into the sea of consciousness for continuous refinement.

At this juncture, Yun Lie advised, “In the future, we should diligently study and refine it repeatedly. Don’t let up.”

In high spirits, Xu Ziqing responded with a smile, “Of course, Shixiong.”

Yun Lie pondered for a moment and proposed, “You should give it a name.”

After considering for a while, Xu Ziqing suggested, “I was able to refine it, and my senior brother made significant contributions…” He smiled lightly, “Let’s name it the Qingyun Needle.”

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