Chapter 24: Stir Fried Clams vs Tiegang Peak

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"I heard that Zhiqiong Peak is about to give up?"

"Really? But they're quite strong!"

"Well, I know a friend who is a disciple at the peak next door to them. He said that some thumping noises continued around noon at Zhiqiong Peak. They should be sorting out the supplies at the peak and preparing to move out of the third-rank peak they currently live in."

"Hey, who is playing against them this afternoon? Why are they so unconfident?"

The sun is booming, and the disciples have finished resting. They are all flying towards the competition tower again.

"Be careful. Get out of the way!"

"It's Tiegang Peak!"

A man with the double hammer stepped onto the ring and smashed the sledgehammer to the ground.

The man was extremely arrogant, but soon, he faced the ruling elder who had already arrived in the arena and respectfully said, "Elder, we are challenging Zhiqiong Peak, but we have to set up in the arena. It doesn't count as illegal, does it?"

'Set up?'

The onlookers were in an uproar.

The judgement elder was in a meditation and did not move his brows or eyes, "If it is not a forbidden evil formation, it is all right."

The two-hammer man laughed. "Elder, don't worry. I will ask the elder to protect the ring later so we don't hurt the innocents under the ring."

The Judgment Elder suddenly opened his eyes.

"The arena already has a defensive formation, but he needs an extra elder guardian?"

"So it's at least a third-class formation... The Tiegang Peak is prepared!"

"No wonder he was so arrogant. A third-level formation, generally even a Golden Core can't easily get out of the formation. It is useless even if Zhiqiong Peak has a lot of magic weapons."

The disciples looked at each other.

When Chen Shuxin stepped into the competition tower, he couldn't help but smile.

Once he wins, at least one of his allies, the Tiegang Peak or Yunwu Peak, will be able to step into the third-class peak.

"I'm going to second-rank peaks' arena. You keep watching here. As soon as there is news, report back to me." Chen Shuxin told his younger brother.

After saying that, he walked up the wooden ladder with a bright face.

Before the competition time, the entire third floor of the competition tower was silent.

The five members of Tiegang Peak were full of a murderous aura. Ji Tuo, who was the leader, looked out of the tower.


"What's this smell?"

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"Hey, so fragrant. Fortunately, I was hooked by Zhiqiong Peak in the morning and... This time I brought Bigu Pills out haha!"

"Damn it. It's obviously completion day. How come there are still people taking food from outside? Don't let me find out who it is. Otherwise... I want to know which restaurant it was bought from!"

Everyone's expressions were complicated, and they all looked out of the tower a little hungry.

The people with the lowest cultivation level have already in the Qi Refining. They have long been unmoved by food smells.

But they want to swallow the source of this smell.

A subconscious thought from their sea of ​​consciousness emerges. 'I want to eat it.'

But too many disciples are coming from outside the tower in a steady stream. It is impossible to locate which guy is carrying the food.

After a while, red silk fluttered in the clouds and appeared in front of them. Then they saw a group of people from Zhiqiong Peak coming from a distance.

The hunger of the disciples turned into shock.

"It's them again!"

"Sure enough. The smell of pork in the morning must be the smell of their magic weapon!"

"How could this be? What a quirky master craftsman?"

"Silence. Can we talk about a refiner at will? Didn't you see that Zhiqiong Peak has a magic weapon that allows a bunch of Foundation Building to win against Golden Cores? If you angered them, would you even know how you died?!"

"I was wrong. Don't be angry with me, refiner."

The disciples were lively for a while and looked at Zhiqiong Peak curiously.

The performance from today has made them dare not despise Zhiqiong Peak at will.

Even though they have no Golden Core at their peak, they have weapons to fight against Golden Cores!

If they are under the Golden Core level, what are they?

"Does Zhiqiong Peak really give up?"

"I really want to see what other magic weapon they have."

There were a lot of discussions, but they quickly got out of the way.

