The practitioners of the arrays, according to the array circle and array flags, take in spiritual power for their own use, and transform it into myriads of scenes. It can trap, confuse, injure, and even kill.

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 This illusion array is one of the confusing arrays. 


 The magic circles are divided into nine ranks, the first rank is the lowest, and the ninth rank is the strongest. In this small World of Haotian, the Xu family's residence has a rank 5 magic array, which is very impressive. Now in the secret realm of Linyuan, this mountain protection array outside the cave is said to be a killing array, so it is not possible to break through to the cave. But the scene in the cavern at this time was too strange.If it wasn't because of the illusion array that Xu Ziqing and Old Man He's five senses were deceived, then how was that situation possible?


 The Old Man He nodded: "It's probably an illusion. Kid, you really have some knowledge."


 In fact, Xu Ziqing doesn't know much. He spends his days in the Baicaoyuan by identifying spirit grasses and cultivating hard. For things like magic circles, he only heard a little, and during practise he would occasionally catch a glimpse of the spiritual energy gathering circles and other arrays that increase the concentration of spiritual energy. As for how to break the array, he didn't understand at all. 


 Old Man He is older and naturally knows more about the magic circles than Xu Ziqing. But he is not an array expert after all. Since he was caught in the illusion array, he can only spend some time on his cultivation base.


 Xu Ziqing raised his eyes and asked, "Steward He, what can this junior do at the moment?"


 Old Man He closed his eyes and shook his head: "You can't do anything, let me think about it."


 Xu Ziqing replied: "Yes."


 The two sat quietly for a while, both thinking hard.


 To break the array, if it is an expert, he can use the array flags and other things to deduce the pronciple of the magic circle, trace it back to the origin, and then break it slowly. But if one is a passer-by, there are only two methods to break the array, using force or finding the array eye.


 This cave dwelling has existed for such a long time, and it is unknown what kind of powerhouse was able to open it up. Old Man He's cultivation is on the ninth level of Qi Refining, so it will not be easy to destroy the array by using force. Then, it's just a matter of looking for an array eye.


 Old Man He pondered for a moment and said, "Although you and I inferred that there is an illusion array in this place, but after all, at this moment no illusion appeared here. It is just a speculation. But it is somewhat risky to trigger this array, when you don't know the principle and what kind of array it is "


 Xu Ziqing said: "Junior's everything depends on senior's orders."


 Since Old Man He said this, he already had a plan in his heart. But for any array, if it is not triggered, it is impossible to know its changes. The so-called search for the array eye also needs one to personally observe the array principles and formidable power in order to find the flaws and discover the location of the array eye.


 With his mind set, Old Man He no longer hesitated. If the array doesn't let out an illusions, the two of them don't know how long they will be trapped here. So they may as well join forces and take a risk. 


 Thus, the Old Man He pulled Xu Ziqing to his side again. He then pointed with his finger, put his two fingers together, and in a split second casted a magic spell somewhere on the mountain wall.


 "Break!" he shouted in a stern voice.


 Immediately, a red light appeared, and there was a loud bang on the mountain wall. But this magic spell was like a clay ox entering the sea, it was absorbed clean by the stone wall. In an instant, the surrounding scenery changed. Xu Ziqing hurriedly turned his head, but found that Old Man He was no longer by his side.


     This is... 

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     What happened?


 However, when he saw the surrounding scene clearly, his pupils could not help but shrink slightly.


 This place looks familiar.


 Attracting the attention of the eyes, and filling it with white. 


 The inside of the room was square, with a hospital bed in front which was covered with white sheets and white pillows. There was a young man lying on the bed, with a slender figure and a peaceful temperament. Although he looks handsome, his complexion was pale and somewhat ill.


 The windows were closed, but there were several pots of faintly green plants on the windowsill, decorated with splendid red or pale yellow flowerbuds. It seemed as if they were about to bloom, but also as if they were hidden.


 Xu Ziqing only felt that he had turned into an empty shadow, standing absent-mindedly and in a trance inside the room.


 He remembered that he had lived for 18 years and spent most of his time trapped inside this hospital ward. At most, he could go downstairs and walk a few steps when his body was better, but he was always so incomparably weak that someone had to lend an arm to support and help him.


 Just why is he here?


 Xu Ziqing suddenly realized that he didn't even remember why he got here, and why he became this absent-minded shadow. He stretched out his hand, and his fingers actually passed through the green leaves... Could it be that he has become a ghost and wandered to the last place in his life where he was lying seriously ill and was about to die? 


 While he was thinking hard, the door was suddenly pushed open and two tall men walked in.


 The two of them looked very tough. The style of the one on the left was in order, resembling someone from military. The one on the right had a smile on his lips, but when his eyes fell on the person on the hospital bed, he showed the same worry as the one on the left.


 Xu Ziqing heard the two talking.


 The man on the left said, "I heard from Doctor Huang that my Little Brother's situation has gotten worse in the past two days. A-Mu, isn't there a more advanced expert?"


 The man on the right sighed: "Big Brother, Little Brother's disease experts say that they have never seen it. There was no such a case before, and everything can only be studied immediately. I just invited an international team of experts last month, but it seems that there is no progress. "


 The man on the left said again, "My Little Brother's body and health can't wait."


