This Official Is So Weak

This Official Is So Weak is a popular light novel written by Lord Mahuzi . The story is translated to English and covers Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shounen Ai, Yaoi genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of This Official Is So Weak and can be read for free.



In the fifteenth year of the Chenghua Dynasty, the usurper Ning Chen finally died. The youngest left minister since the founding of the dynasty, his power extended over all the realm, and his methods were as ruthless as his heart. He formed a party around himself in order to extend his private interests, and assassinated loyal ministers who resisted his cause. In the end, a thousand arrows pierced his heart before the royal palace, and he died.

At that moment, Emperor Li Wuting was standing before the palace, gazing down at him as if he were nothing more than an ant.

The night after Ning Chen died, Li Wuting reincarnated to the day he took the throne.

In his last life, he put his trust in an obsequious official, causing chaos in his court. This time, he resolved to strangle the problem in the cradle.


When Ning Rushen transmigrated from the modern era, it was the first year of the Chenghua Dynasty, and the new emperor was ascending to the throne.

In the solemn court, he saw the emperor who had just taken his place walk down the hall until he came to a stop before him. Killing intent surfaced in the depths of his eyes.

Ning Rushen, who had just transmigrated: …What’s wrong?

Seeing a swift slap about to land on him, Ning Rushen suddenly fell to his feet before the eyes of the court! His face was as pale as snow, and the corners of his eyes were red, like a delicate little white flower swaying before the wind.

The officials cried, “Your Majesty, have mercy!”

The new emperor, Li Wuting, who hadn’t even touched him: ???

Ning Rushen wiped away the tears at the corners of his eyes and let out a little sob: This official is so weak.

Li Wuting smiled. What a wonderfully obsequious official. 


Afterwards, Li Wuting slowly discovered that this delicate flower was not only fresh, but also rather sweet at its core.