1554 A Familiar Energy, The Three Clarities’ Reincarnation, Return To The Living World

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Right after Chu Kuangren set up his new reincarnation mechanism, an elderly riding a green cow came to the Underworld through the Ghastly Checkpost. His ancient energy presence shocked even the high priest.

When Chu Kuangren laid eyes on the elderly, he sensed a familiar energy.

“It’s him!”

Even Chu Kuangren was surprised.

He took a step forward and appeared before the elderly. He smiled and said, “Senior, what are you doing here in the Underworld?”

“What am I doing here? I’m here for the reincarnation, of course,” the elderly smiled.

He then sized up Chu Kuangren from top to bottom and revealed a satisfying smile. “You seem to be cultivating your Single Qi Three Clarity Transformation well. At least you’re a lot smarter than Miao Hua.”

Chu Kuangren was able to confirm the elderly’s identity by hearing his words.

With the green cow, the knowledge of his Single Qi Three Clarity Transformation, and the familiar face, the elderly was none other than one of the strongest beings since ancient times. He was one of the Three Clarities, the Divine Virtue Supreme Clarity Imperial.

He did not expect to welcome such a powerful existence right after he set up the new reincarnation mechanism. It almost felt like Divine Virtue Supreme Clarity Imperial was waiting for him to finish setting it up.

In fact, it might not only be the Supreme Clarity who was waiting for this new reincarnation mechanism.

The gears in Chu Kuangren’s mind spun rapidly as he scanned through all the possible thoughts.

A long time ago, he had a feeling that those ancient beings were still alive even after the Immortal World collapsed. Now, it seemed like he was right all along or at least half right.

“Young man, you overthink too much. I am just here for the reincarnation,” the Supreme Clarity smiled.

“Senior, you should have transcended beyond the reincarnation cycle, why do you want to reincarnate?”

“That’s because I died, and I have to reincarnate,” the Supreme Clarity said with a chuckle.

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“Is there anyone else other than you?”

“Of course. Those old geezers are on their way. It’s just that my cow walks faster than them.”

“I see. I have a question that I would like you to answer. May I?” Chu Kuangren asked.

“Sure, ask away.”

“How did you fall?” Chu Kuangren asked straightforwardly. He could tell that the Supreme Clarity before his eyes was a fragment of the original soul.

In fact, the others that the Supreme Clarity mentioned might also be in a similar state.

“The great calamity from the previous era destroyed everything. We are just fragments of our original souls that got lucky to have lived until now.”

“In that case, why wait until now for the reincarnation?”

“That’s because we were waiting for you.” The Supreme Clarity looked at Chu Kuangren with a hint of anticipation.

“Waiting for me?” Chu Kuangren was surprised, but after a quick thought, he knew what the Supreme Clarity meant.

“With your wisdom, you should be able to figure out the answer. The three great mechanisms of the Underworld are a product of the old, and their power alone cannot support our reincarnation. Therefore, we were waiting for someone who could rebuild the entire mechanisms, and only the most complete samsara energy can help us reincarnate.”

Even though the Supreme Clarity was just a fragmented soul, an Embodier or even a Primordial had a fate that surpassed the commons. It was not an easy task for them to reincarnate.

Before the reincarnation mechanism was rebuilt, it did not have the power to withstand such a powerful existence.

Chu Kuangren nodded. “I see. Two more questions. How many more are there like you?”

“There’s not a lot. Those who survived the great calamity are people who have outstanding methods to protect themselves, but I wouldn’t say there’s just a few of us.”

“Alright. The last question: did the Dao contamination qi cause your fall?”

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The Dao contamination qi was the strange black qi that Chu Kuangren saw at Spiritual Mountain. It was also the root of the great calamity.

“Indeed it is, but it only caused the previous great calamity. The great calamity of this era is not only about the Dao contamination qi,” the Supreme Clarity said with a smile.

“What do you mean by that?” Chu Kuangren furrowed his brows.

“The calamity from the previous era originated from this universe, but the calamity of this era has something foreign in it. The Celestial Demon Tribe should know more about this than me.”

The Supreme Clarity then looked toward the Gates of Samsara. “Alright, I’m done talking. I should be on my way. I’ll see you in the next life, young man.”

He then rode his green cow over the Naihe Bridge.

It was then that two more figures came in through the Ghastly Checkpoint.

“Senior Brother, wait for us!”

One of them was a middle-aged man in black robes and a valiant look. He was calling out to the Supreme Clarity.

“Hmph. You’re slow. Don’t blame me for that.”

The other figure, an elderly in white robes, grunted.

“Hey, you old geezer! You want to have a go? Come on! Bring it on!”

“I don’t want to fight savages like you.”

The two of them bickered as soon as they arrived.

The High Priest was stunned because the two of them shared a similar ancient energy presence to the Supreme Clarity.

Chu Kuangren recognized the two of them as well. “Primeval Jade Clarity and Treasure Prime Clarity…”

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The other two of the Three Clarities had arrived.

“Hey, isn’t that our heir? Nicely done!” Divine Teasure Prime Clarity Imperial, also known as the Heavenly Grandmaster, looked at Chu Kuangren with a satisfying smile.

“Oh? It seems like you can extend the practice of Single Qi Three Clarity Transformation. I deem it as a fate of some kind,” Divine Primeval Jade Clarity Imperial said as he nodded. He, too, was impressed by Chu Kuangren’s achievement.

“Come on, Senior Brother is ahead of us. Let’s go.”

“Young man, let’s meet in the next life if fate wills it.”

Divine Primeval Imperial glanced at Chu Kuangren before he headed toward the Naihe Bridge.

“Travel well, Seniors.” Chu Kuangren bowed with a fist salute.

The High Priest was still in shock after sending off the Three Clarities.

He glanced at the Ghastly Checkpoint and wondered who else would be coming. Chu Kuangren was also curious.

However, no one arrived after a few days.

Chu Kuangren could not afford to wait any longer as he had to go back to the Living World to attend to matters.

“High Priest, if there are any more ancient ones coming down here for reincarnation, remember to ask them about their background and let me know,” Chu Kuangren said.

The ancient ones might not be able to do anything a short time after they reincarnated back to the Living World, but once they awoke and regained their previous life’s memories and cultivation, it would start another huge war.

Being able to grasp their reincarnation location and identity beforehand would allow Chu Kuangren to be prepared.

“I understand, Ghost Emperor.”

The High Priest also knew it was important, so he dared not slack on the job.

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After assigning the High Priest the important task, Chu Kuangren headed back to the Living World.

Meanwhile, back in the Living World, several cultivators were fighting over an Opportunity of Fortune at a nameless mountain. The fight got fierce quickly.

Then, a vortex appeared above them, and a figure emerged from within.

The white figure emanated dazzling Immortal Sparks upon arrival.

When the cultivators saw the figure in white, they stopped fighting and looked at the figure in horror.

“It’s him!”

“Chu Kuangren! The vortex is overflowing with Yin qi. Is that the portal to the Underworld?”

“He came back from the Underworld? Is it because of the Chaos Fragment?”


His arrival sparked a heated discussion among the cultivators, and no one had the intention to fight anymore.

However, Chu Kuangren simply ignored them and headed toward the location of the Chaos Fragment.

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