 The man on the right rubbed his forehead: "I don't even dare to tell my mother about this... Dad said that no matter how much it costs, we have to keep Little Brother as long as possible."


 The man on the left seemed to choke in his throat : "...This is obviously not the punishment that the Little Brother should suffer!" He squeezed his fist, but he didn't dare to hit the wall, "Damn it!"


 The two put on protective clothing, pushed open the door of the compartment, and finally walked to the young man on the hospital bed.

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 The man on the right took a deep breath, stretched out his hand and moved. But in the end he only tucked the quilt for the young man.


 "I won't give up." He said, "Brother, I will never give up!"


 The man on the left had a tense expression: "...En."


 The conversation between the two was fast, they seemed to be busy with their work. So, the Big Brother with the military style soon left, and "A-Mu" stayed behind to wipe the sweat from the youth and turn him over. Everything was done by others.


 In the evening, the Big Brother came back, and A-Mu left. The action of taking care of the youth fell on the eldest brother again.


 Xu Ziqing watched silently, he really wanted to talk to the Big Brother and the Second Brother, but even though he opened his mouth anxiously, he still couldn't utter a word.


 He didn't know how long he had been there, but he saw with his own eyes a pair of kind and worried looking people came the next day. The woman seemed to be a little weak, and was taken away by her husband not long after, because she too emotional. In the afternoon, another beautiful woman came to visit. 


 There were people in the ward every day, but from beginning to end, the Big Brother and the Second Brother always come most often. No matter day or night, at least one person would always accompany the young man who has never woken up.


 But the youth's breath was gradually weakening...


 Xu Ziqing walked to the hospital bed and reached out to the young man's face.


 Then suddenly, there was a strong attractive force, and his shadow was pulled over involuntarily. Immediately, Xu Ziqing found that his breathing became weak, and there was not a single part in his entire body that didn't hurt ——


     What happened?


 Xu Ziqing tried his best to move, but even though he finally had a physical feeling, he couldn't move at all. He was stiff from head to foot, and his thoughts and actions didn't match from beginning to end.


 He suddenly realized something. Did he...Did he once again return to his body?


 All the sounds around him came into his ears clearly, it no longer seemed as if he was separated by a layer of glass when he was a shadow. At this time, the emotions of the people around him were all transmitted to his heart through his keen five senses. His family's worries, anxiety, urgency, pain... All the emotions turned into a huge wave overflowing the Heaven, and entered his seven orifices! (1) In this perilous situation Xu Ziqing rolled as if he was wrapped in countless spider silks. The more he struggled, the tighter the contraction...


 Xu Ziqing could even feel a gigantic emotions in his heart.


 Regret, unwillingness to part with, and reluctance to leave...


 I also want to spend more time with my family...

 I want to not be so sad...

 I don't want to leave. 

 I want to be together with my family. 

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 I want that there are no tears on my mother's face. 

 I want my Big Brother and Second Brother not to go through hardships. 

 I want my father to be proud of me...


 I'm not reconciled... not reconciled!


 If only I could get more sunshine...


 If only I could touch the flowers with my own hands...


 If only I could go further and see the world with my own eyes...




 He even has some hatred!


 Obviously I didn't do anything wrong, why is it me that is paralyzed on the bed?


 Why do I have to keep getting infusions and cuts on my body but still can't heal and recover completely?


 Why is it that children can go out for a walk, but I am out of breath after only moving twice?


 Why is it only me who suffers like this!


 Why! Why! Why!


 Why is it, that after so many hard work I still have to lose my life in the end? !


 It's so painful, and difficult to bear, I really want to... I really want to destroy this world!


 What I can't do, other also must be unable to do! I must, must-


 ... not right.


 It's a heart demon!


 Xu Ziqing couldn't open his eyes. Suddenly a huge panic rose in his heart.


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 This shouldn't be my idea, it's a heart demon.


 But what is the heart demon?


 What about my spiritual power? Why am I here? I should be able to walk already, I obviously can!


 I remember, I remember, I remember... What?


 I have spiritual power...

 Yes, I have already stepped into the path of immortality... 

I, I have entered a secret realm... 

I was with... yes... yes... we entered together... where...


 Xu Ziqing's eyes suddenly widened.


 I have been reborn and have a good and healthy body. I entered the Xu Family residence and followed the Steward He to learn how to take care of the spiritual grass. Now, we should be in the cave dwelling in the secret realm of Lin Yuan!


 Steward He activated the illusion array!


 Yes, yes, everything is just an illusion and nothing more.


 In fact, he was only triggered by the mood and scene before his death, which wasn't true. He has been once again reincarnated and transmigrated. He is no longer the lingering sickbed who died prematurely!


 Xu Ziqing suddenly felt blessed, and his heavy body became lighter again in an instant. He shook his head, only to realize that he had already fallen to the ground, and his body was leaning against the cold mountain wall.


 Not far away, there were a lot of lights and shadows, and there was someone fighting.








• the seven apertures of the human head

- 2 eyes

- 2 ears

- 2 nostrils

- 1 mouth