Chapter 2: The Lady Had a Fiancé Part 3

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Lucifella looked at the Count as he shut his mouth.

It was like hiding something.

Could it be that the owner of this body had an affair with the Crown Prince, no, the first prince of Jansgar?

She’s such a woman. Lucifella sighed. She’s been sighing a lot lately.

The Duke of Heint visit took place two days later at noon.

Since she is sick, she does not need to dress up, but for some reason, the maids dressed her up with all their heart and soul.

First, she had to bathe in water sprinkled with warm petals.

The powder was blown to the point of coughing, and the lips were also dipped in flower water to make them lively.

Her hair was also shiny enough to her eyes, but the maids spread oil and continued to comb.

I haven’t even gotten up from the sickbed yet, but if I do this, how much will my head hurt if I participate in that party or something? And how do women endure this hard work?

Lucyfella feels distant. She’s running out of energy.

If her stamina was the same, she might have been better off wielding a sword. Wielding a sword will refresh you. In addition, it improves your physical strength!

Swordsmanship training, how good it is. Of course, she knew it was too much now.

This body was not fit to lift a sword because it had no fat, let alone muscles. Even the resilience was extreme, so the aftereffects of drowning and fasting did not disappear.

Having to sit on the bed like this and wait for Duke Heint with makeup on her sick face, one of her comrades, Liam, would have been laughing if he had seen this.

The names of her knights came to mind.

Liam, Valder, Annika, Eugen… What are they doing now? Did they save their life in exchange for sacrificing her neck?

Lucifella held her knee and buried her head in bed with melancholy thoughts. 

“Lady, your hair is messy!”

Said the maid who was waiting more nervously than she was.

“Should the patient care about her hair?”

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Then, I heard a polite knock on the door.

The maid who was waiting by her side gave her a slight wink.

The long-awaited Duke Heint seemed to have arrived. Still, he seemed to keep the exact time to come.

A dull sound of footsteps thumped the room. The door opened, and the man and her eyes met.

It was certainly disrespectful of him to come into the woman’s bedroom, but he seemed to be allowed because they were engaged and because she was ill.

The tall man made eye contact with her and walked in.

His walk was a neat step like a soldier, but the movement of each step was as slow as that of a beast, and each step felt overwhelming.

Zedekiah Heint was taller than Khalid.

The hair color was bronze, and the color of the eyes was brown with strong redness.

A face with a stiff mouth and a masculine line belonged to a pretty handsome axis. It was a comparable appearance to Khalid with delicate features.

Well, I can’t deny that he’s a pretty good man, but for Lucifella, he’s just a bad enemy general.

She frowned slightly.

It was because I didn’t like the fact that I was facing the enemy’s face on the bed like this. I think we should at least get rid of his neck right now.

In short, her psychology was similar to a kind of job illness in which an employee working in a bakery went to another bakery to buy bread and saw that the display was disheveled and wanted to organize it.

The maids bowed and left.

And there are only two people left in the room, Lucifella and Zed.

There were unfavorable eyes that seemed to treat the enemy rather than treat his fiancée.

“I’m sorry to greet you so late, Young Lady.”

If you’re a fiancé, no, if you’re a noble man with a lady in front of you, you should give a greeting by kissing the back of her hand, but he didn’t.

In addition, he had to sit in a chair or sit on his knees beside the bed, but he stood as he was, so she had to look up at her fiancé, Duke Heint.

“I am sorry for the trouble Duke Heint.”

Lucifella eventually decided to speak out of courtesy.

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She wanted to tell him what she wanted to know, but she said the least she could say now.

Then there was a moment of silence. When I looked up to see if I had made a mistake, the Duke looked stiff.

She hoped that this Duke would get rid of himself as soon as possible, having seen that she was all right.

The situation on her was still hard to believe, but it was too harsh to see the enemy’s face.

It was hard for her to let go of her life to her former enemy.

Then the duke said in a growling voice.

“It’s a forced engagement, but it’s disgusting.”

Lucifella struggled to say the same thing.

Lucifella then looked up at him in the eyes without hiding anything.

She finally got out of bed and stood in front of him.

There was a difference in height even when standing,  but I didn’t want to look up so much to the point my head fell.

Seeing that, Duke Heint shuddered.

