TSBFL Chapter 42.2

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Chapter 42.2: 处理

[to handle/ deal with]


“Do we act now?” A small asking voice was heard from one side.


Boss Qiao, his eyes fixed on the man inside for an instant, tried to loosen her grip and nodded her head in response, “En.”


Hearing her give the order, the remaining three felt their way along the wall to the entrance of the study, soon afterwards they rushed inside with lightning speed, tying up the man seated inside in one go. 


Boss Qiao, who was following behind, watched them tie up the man so smoothly and couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief as she straightened up and stepped inside the door.


At this moment, Gu Lang was tied to a chair with a rope by the intruders who had suddenly broken in, his gaze calmly sweeping over the four masked kidnappers in the scene. No look of panic visible on his face, as if the person who had been tied up was not him but someone else.


After Gu Lang finished looking at the four people in front of him, he finally fixed his gaze on Boss Qiao, who was at the forefront. This person, he vaguely felt that she was their leader. He then slowly opened his mouth, “Who are you guys? What is your purpose by coming here?”

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Boss Qiao looked at Gu Lang, who was not the least bit nervous, and gradually developed a few twisted feelings in her heart, and finally she did not hold back, and opened her mouth, “I’m asking you a question now, and if you answer us honestly, we’ll let you go. If you’re not honest, I’ll kill you now!”


After saying that, Boss Qiao pulled out a sharp dagger from her sleeve and aimed it straight at Gu Lang’s neck.


Gu Lang glanced down at the dagger on his neck, then looked at the kidnapper in front of him whose appearance could not be seen, but by listening to its voice, he could tell that it was a woman. He gently nodded, “Okay, you say it.”


Looking at Gu Lang who had give in so quickly, Boss Qiao’s lifted heart gradually relaxed, even feeling that the feeling of fear she had just developed was simply her own illusion.



Boss Qiao lowered her head to get closer to the man in front of her, with a bit of excitement in her voice that she couldn’t even restrain it herself, “Where are the deeds of those original shops of your family? What’s the recipe for the jelly?”


Gu Lang raised his eyes to look at the person who threatened him. Something flashed in his eyes. He was silent for a while, he didn’t say what Boss Qiao wished him to say, instead, he asked with some doubt, “How do you know that there are still some land deeds left in my family? After all, those shops had already been divided up by others after my family was destroyed in the first place.”


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There was a flash of panic in Boss Qiao’s eyes, but then she realized that the man in front of him didn’t even know who she was, so she didn’t need to be that flustered.


Boss Qiao looked down at the seated Gu Lang, holding the dagger in her hand closer and closer to him, and threatened him in a vicious voice, “Where do you come up with so much nonsense? I’m going to let you say whatever you want to say but I’m not letting you ask me. If you say that much nonsense again, believe it or not, I will disabled your arms and legs first, and then force you to say it.”


Feeling the stinging pain between his neck, and the warmth flowing down his neck, Gu Lang looked at the masked person in front of him with a dark look in his eyes, and slowly hooked up the corner of his lips, and asked with a bit of bewitching in his tone, “Since you know that that jelly makes money, haven’t you ever wondered why after all this time, that jelly is still only made by a little Ger like Chen Xing who has no backing? “



The moment his words came out, it made Boss Qiao’s sense of panic, which he had just managed to suppress with great difficulty, rise up again uncontrollably. After meeting Gu Lang’s pair of clear and cold, as if penetrating everything, the panic inside her expanded even more a little, and the knife pressed on his neck was also unconsciously a little harder, and she said fiercely: “What do you want to say?”


Gu Lang, however, as if he didn’t feel the threat on his neck, sighed softly, “I like stupid people because they’re easy to fool, but I don’t like stupid people who think they’re smart, because like that, really looks really funny or absurd!”


“You!” Hearing that Gu Lang ridiculed her, Boss Qiao was about to ruthlessly deal with him and cleaned him up right away. Who knew that it was at this time that a few cries of surprise suddenly came from the side and she reflexively looked over, only to see that a few black shadows were coming over from the window, but were pouncing towards them at an extremely fast speed.


Boss Qiao’s eyes widened, just as she wanted to turn back to take Gu Lang as a hostage, there was a pain in her hand, her knife fell to the ground in response, followed by a sharp pain in her abdomen, her entire body was kicked out. That moment, Boss Qiao felt like she was going to die.

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In less than half a quarter of an hour, the situation in the room had reversed. The few kidnappers who were originally high and mighty were now tied with ropes and forced to kneel on the floor. The man who had just been tied to the chair was rubbing his loosened arms, and after coughing softly for a few moments, he then took out a hand towel and pressed it against the bleeding part of his neck.


Gu Lang wiped the blood on his neck, brought the blood-stained hand towel to his eyes and took a look at it. Looking at the little amount of blood on it, he hooked up the corner of his mouth sarcastically and then his eyes glazed over as he looked at the men who were sitting on their knees on the ground.


“Let me see who they are!”


At Gu Lang’s command, the people standing next to the thieves, in their desperate struggles, handily ripped off the masks on their faces,



Looking at the only woman among them, Gu Lang narrowed his eyes slightly, sizing them up for a long time before slowly smiling, “So it’s you, Boss Qiao!”


Boss Qiao’s heart skipped a beat, suddenly raised her head to look straight at Gu Lang, and immediately lowered her head after coming into contact with his cold line of sight, her heart thumping as if it would immediately jump out of her chest.


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Gu Lang looked at her instead and slowly walked over, finally standing in front of her, “Tell me, how do you know that those land deeds are still in my hands?”


Boss Qiao looked at the plain and white satin uppers that had suddenly appeared in front of her, and ruthlessly clenched her teeth in a manner that she wasn’t plan or going to say anything.


Gu Lang couldn’t see her face, but looking at her posture he understood what she was planning to do, the smile on his face gradually faded, then he arrogantly said, “Since you don’t want to say it, then forget it .”


Before Boss Qiao could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard Gu Lang coldly continue, 


“More or less, I want to know, it’s just kind of troublesome. It makes no difference if you say it or not.”


After Gu Lang finished these words, as if he had lost interest, he slowly retreated to the back, sat down back on the chair and said in a cold voice, “Escort them to the feudal officials and let Yamen deal with them.”