Chapter 150: The Plan Was Destroyed

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“She’s just a nameless concubine’s daughter, what urgent matter could she have? She’s just clinging to Ye’er, using those lowly tricks!” The empress’s eyes showed a hint of disdain as she allowed Liu Fu to help her retire for the night.


Su Yurou had knelt outside the empress’s chamber the entire night.

When the empress rose in the morning and learned that Su Yurou was still kneeling, she summoned her inside.

When Su Yurou emerged, it was clear her knees were sore, making walking difficult.

Yuan Ruo looked at her with sympathy. “Miss, why did you need to be so subservient before the empress?”

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The ambition in Su Yurou’s eyes was evident. “I pleaded with her not only to make Su Yingxue suffer but also to experience it!”

“Experience what?” Yuan Ruo didn’t understand.

Su Yurou didn’t answer, but she knew very well that she was doing this to experience the satisfaction of becoming an empress.

She would carry the status of a concubine’s daughter for the rest of her life. In the future, when she married Chu Chengye, Chu Chengye would ascend to the throne and she would be the empress!

At that time, there would be people kneeling before her until their legs gave out.

Early in the morning, Lin Sisi knocked on Su Yingxue’s door. Seeing her already in her riding attire, she grabbed her enthusiastically. “Let’s go, Dr. Su! Today, we’ll crush them without mercy! Let’s teach those princes a lesson!”

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Su Yingxue smiled and accompanied her. But as they had just taken a few steps, Lin Aotian approached with a grim expression. “Sisi, the emperor summons you. He wants you and Miss Su to make a trip to the Imperial Court!”

“Why do we need to go to the Imperial Court? The competition is about to begin, and Dr. Su and I are waiting to enter!” Lin Sisi stomped her foot in frustration.

“The emperor has summoned you, you must not refuse.” Lin Aotian insisted and took Su Yingxue along as well.

On the imperial fusion platform, Chu Mingyuan sat with his consorts, enjoying the scenery and observing the fluttering flags as teams prepared for departure.

When Su Yingxue arrived, Chu Chengye and his brother were present, still wearing their riding attire, their faces solemn.

A sense of unease washed over Su Yingxue.

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Could it be that Chu Mingyuan was going to interfere with today’s competition?

“This subject’s daughter pays respects to the emperor!”

Su Yingxue and Lin Sisi knelt in unison.

Once Chu Mingyuan signaled for them to rise, he spoke directly. “I’ve heard that you wish to challenge the princes. 1 forbid it. Today, both of you need not enter the hunting grounds. Stay here on the imperial fusion platform and watch.”

“Emperor!” Lin Sisi protested with a displeased tone.

Su Yingxue’s eyes darkened. Just as she suspected, her plan had been thwarted!

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But who did it?

Su Yingxue’s gaze shifted to Su Yurou, who was beside the empress.

It was odd that she occupied that particular position today!

Su Yurou was obediently attentive to the empress’s side, avoiding Su Yingxue’s gaze altogether.

In contrast, the empress sneered. “Some people think their meager skills make them worthy of ascending to the clouds, even daring to challenge a prince. What a joke!”

“Empress, 1 prevented them from hunting to ensure their safety. After all, women have never formed hunting teams in the past. The forests are dangerous and filled with fierce beasts. I am merely concerned for their well-being,” Chu Mingyuan retorted, even phrasing his words more favorably to comfort Su Yingxue and Lin Sisi.

Lin Sisi was still dissatisfied. She pointed at Chu Xiuwen and Chu Chengye. “Emperor, if we can’t enter the hunting grounds, why can they?”

“Of course, they can! They are princes and valiant men. Why not? Lin Sisi, don’t overstep your boundaries!” The empress admonished sternly..