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From various elevated platforms, several rays of light suddenly streaked out, swiftly descending to the highest stone platform.

Clad in black, Sixing Peak Chief rose to his feet, positioning himself beneath the black dragon.

This individual was tall, possessed a serious countenance, exuded a stern demeanor, and was enveloped in an awe-inspiring sword spirit.

The ten beams of light reached the ground and materialized into ten male and female monks, each bearing a striking appearance.

A glance from Xu Ziqing revealed mostly unfamiliar faces, yet one was familiar—Du Zihui, the young master of the Du family who had surpassed Luo Yao.

Du Zihui seemed to have noticed Xu Ziqing too, huffed in disdain, and turned away.

Xu Ziqing found this a bit perplexing, but upon reflection, it seemed quite normal. Du Zihui was somewhat hot-tempered and direct. Since Luo Yao had rejected his invitations multiple times and yet befriended Xu Ziqing within a few days, it was natural for Du Zihui to harbor some resentment.

Considering this, Xu Ziqing didn’t dwell on the matter, merely thinking that if Du Zihui attempted to persuade Luo Yao again, A Yao would likely agree, offering potential amusement in the future. It wasn’t too late for a bit of playful teasing.

Those who had distinguished themselves among tens of thousands and secured a spot in the top ten were the cream of the crop among the heaven’s favored. Almost all had sought apprenticeship under esteemed masters, benefiting from their guidance. Their individual talents were exceptional, and their ambitions were steadfast.

These individuals had always remained at the forefront among disciples, exuding an air of high station. Most of them carried an air of arrogance, having never engaged in direct competition, making it challenging to evaluate themselves on the same stage. Even Xu Ziqing, possessing a gentle temperament and defined goals, had no intention of admitting defeat, let alone the others. When the ten competitors took their positions on the stage, a single exchange of glances conveyed a multitude of unspoken understandings.

However, it was a fleeting moment. The sanctity of the competition allowed no time for contemplation. After assuming their positions, the black-clad official spoke once more.


His voice, deep and commanding, resonated, “You have secured a position in the top ten of the Yanwutai Competition, qualifying you for the Bairen Competition.”

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Naturally, all present settled into a state of readiness and replied in unison, “Yes.”

Dressed in black, Sixing Peak’s Chief extended his hand, causing the black dragon to rapidly shrink, now only a few feet long and wrapped around his arm.

Subsequently, the black dragon opened its mouth and swallowed the letter talismans held by everyone. Upon regurgitation, the letter talismans displayed a line of characters stating, “Bairen Match,” identical for all.

Xu Ziqing surmised that this was simply a confirmation, while the arrangement of opponents was a separate matter.

Another Sixing Peak Officer chimed in, saying, “In the other martial arts arenas, the main competition is still ongoing. You may take this time to center yourselves, and you’ll receive further details before the Bairen Competition.” It was known to all that those in authority were indeed Sixing Peak Officer, all being sword cultivators at least at the Golden Core stage. Their cultivation level surpassed the competitors by several tiers, showcasing formidable attack power and an uncompromising demeanor. Consequently, even the most rebellious geniuses dared not challenge their authority. They all listened attentively and dispersed.

With the letter in hand, Xu Ziqing returned to the high platform.

However, he noticed another individual flying on a sword, landing directly in front of the black-clothed Sixing Officer.


The officer in black looked up, spotting his friend’s arrival. “Taihe, what brings you here?”

The white-haired boy with a youthful visage sheathed his flying sword and grinned, “The contest under my supervision has concluded, so I decided to pay you a visit. What’s wrong, Brother Yi, not happy to see me?”

Zeng Yi initially sported a determined expression, but upon hearing someone address him, he felt a touch of helplessness. “Don’t joke around. You shouldn’t have left your post without permission. If you’re discovered, you might face punishment.”

Yuan Taihe smirked dismissively. “I only oversee the combat aspect of the competition; other matters aren’t within my purview. Besides, I possess the Black Dragon Order, capable of documenting any improprieties. For those eligible for the Bairen Competition, causing trouble and irritating me will only land them in the execution hall. Let the unruly ones keep each other company!”

Zeng Yi was well aware that this friend was impulsive, so he didn’t attempt to convince him otherwise.

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Following Yuan Taihe’s words, he added, “I’ve heard that Yun Lie, our esteemed junior, is facing off against you. Is that true?”

Zeng Yi affirmed, “Indeed.” Without hesitation, his gaze shifted in a certain direction.

Yuan Taihe smiled and followed his gaze, then raised an eyebrow. “As expected, Yun Lie is present too. His junior brother has only recently attained the beginner stage, so I wonder how skilled he is?”

Zeng Yi’s eyes flickered subtly, and he frankly remarked, “Do not underestimate Xu Ziqing. He has already qualified for the Bairen Competition.”

Yuan Taihe expressed surprise. “Just a few months ago, that lad only advanced to the middle stage of foundation establishment, and yet he’s earned this qualification?” He furrowed his brow and added, “I perceive him as gentle and meek; how can he possess the vigor to dominate in the competition?”


Zeng Yi contemplated for a moment and stated, “When Xu Ziqing first appeared, he was indeed only in the middle stage of foundation establishment. However, he possesses an impressive set of sword skills. Additionally, he must have undergone training in the sword cave. I recognize that aura somewhat.”

Yuan Taihe’s expression shifted subtly. “He ventured into the sword cave… It seems Yun Lie has shown him special favor.”

Zeng Yi affirmed, “Indeed, Xu Ziqing seems to have ventured into the Heavenly Demon Cave. There are occasional glimpses of battling the Heavenly Demon within his movements. However, his cultivation is not sufficient. If he had entered the Heavenly Demon Cave, Yun Lie must have accompanied him.”

