Translator – Xiao He Lian

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Chapter 112.2


Eunuch Zhu poked his head outside the emperor’s chambers and waited anxiously for a long time before he saw a thin figure walking out.

He froze for a moment before recognising that it was His Highness the Crown Prince.

Even after so many days, he is still somewhat unaccustomed to seeing His Royal Highness like this.

Few people knew that His Royal Highness almost lost his life when he came back from Xuejing Mountain with the spirit stone.

Until now, Eunuch Zhu is still reluctant to recall those days – he remembers being at His Royal Highness’s bedside all the time, watching as he almost lost his breath several times.

His Royal Highness had many deep wounds on his arm.

In the past, with the physique of His Highness the Crown Prince, those wounds would have healed in no time. But this time, those wounds not only did not heal, but also looked so bloody, as if they were about to drain all the blood from His Highness’s body.

At first, Eunuch Zhu thought those wounds were inflicted by the Hua family when His Royal Highness was taking the spirit stone but after asking Zuo Zhi, he found out that it was to save Young Master Wen’s legs.

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For the sake of Young Master Wen’s legs, it had nearly cost His Highness the Crown Prince’s life.


Thinking of this, Eunuch Zhu’s face could not help but look somewhat grave. He had always known that Young Master Wen was somewhat special in His Highness’s heart, but he had never imagined that it would be so special that it would make His Highness willingly sacrifice so much ……

At first, he thought that these changes were going in a good direction, but now, he didn’t know whether these changes were good or bad.

Eunuch Zhu regained his composure and hurried forward with an umbrella: “Your Royal Highness.”

Shi Ye had no expression on his face but his eyes were colder than the hazy rain. His thin lips moved: “Go back to the palace.”

Eunuch Zhu said: “Yes.”

It wasn’t raining heavily, so Eunuch Zhu turned his umbrella to Shi Ye’s side. When he returned to the Eastern Palace, Shi Ye’s clothes were only slightly wet, while Eunuch Zhu was drenched from head to toe.

Eunuch Zhu didn’t dare to say much, he quickly stuffed the wet umbrella to the little eunuch outside the bedroom and followed Shi Ye cautiously.

After Shi Ye took a bath, he changed into clean clothes and sat silently on the couch. The snow white clothes on his body made his skin look even more paler. His brows and eyes were cold and there seemed to be a faint cold light in his eyes making people dare not approach.


Eunuch Zhu also changed his clothes, stood beside him with his waist bowed and quietly raised his eyes to look at Shi Ye.

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He has to admit that even though His Highness the Crown Prince is so thin, it does not affect his handsomeness in the slightest. Before half of his face was ruined, he could dazzle others but now that his appearance has been restored, even ten Prince Xuans can’t match it.

Those people that Prince Xuan is the most beautiful man in the entire Kingdom, now should really see how the current Crown Prince looks like.

Eunuch Zhu was so engrossed in his thoughts that he suddenly heard Shi Ye calling him.

Eunuch Zhu hurried forward: “Your Royal Highness.”

Shi Ye lowered his eyes, and the long eyelashes like raven feathers cast a small faint shadow under his eyes hiding the emotion in his eyes. He threw the spirit stone in his hand on the desk in front of him.

“The Hua family looked at this thing as a family heirloom and Bengong worked so hard to get it for him but he abandoned it like a shoe.”

Eunuch Zhu listened to Shi Ye’s words while holding his breath and said softly: “Your Highness, everyone has their own destiny and everyone has their own choice. Your Royal Highness chooses to be filial, but the emperor chooses to let nature take its course. It’s the emperor’s choice, so don’t blame yourself.  Your Highness has already done well enough.”

Shi Ye chuckled lightly: “You sure can talk.”

After a pause, he said again, “Forget it, put this thing away, I won’t need it for the time being.”


Eunuch Zhu said yes, walked forward and stretched out his hands to pick up the spirit stone that Shi Ye had randomly thrown on the desk.

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Just as he was about to leave, he heard Shi Ye say, “Wait a minute.”

Eunuch Zhu paused and turned around: “Does His Highness have more orders?”

Shi Ye’s gaze passed Eunuch Zhu and landed on a certain place on the desk. He raised his finger and said, “Bring it to me.”

Eunuch Zhu responded, put down the spirit stone in his hand and brought the clay figure placed in one corner of the table to Shi Ye. He had seen this clay figure a long time ago and he didn’t know why His Royal Highness placed it on the desk. It looks weird and ugly and it looks familiar…

But Eunuch Zhu never dared to ask.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized. Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Shi Ye took the clay figurine, which was made by watching Wen Chi when he and Wen Chi went to the market.

This clay figurine is ugly but after looking at it for a long time, he found it a bit cute.

But he remembered that the clay figure did not look like this before, it seemed to have been moved by someone and there was a small black hat on the clay figurine’s head – just now he noticed the little black hat at a glance.

Shi Ye asked, “Has anyone touched it?”

“It’s Young Master Wen.” Eunuch Zhu was afraid that His Royal Highness would blame him, so he hurriedly explained, “Young Master Wen said that it’s getting cold, and this clay figurine is too thinly dressed so he wanted to add some clothes to it.”

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So Young Master Wen not only made a simple robe to wrap around the clay figure, he also made a strange-looking hat but the robe was so ugly that even Young Master Wen himself could not stand it anymore, so he stripped the robe off and kept only the hat and some small accessories.

Speaking of this, Eunuch Zhu was also a little helpless. Young Master Wen is probably the only person in the whole kingdom who can not treat himself as an outsider in front of His Highness.

Eunuch Zhu quietly observed Shi Ye’s face and found that Shi Ye was not only not angry but also chuckled, his cold face instantly softened by the candlelight.

“I knew it was him.” Shi Ye gently squeezed the clay figurine in his hand. He looked at the little hat and in an instant, the emptiness in his heart was filled, ” Bengong only has him


After that, he suddenly stood up.

Eunuch Zhu was taken aback and hurriedly asked, “Your Royal Highness?”

Shi Ye said without turning his head: “Get ready and go out of the palace with Bengong.”