“You even put on makeup. I guess the word ‘sick’ was a fake illness, right?”

“Are you speaking informally now?”

The man’s reddish-brown eyes slightly widened and bent as if smiling at the words that she uttered with the corners of his mouth raised. He looked at Lucy with a curious expression and frowned.

“If it was left to me, I wouldn’t have married you. Playing with the Crown Prince is a thing of the past, but if you can’t forget the past and do such a thing in the Imperial Palace Lake or act in such a discontented manner in front of me, the future won’t be very pleasant. I don’t like you very much either.”

A cold smile appeared on Lucifella’s lips.

She crossed her arms and sighed. Her bangs went up and down slightly.

In fact, she wanted to jump because of shame right now.

There was a ‘past’ with the Crown Prince? In addition, the reason why this woman jumped into the Imperial Palace Lake was probably because of the Crown Prince.

It was outrageous. She seemed to think that her own unfavorable attitude, and that of the Duke Heint, would be the same.

Even if I get a misunderstanding, why am I living such a dirty misunderstanding?

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Even more, the reason Lucifella fell into the water herself was because of the Crown Prince, and she did not know what to do with the pathetic nature of this body.

It was not enough, and Duke Heint was mistaken that the reason she did not greet him with a good attitude was that she did not forget the Crown Prince. But she didn’t want to lose, so Lucifella looked at Heinz and said,

“If you’re not so happy, isn’t there a way to keep this situation without getting married or divorce right after marriage?”

The duke smirked at her words. But at Lucifella’s words, he certainly seemed offended. Her eyes were sharp and predictable.

“Unfortunately, I have a goddamn obligation to follow the family and have offspring.”


“But I like the idea of delaying marriage. Divorce right after marriage, I’ll do that. I also don’t want to be with someone like Young Lady.”

He had a twisted smile.

Lucifella found this man very pathetic about himself.

Oh, that kind of made sense. If the reason for falling into the water was because of the Crown Prince, it was understandable.

From the beginning, he had no favor with Lucifella.

It turned out rather well. The engagement is said to have received a seal from the priest, so you can’t dismiss it.

I’m not used to it yet. Marry this guy and mix body? I’d rather die again.

“That’s a good thing, thank you.”

She said with a big smile, speaking in a luscious way of speaking Lady, she wanted to bite her own tongue.

Heint, who saw Lucifella’s face, also laughed.

The Duke Heint raised his hand, stroked her long black hair behind her ear, and laid it on her shoulder just below.

At first glance, it was a friendly touch to his fiancé.

“The next time you did a stupid thing like jump into the lake, you’d better be prepared.”

He warned in a low, subdued voice. Lucifella shuddered as she stared at him.

“Then the next timeI can jump from the spire of the Imperial Palace.”

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As she spoke so satisfactorily, Duke Heint’s eyes had a really dangerous light.

So, what, you gonna hit me? She wasn’t afraid.

However, it was terrible that this man put his hand on her shoulder, so she hit his arm with the other arm as hard as she could to knock it out.

However, her light strength was not enough to properly remove even that arm.

She was astonished to realize that her strength was worse than she thought.

She raised her hand again and tried to push his arm, but she couldn’t.

Even she knew. The Duke Heint deliberately didn’t hold her shoulder tightly.

This body is weak in nature, and it is powerless because it is sick.

She looked up at Duke Heint with shame, and Duke Heint looked at her with a sneer. She looked ridiculous.

“Get your hands off me.”

She clenched her teeth, but it had already been looked down on by her strength. The Duke of Hart lifted his hand from his shoulder with a relaxed expression.

“Well, you don’t seem to have the power to climb to the spire.”

At that mockery, she was angry. The Duke Heint’s smile grew when he saw her face.

It’s the same face then and now.

I wish I could smack that face! But it was obvious that this fragile hand would crack.

“Get out.”

She had no choice but to spit it out instead.

“Yeah, I’m done showing face by now, so there’s no need to waste time.”

He’s a man who makes me feel bad until the end. He turned his back and went out of the room without saying goodbye.

As he went out, the maids rushed in and examined her complexion. She kept panting.

Thus Lucifella was able to pass the first crisis.

First of all, the first impression, in fact, was not the first encounter with him, but it was not good, it was the worst impression.