Translator – Xiao He Lian

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Chapter 113.1

The heavy snow fell for several days before it stopped. The ground in the courtyard seemed to be covered with a thick layer of white carpet and even the branches of the trees were covered with heavy snow.

Early in the morning, the servants of the house were busy with their brooms, sweeping the snow from the courtyard.

Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao had been living here for some time, so they were too embarrassed to stand by and watch, so they volunteered to join the snow-clearing team.

Originally, Wen Chi also wanted to help, but his health had just recovered so he was hurriedly stopped by Xiao Shuanzi.

Xiao Shuanzi thought that Wen Chi was bored so he picked up a pile of miscellaneous toys from somewhere and carefully placed them at Wen Chi’s feet, and rubbed his hands flatteringly: “Young Master Wen, let’s build a snowman.”

Wen Chi looked at the tools under his feet and said with a smile, “Can you make a snowman?”

Xiao Shuanzi patted his chest confidently: “To tell you the truth, the snowmen that I have made before, even Eunuch Zhu said that they were so lifelike.”

When he said this, Wen Chi became interested: “Really? Then let me see.”

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Seeing that Wen Chi had given up his thoughts on sweeping the snow, Xiao Shuanzi was also quietly relieved.

Two days ago, Wen Chi suddenly said that he wanted to go back to the palace, but he dared not agree with it, so he could only ignore Wen Chi’s words and put it off as long as possible. Therefore, he worked very hard on other things, afraid that Wen Chi would bring up the matter of returning to the palace again.


In order to show off in front of Wen Chi, Xiao Shuanzi specially called Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao to help him pile up all the snow nearby.

Ruo Fang saw Xiao Shuanzi trying to create a joyful atmosphere , rolling up his cuffs, humming as he worked hard. She couldn’t help covering her mouth and laughed: “It’s the first time I’ve seen you work so hard.”

Xiao Shuanzi patted the snow pile and when he heard that, he turned his head to look at Wen Chi who was sitting under the porch: “Young Master, who do you want this servant to build?”

Wen Chi was dressed heavily and had been persuaded by Ruo Fang to put on a white fur coat. He sat on the edge of the veranda,  his hands clasped around his bent knees, most of his face buried in the plush fur collar of his fur coat, revealing only a pair of black almond eyes.

“Can you be the crown prince?” Those beautiful and lively almond eyes blinked and a muffled voice came out from the fur collar, “Just a little shorter.”

He estimated that Shi Ye’s height was more than 1.9 meters and even if Xiao Shuanzi had great skills, it would be difficult to pile up a snowman the size of Shi Ye.

However, after hearing his words, Xiao Shuanzi felt a little troubled: “This…”

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Wen Chi asked, “What’s wrong?”


Xiao Shuanzi scratched his head: “His Royal Highness is wise and powerful and has an extraordinary bearing. I am afraid that this pair of clumsy hands will ruin His Royal Highness’s heroic appearance…”

Wen Chi suddenly understood.

Thinking about it, there are many scruples in this era. The crown prince is the future emperor after all, even if Xiao Shuanzi is given a hundred guts, he will not dare to build a snowman like Shi Ye, he might even get killed for that.

So Wen Chi took a step back and said, “Then you can build one that looks like me.”

Xiao Shuanzi hurriedly said: “Yes.”

After saying that, he turned around and began to pat the snow pile.

Wen Chi rested his chin on his knees, stared at Xiao Shuanzi for a while, then suddenly got up and jumped down the veranda.

By now. Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao had already left, and there were only Wen Chi and Xiao Shuanzi here. When Xiao Shuanzi saw this, he hurriedly reached out to help Wen Chi: “Aiya, young master, take it easy.”

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Wen Chi stood up straight, waved his hands and said it was okay. He saw that there was a small snow pile next to the snowman made by Xiao Shuanzi, so he planned to build a little snowman, because he had nothing to do.

Xiao Shuanzi’s hands and feet were nimble and in a short while he scratched the snowman’s face out with a branch.


At first glance, the snowman’s face is somewhat similar to Wen Chi’s.

Holding the branch, Xiao Shuanzi looked at the snowman, then at Wen Chi, then he lowered his head and tore off a small dark red button from his clothes and pressed it lightly between the snowman’s eyebrows.

“Young Master, look.” Xiao Shuanzi said happily, “This looks more like the Young Master now.”

Wen Chi: “…”

This “mole between his eyebrows” is too big!

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized. Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

He stared at the button for a long time and he suddenly felt that the snowman’s face looked more like Wen Liang’s, especially the “mole”.

Speaking of Wen Liang, Wen Chi remembered that he hadn’t seen Wen Liang and the rest of the Wen family for a long time. A long time ago, Wen Changqing would send someone to call him back but now he didn’t know if it was because of the turmoil in the court, the Wen family seemed to have evaporated from the world.

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However, this doubt only lingered in Wen Chi’s heart for a moment and then disappeared without a trace. He asked Xiao Shuanzi to watch and then used a tree branch to trace the outline of Shi Ye on the little snowman’s face, just like Xiao Shuanzi had done earlier.

Regrettably, Wen Chi is not as dexterous as Xiao Shuanzi. He clumsily drew with a branch for a long time and in the end, he couldn’t even draw the eyes properly, let alone draw out the outline of Shi Ye.

Xiao Shuanzi folded his hands, frowned slightly, watched quietly for a while, and finally couldn’t help but say: “Young Master, you…”

Wen Chi asked, “What?”

Xiao Shuanzi thought about it: “The mouth is too high, it should be lower.”

“…” Wen Chi paused and then said quietly, “This is one of the eyes of the crown prince.”

Hearing this, Xiao Shuanzi’s face went from white to green and from green to red, as if he was trying to hold in a laugh and finally he flung himself onto the snow on his knee: “This servant deserves to die, this servant has no eyes and I hope that Young Master will forgive me.”

“Okay, get up.” After Wen Chi said, he tilted his head and looked at the snowman’s face and also felt that the eyes looked more like a mouth, no wonder Xiao Shuanzi said that.