Yuan Taihe’s countenance became more serious. “Even so, it’s insufficient to secure a spot in the top ten.”

Zeng Yi continued, “During the martial arts competition, Xu Ziqing encountered Du Linglong from Feixian Peak. Under the Linglong Seven Killing Fist, he unexpectedly emulated Yun Lie’s swordsmanship and cultivated a unique power.” Here, he furrowed his brow, paused for a moment, and then added cautiously, “However, it might not be a unique power. He manifested a green needle from his flesh and blood, focusing his understanding and will on it. If it’s a magical weapon, that’s also plausible.”

Yuan Taihe became notably serious upon hearing this.

If it’s a magical weapon crafted from flesh and blood, it could be equivalent to a natal magical weapon. Not to mention that, if it’s a unique power, it becomes a bit daunting.

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The term “unique power” refers to practitioners of magical arts who fuse and refine the understandings from various spells they’ve learned. These understandings can be transmitted by teachers or self-discovered. It’s the quintessence of the technique, and in the realm of techniques, its status is comparable to the sword intent of a sword cultivator.

Although there are numerous unique powers and many are not as potent as sword intent, and although unique powers are easier to comprehend than sword intent, firstly, even if they’re relatively easier, they’re not truly simple. Secondly, not all unique powers are equivalent to sword intent; there’s a distinction between sword intent and unique powers. Many unique powers start off as prototypes. As one’s cultivation level advances, they can refine and strengthen them, surpassing their initial state. As a result, the latter surpasses the former. This isn’t a rarity. Even when unique powers have been realized and condensed, it’s not always possible to fully control them, making their usage highly challenging.

Hence, under normal circumstances, unique powers can typically be condensed once the cultivation base reaches the golden core stage. So, if Xu Ziqing’s cultivation is at this level and he can condense them… it’s nothing short of astonishing!

However, Yuan Taihe wasn’t certain if the green needle served as a magical instrument or was the prototype of a unique power. Hence, he inquired, “Brother Yi, what are your thoughts?”

Zeng Yi pondered for a moment and stated, “It’s neither a weapon nor a unique power. I believe this entity lies somewhere in between.”

Yuan Taihe paused and then chuckled. “You make a compelling point.”

Zeng Yi nodded, explaining further, “Xu Ziqing employed war to bolster his prowess, breaking through again. Presently, he’s at the late stage of foundation establishment.”

Yuan Taihe sighed and remarked, “So that’s the case. It’s truly unexpected.” As he said this, he couldn’t help but glance in that direction once more. Initially, he was simply searching for Yun Lie’s whereabouts, but now he genuinely looked at Xu Ziqing. He was just a young man with a youthful appearance, gentle and unassuming. Did he truly possess such extraordinary talent? He was genuinely intrigued now.



Xu Ziqing ascended back to the elevated platform, resuming his meditation in a cross-legged position. He had observed the nine individuals on the Black Dragon Stage earlier. Each one, regardless of gender, exuded an extraordinary air. Considering the upcoming competition involving hundreds of participants, if he aimed to secure a good rank, he would inevitably face some of them. Coupled with the formidable masters in the other nine martial arenas, it was bound to be a challenging battle.

Just envisioning the vast number of inner disciples in the Wuling Immortal Sect—over a million—with Foundation Establishment disciples being the largest group, made him realize the enormity of the competition. To stand out among hundreds of thousands of Foundation Establishment disciples required exceptional talent, likely employing numerous hidden skills.

In his heart, Xu Ziqing harbored no intentions of taking risks and certainly wouldn’t underestimate the challenge. While immersed in his thoughts, he suddenly sensed something.

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A sense that someone was probing him, sweeping over him with divine perception. Though it carried no malicious intent, it still sent shivers down his spine, causing discomfort. He knew this was a result of his significantly heightened cultivation making him more sensitive. Yet, he felt curious, so he followed it.

As he did, Xu Ziqing was mildly startled.

The consciousness distinctly emanated from the Black Dragon Terrace, where, besides the black-clad executioner, there was a youthful monk with white hair and a youthful visage. The spiritual consciousness didn’t come from the executioner, but from this young monk.


Upon careful consideration, Xu Ziqing couldn’t recall having seen this person before. Naturally, he was unaware that this individual had already been observing him during his breakthrough to the middle stage of foundation establishment. Pondering for a moment, he turned to Yun Lie and inquired, “Brother, are they acquaintances of yours?”

If he didn’t know them but was showing interest in him, it likely had something to do with his brother.

As a Golden Core cultivator, Yun Lie had already sensed it but did not incline to engage with those who lacked evil or murderous intent. Now, in response to the question, he stated, “Zeng Yi, overseeing the sixth seat, and Yuan Taihe, overseeing the ninth.”

Xu Ziqing chuckled, “Brother remembers both their names, they must indeed be formidable individuals.” After many years of knowing his brother, he had gained some understanding. If his senior brother took note of someone’s name, it meant they were genuinely noteworthy.

Yun Lie nodded slightly, “If these two progress further, there’s a 50% chance they may comprehend sword intent.”

Understanding dawned on Xu Ziqing, and he smiled, “Since they haven’t grasped sword intent yet, they likely won’t be a match for senior brother.”

No wonder my senior brother remembers them—half of those aspiring to grasp sword intent possess immense potential in sword cultivation. Once they truly achieve it, they might still be considered opponents by their seniors. However, if my senior brother hasn’t reached the golden core stage yet, under the constraints of different realms, his sword intent may not pose a threat to them. But my senior brother has already broken through, ensuring he would effortlessly surpass them on an equal footing. Regardless of how these two progress in the future, they likely won’t catch up with my senior brother’s level. With this in mind, he felt at ease

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