TSBFL Chapter 42.3

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Chapter 42.3 : 处理

[Deal with]


Hearing Gu Lang’s words, apart from Boss Qiao, the other three were surprised yet very happy, as long as they didn’t use lynching here, after they got into the prison, as long as they gave a little favour to those yamen attendant, then they would be able to come out very soon.


Only Boss Qiao couldn’t stop trembling, she raised her head and looked straight at the man sitting above the chair with scholarly and refined temperament, stuttering as she said, “You can’t send us in!”


Gu Lang looked at her gritting teeth and her trembling appearance, so he softly said, “Why? You guys maliciously broke into a private home and even tried to hurt me. It is only right and proper that I send you to the yamen.”


Boss Qiao looked at this unperturbed look on his face, and suddenly remembered that ever since they had entered this room, the look on this man’s face had not changed, and there had not even been a hint of panic, as if their actions were just an insignificant matter, and that they posed no threat to him whatsoever.


For no apparent reason Boss Qiao was trembling more and more, she couldn’t see anything from the expression in his eyes;  in front of this man, she felt like a bug that could be crushed whenever he was willing to. 

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An image suddenly flashed through Boss Qiao’s mind; the first time she felt jealous of Chen Xing was when she saw his stall doing prosperous business, and the second time was when she saw all those Yamen officials lining up in obedient manner. She was remembering, at that time, with her relationship with Lai Jiu, she would still have to serve those Yamen officials as if they were great masters yet what was Chen Xing, a little Ger with no support, doing to make those officials obediently line up? Now that she thinks about it, it wasn’t because of anything else, it was all because that Ger actually had a bigger backer behind him.



Boss Qiao, who had originally only thought that because she had lost that backer Lai Jiu, she would surely get a good deal after entering the prison cell, now finally figured out the source of her fear, and why she had started to panic ever since she had entered the mansion and seen so many irrational sights.


Boss Qiao could no longer care about anything else, hurriedly lowered her head and humbly asked for mercy, ”I was wrong, I was just momentarily obsessed, I was just eyeing what that Ger got. I didn’t have any bad intentions, you just spared me this time! I won’t dare to do it again next time, just let me off!”


Gu Lang looked at the crying and weeping woman in front of him and thought that she was really a great actress, but it was just a pity that she was still not good enough. He slowly got up and walked back in front of that woman’s face as he asked her again, “Tell me, how did you know that the land deed is here with me?”


Boss Qiao immediately stopped her tears and looked at the man in front of her with reddened eyes, “It was Master Chen, he was the one who told me! When the Gu family was down and out, he joined a few other families to fleece many of your family’s property.”


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Gu Lang lowered his eyes and looked at the woman under his feet, the expression on his face did not change at all, as if he was not surprised by this matter at all, “Ok, I know.”


Boss Qiao thought that she had been spared, and a look of joy immediately appeared on her face, then she heard the man in front of her say, “Send them to Yamen!” The smile on her face froze in an instant, her eyes widening as she fixedly stared at the man in front of her, as if she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.


It wasn’t until someone came to take her off that Boss Qiao struggled frantically, shouting at the top of her voice, “Didn’t you promise to spare me? What are you doing? What gives you the right to do this?”


Gu Lang seemed to be irritated by her piercing voice, gently frowning as he slowly said, “Twice.”


Boss Qiao was in a daze, and did not really understand what he meant. 



Gu Lang’s voice did not rise or fall as he continued to say, “Last time, when you threw the knife was once, kidnapping me this time was also once. In fact, these two times, you wanted to kill both of us, right?”

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When Boss Qiao heard his words, she wanted to defend herself a little more, but she was stopped by Gu Lang’s action of waving his hand as the signal for the person next to him to block her mouth. 


Gu Lang looked at the woman who was twisted into a maggot and in a sorry state, as well as the man next to her who was staring at her incredulously, Gu Lang then said indifferently, “Therefore, I really don’t like stupid people pretending to be smart.”


After saying this, Gu Lang said towards the man who dragged them, “Handle it cleanly, and don’t let Chen Xing find out.”




Very soon, as the group of people left, the small study room returned to silence, while Gu Lang stood in place and seemed lost in thought, he laughed and murmured softly, “I originally wanted to let you guys off, for the sake of you guys sending Chen Xing here.”


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The corners of Gu Lang’s lips hooked up in a sarcastic arc, then he raised his hand to touch his torned neck, and softly ‘Sss’, It’s difficult to handle. 


Waiting until Chen Xing finished selling his stuff and came back happily, the moment he saw Gu Lang who came to greet them, the first thing he saw was the abnormality on his neck as he looked at him with some concern, “What happened to your neck?”



Gu Lang looked at Chen Xing’s concerned eyes, touched his own neck, and said softly, “Nothing, it’s just that when I was at home today, I accidentally poked it.”


The concern in Chen Xing’s eyes grew even more, not understanding what exactly it took to poke it like that, but looking at Gu Lang’s gentle expression, he still didn’t continue to ask more questions, and just looked at him and said, “Then I’ll make the dishes stewed longer and softer in the evening, so that it’s easier to digest.”


“Good.” Gu Lang had never had any objections to Chen Xing’s words. 


When Chen Xing went to the kitchen to get busy, the corners of Gu Lang’s raised mouth gradually fell down, looking at Qiu Jiu who stayed behind and said, “Did anything happen to you guys today?”