Zhiqiong Peak, headed by Su Yu in a yellow dress, calmly walked down the fluttering red ribbons. Her back was straight, and her face was as usual when she stepped into the peak master's viewing seat.

Wei Zhao and Hang Wan'er followed closely, and the group walked very fast.

For some reason, the boredom and fear from the murderous aura of Tiegang Peak were much relieved.

But before they could think about it, they soon discovered that the disciples of Zhiqiong Peak were somewhat abnormal.

When they look carefully, there is a little sweat on the foreheads of the several Foundation Building disciples.

There are more than twenty Qi Refining disciples who looked even more tired. Their robes were almost dripping with sweat.

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'What's going on?'

Everyone was surprised, and laughter resounded through the third floor.

"Could it be that Zhiqiong Peak was in a hurry to pack their bags at noon and make way for us? Why are they all sluggish, hahahaha!" Ji Tuo of Tiegang Peak, who was carrying double hammers on the ring, laughed when he looked at them.

"Knowing that you will lose, just admit defeat. You are still smart. I can spare you, otherwise—"

His voice changed suddenly. Ji Tuo stopped laughing, raised his double hammers, and pointed at Wei Zhao.

"You all will be crippled like him later. Don't blame me for being ruthless!"

"Damn!" Hang Wan'er's expression turned ugly, and she was about to rush into the ring but was stopped by Wei Zhao.

Su Yu took out the encyclopedia of monsters slowly, "Let's rest first."

As soon as she spoke, Hang Wan'er took a deep breath and sat down to adjust her breath.

The same is true for the rest of the disciples.

Ji Tuo scornfully glanced at Su Yu, who is only at the Qi Refining stage, and sneered, "Now that Xiao Muge is not here, Zhiqiong Peak is really getting worse. Is someone like you worthy of standing in the third-class peaks!"


Everyone from Zhiqiong Peak glared at him.

But they did not dare to stand up against her will without Su Yu speaking. One by one, they quickly closed their eyes and adjusted their breath as if they saw Tiegang Peak as nothing.

Ji Tuo was annoyed. "Good. I hope you will be so courageous later. Don't beg for mercy! Ten years ago, Xiao Muge knocked me off the ring and took me my Tiegang Peak's third rank. The hatred of my peak, I will return it tenfold today!"

Qian Qingqiu stepped into the tower with a cold face. "In the competition, if you deliberately murdered disciples of the same sect, you have to bear three hundred lashes and be driven out of the inner sect."

Jituo turned his head and sneered, "I just wondered why they have so many magic weapons. It turned out they were hugging Yuqiong Peak's thigh."

Qian Qingqiu looked strange.

He glanced at Su Yu and saw that her attention was on the encyclopedia of monsters again. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. "With a ruling elder in charge, Junior Brother Ji should not forget the rules."

Ji Tuo snorted coldly.

Qian Qingqiu walked over to the audience seat.

Wei Zhao clenched his fists and thanked him.

"The time has come."

The Judgment Elder stood up.

"Both peaks ready."

On the ring, they saw the five people from Tiegang Peak, led by Ji Tuo, taking out a blood-red flagpole from their bags.

Suddenly the entire third floor's heaven and earth were stirred. It formed a huge vortex floating in the air.

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Hang Waner's face was ugly, but she still turned her head to Su Yu and Wei Zhao. "Second Senior Sister, Third Senior Brother, let's go."

"Well." Su Yu calmly turned over a page of the encyclopedia. "If you perform well, I will add your contribution points, which can be used to exchange for spiritual treasures in the peak." They have to calculate each person's performance.

Hang Wan'er's eyes suddenly lit up.

'Can I redeem more treasures?'

She immediately nodded, "Okay!"

In an instant, she threw out red silk, rolled the other four team members, and carried them to the ring full of energy.

Yan Yan: "..."

Yu Dong: "..."


Jituo gave an order, and five three-inch blood-red flags flew into the arena in five fixed positions in an instant. He held a circular sand table and threw it into the center of the five flags!

