Vtuber no Ending, Kaitorimasu.

Vtuber no Ending, Kaitorimasu. is a popular light novel written by Asai Shiruto . The story is translated to English and covers Comedy, Drama, Romance genres. readlightnovel.app releases the latest English translated chapters of Vtuber no Ending, Kaitorimasu. and can be read for free.


Mukanae Noa is a Vtuber affiliated with Vtuber Idol Group, Hoshigaoka High School.

Karube Gou, a highschooler who spent his whole youth supporting his Oshi, Mukanae Noa, and is a well-known fan in the Vtuber world, had his life turned upside down when Noa’s real identity was exposed and flamed on the internet.

“That night, I died.”

The management of Hoshigaoka High School announced the retirement of Mukanae Noa, and Gou took an absence from school as a result. One year later, he now spends his days as a blogger who deals with Vtuber flaming.

“Please flame my Vtuber,” But a request appeared from a beautiful girl in front of Karube’s Gou apartment— “This is to help someone…. No, to help a Vtuber.”

A story of rebirth and salvation to produce your Oshi’s ending.