TSBFL Chapter 42.1

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Chapter 42.1 : 处理

[to handle/ deal with]


A quarter of an hour later, at the bleak and desolate back door of the Gu Family’s mansion, four masked men looked around and surveyed the surroundings for a few moments, after determining that there was no one else around, they negotiated a few more sentences, then one stepped on the other’s shoulder to build a human ladder, allowing the last one to climb over the Gu Family’s fence.


That person on top of the wall made a ‘safe’ gesture towards the several people waiting below, and then jumped from the wall to the courtyard, less than half a quarter of an hour’s work, the originally tightly closed back door slowly opened in front of them after making a ‘click’ sound.


“Quickly enter!” As soon as he finished speaking, several people waiting at the doorway followed him to slip inside through the doorway he had opened.


When all the people had gone in, the door was closed again with a click sound. 


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A few people went in, looked at the desolate courtyard, eyes slightly revealed a few doubts, and finally this time, looked at their leader, boss Qiao whose mind was perturbed, one of them opened his mouth to ask: “What should we do next? How to find the person?”


Today, Boss Qiao is dressed as a man and wearing grey clothing. Her face also did not have the previous day’s look of exquisite and heavy makeup, coupled with the face masked with a piece of gray cloth, looks completely two different people from her usual look. After hearing the man’s question, she raised an eyebrow and then said bluntly:



“This courtyard was destroyed in the past, and most of the houses in it are no longer habitable. If they want to live here, they must be living in the ones near the gate. Moreover, the surrounding area should be cleaned up. It can be seen at a glance. Come on, let’s go in the direction of the front courtyard now.”


After hearing Boss Qiao’s words, the remaining three looked at each other, nodded, and followed the woman towards the front yard.


Along the way, they looked at the Gu Mansion’s imposing and dignified courtyard, even though it was piled with layers of gray and even damaged in many places, they still couldn’t hide the place’s former glory.


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One of the young men finally couldn’t help himself and muttered in a low voice towards his companion next to him, “This courtyard is so impressive, I want to live in it.”



The man next to him squinted at him and laughed, “Are you unaware of the legend of this courtyard?”


Hearing the mockery in his tone, the young man who had just asked the question unwilling to concede and said, “Isn’t it just that all his family members died here? It’s not like it’s haunted! Besides, even if it is haunted, are people afraid of ghosts? If I had known that inside this mansion was so good, I would have moved in a long time ago!”


The man looked at him with contempt and said sarcastically, “Other people thought the same way. They all moved into this mansion not believing or not being scared by evil forces but all of them either died or went crazy after living here for a while, so it was only after that, this place was completely called a haunted mansion by the people.”


After saying that, the man looked at the awkward young man in front of him and continued: “You, this boy, before you do something, you ask around clearly first. As to avoid, at that time you won’t even know what’s going on when you suffer a setback or failure.”


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The young man’s complexion wasn’t very good, although he didn’t really agree with the man’s words, but looking at the man’s ugly face, he still nodded honestly and said seriously, “I know.”



“Okay, stop talking, we seem to have arrived at the place.”


While they were talking, the leading Boss Qiao spoke towards them, then waved at them. After they were all energized, they took the lead through the arch door towards the other end of the courtyard.


By the time they passed through the archway in front of them, the magnificent sight that unfolded before their eyes was in stark contrast to the dilapidated state behind them.


The young man who spoke earlier looked at the exquisite courtyard in front of him and said with some disbelief, ”Are we in a courtyard? The place we just passed through and this place right now are completely not the same!”


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Boss Qiao looked at the courtyard that seemed like two places from the place she had just passed through, her heart gave birth to a few moments of panic for some unknown reason, only to quickly think of what she had to do, and after calculating the time in her heart, she felt that she didn’t have much time left.


Boss Qiao forced down that uneasiness in her heart and looked at the remaining three people who were full of suspicion, and said in a low voice, ”Don’t forget what we’re here for! When we get the money, what kind of courtyard do you guys want to live in that you guys can’t have? Now that we have found the place, all of you be quiet with your hands and feet, don’t let the people in the room hear us and run away.”


Hearing Boss Qiao’s words, the three people who were looking in every direction, withdrew their line of sight, nodded and softly said, “Yes!” They felt that Boss Qiao was right, when they got the money into their hands, what kind of courtyard, they wouldn’t have? Why should they envy others?


A quarter of an hour later, the four of them touched the outside of Gu Lang’s study and looked at Gu Lang who was quietly reading a book in the study room. Their faces were full of uncontrollable pleasantly surprised, as if he had already seen a large sum of money coming into his hands.



Boss Qiao stared at the person with somewhat sickly looks on his face in the study room. Whether the pale man coughed twice or not, is his clenched hand sweaty with tension?