"It turned out to be a third-rank killing array!"

"No wonder Ji Tuo is so arrogant. There are not many third-level peaks that can withstand this killing formation!"

The onlookers were horrified.

In the blink of an eye, a moth from somewhere accidentally landed on the edge of the ring. It was killed on the spot with a puff and turned to ashes.

Everyone took a half step back.

The Judgment Elder on the stage, who always squinted and put his hands in his sleeves, also sighed at this time.

He looked at the five people from Zhiqiong peak who had been involved in the killing formation. "If you admit defeat, this old man will rescue you immediately."

"It took a lot of effort to find this formation. Zhiqiong Peak, it is not your fault if you lose!"

"The killing formation can destroy an early stage of Golden Core. Plus five of my attacks, even a middle stage of Golden Core can't stop it. All of you just build the foundation-"

Under the killing formation, each of his extremely destructive attacks is equal to ten attacks.

"I wonder how long they can last?" Lin Zhen couldn't help whispering to Qian Qingqiu.

Qian Qingqiu closed his eyes. "The medicine we bought yesterday, you will send it to them later."

Zhu Ying's beautiful eyes also looked at the ring worriedly.

At this moment, the square arena is filled with yellow sand. The figure of the five people in the sky can no longer be seen.

Zhu Ying is in the early days of her golden core. She used her spiritual power to investigate the situation on the stage, and her face changed quickly.

"Senior brother, I can't feel their breath anymore!" She hurriedly looked at Qian Qingqiu, and the chess board in her hand was almost crushed.

"Why is the breath of Zhiqiong Peak getting weaker and weaker!"

"The breath of those Qi Refining disciples are completely gone. How have the three Foundation Building lost their spiritual power fluctuations so quickly? Are they dead, or have they become injured?"

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Many onlookers noticed it.

The Judgment Elder in the arena suddenly stood up, and a Nascent Soul consciousness swept through the formation.

"Zhiqiong Peak, do you admit defeat?"

Ji Tuo stood outside the killing formation. He squinted his eyes proudly and probed with his spiritual consciousness. He felt that the five people in the formation had no movement and was overjoyed.

He glanced at the pale face of the Judgment Elder again and forcibly restrained his smile.

"If you admit defeat in time, I will put away the killing formation."

He looked into the formation as he spoke.

But obviously, the five were seriously injured and unconscious, and no one could answer him.

The corner of Ji Tuo's mouth raised.

"Senior brother, if something happens to them, will the sect punish us?" A junior brother behind Ji Tuo looked worriedly at the ruling elder, who could turn violent at any time.

"That's right, Senior Brother. Let's take it away as soon as we see something." The junior sister next to him was also a little scared. "They still have two Qi Refining periods in their team. I'm afraid they won't be able to hold it."

Ji Tuo snorted, "Why are you panicking!"

Nevertheless, he stretched out his hand to put away the sand table formation and put the main flag of the killing formation into his storage bag.

The other disciples of Tiegang Peak immediately breathed a sigh of relief and followed suit.

They want to win but they don't want to kill their fellow students and be punished by the elders.

The five blood-red flags were put away, and the yellow sand covering the sky gradually dissipated.

"They are not really dead, are they? Why is there no movement at all."

"The ruling elder didn't make a move. They should just be unconscious."

"We won't be sure. If it lasts longer, they will be severely damaged if they don't die."

"Tiegang Peak is too ruthless."

The discussions below the stage made the five members of Tiegang Peak look proud but nervous.

However, in an instant, the winning smile on their lips froze.

Zhu Ying, who was about to rush over to Yu Dong, also stopped.

After the fog and yellow sand on the arena cleared, five figures standing apart slowly appeared... No, to be precise, they were pearl-colored mussels. They are oval-shaped, with each two mussel shells closed tightly without a single gap.

The clam shells only have a little scarlet light flickering faintly on their surface, but there were no cut marks or scratches.

It is perfectly intact.

Tiegang Peak: ...

Everyone: ...